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John McClane Claims Victory on Box Office With A Good Day to Die Hard

2013-02-18 08:02:17

The fifth installment of the 'Die Hard' film series opens on the top spot of box office, defeating three other newcomers this week.

Bruce Willis: 'Yes,' There Will Be a Sixth 'Die Hard' Movie

2013-02-07 09:02:13

The John McClane depicter confirmed the good news when promoting 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in the U.K. recently.

Bruce Willis Goes Brutal on Streets in First 'Die Hard 5' Clip

2013-01-26 11:01:25

The first snippet from 'A Good Day to Die Hard' sees Willis' protagonist character embarking on an intense car chase on the Russian streets.

'Die Hard' to Hold Movie Marathon in Time for Valentine's Day

2013-01-16 11:01:38

All four installments of the Bruce Willis-led film franchise will be screened on February 13, a day before 'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens Stateside.

A Good Day to Die Hard Full Trailer Studded With Bombastic Actions

2013-01-04 10:01:59

The new trailer showcases tons of new action scenes on the Russian streets involving John McClane and his son Jack.

'Monsters University' Rose Bowl Spot Promotes a Unique College

2013-01-02 08:01:38

Presented a la advertisement for a top university, the video highlights the comfy environment and the unique students of the titular university.

Most Anticipated Movie Sequels in 2013

2013-01-01 05:01:09

In 2013, Hollywood offers plenty of much-awaited follow-up installments of fans' most beloved film franchises, including 'Iron Man', 'Star Trek', 'Despicable Me', 'Hunger Games', 'Thor' and 'Hobbit'.

A Good Day to Die Hard Debuts Action-Packed TV Spot

2012-12-27 02:12:46

Bruce Willis' John McClane escapes an ambush, reunites with his son, jumps from a window and makes a reference to 007 in the sneak peek.

Bruce Willis Is a Bad Tourist in New A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer

2012-10-26 01:10:56

Willis' John McLane visits Moscow for the first time, but his trip is interrupted because his only son is involved in a dangerous mission to stop a nuclear weapon heist.

Bruce Willis Is the James Bond of New Jersey in First A Good Day to Die Hard Teaser

2012-10-05 08:10:35

Returning as fearless badass John McClane, Willis once again embarks on dead-defying actions to save his on-screen son who gets into trouble in Moscow.

Bruce Willis Spoofs 'Twilight' Drama in Faux Clip of 'Die Hard 5'

2012-09-01 10:09:29

Willis gets into character as John McClane, who can't focus on his duty because he's 'distracted' by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's breakup news.

Fire Breaks Out on Bruce Willis' 'Die Hard 5' Set During Filming of Explosion Scene

2012-07-06 04:07:40

A building in Hungary which was used to shoot 'A Good Day to Die Hard' was burned out of control when Willis' stunt double filmed an action scene on Thursday, July 5.

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