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Ben Affleck's Ex-Nanny Offered $1M to Star in 'Batman v Superman' Porn Parody

2015-08-24 03:08:54

The former nanny, who's believed to be the cause of the actor and wife Jennifer Garner's break-up, is eyed to play Batwoman who will be featured in three sex scenes in the parody film.

General Zod Will Have Flippers in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2015-08-20 10:08:52

The character played by Michael Shannon will have flippers for hand reportedly because he will be transformed into monstrous Doomsday in the hero-against-hero movie.

New Evidence Sparks Rumor About The Joker's Secret Identity

2015-08-17 02:08:10

A new evidence obtained by a fan seems to suggest that The Joker used to be Robin in the DC Extended Universe as there is a similarity between them.

Wonder Woman Will Reportedly Fight Doomsday in 'Batman v Superman'

2015-08-13 01:08:28

While Batman and Superman will have their hands full of each other in the upcoming movie, Wonder Woman will fight Doomsday in the scene teased in the latest trailer.

Report: Ben Affleck Signs on for Three Solo Batman Movies

2015-08-08 06:08:14

The 'Gone Girl' actor reportedly impresses WB's executives with his performance in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

Jena Malone Rumored to Play Barbra Gordon in 'Batman v Superman'

2015-07-31 01:07:41

The 'Hunger Games' star will reportedly play Barbra Gordon, a character which has two alter egos Batgirl and Oracle, in the upcoming superhero pic 'Dawn of Justice'.

'Batman v Superman' New Photos Arrive

2015-07-30 04:07:24

Some new photos of the film feature Ben Affleck's The Dark Knight and Henry Cavill's Man of Steel standing facing each other as well as Gal Gadot as Diana Prince.

'Batman v Superman': Tao Okamoto's Role Confirmed

2015-07-28 04:07:39

The Japanese actress is set to play Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's personal assistant and bodyguard who is depicted as a highly intelligent character.

Eli Snyder Will Reportedly Play Robin in 'Batman v Superman'

2015-07-23 04:07:36

Director Zack Snyder's son will reportedly play Robin in the upcoming movie which will pit Batman against Superman.

New Version of 'Batman v Superman' Comic-Con Trailer Arrives

2015-07-18 01:07:32

The new trailer, which will be screened in IMAX theaters, is an alternate version of the film's trailer which was screened at Comic-Con in San Diego.

New 'Batman v Superman' Photo Shows Latest Look at Batman

2015-07-14 02:07:22

An image of Ben Affleck in full costume with a pair of goggles lands online with a GIF showing the continuity that 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' has with 'Man of Steel'.

Comic-Con: 'Batman v Superman' New Trailer Arrives Online

2015-07-12 04:07:32

The fresh trailer is packed with action teasers and new footage that explains the background story behind the showdown between two biggest DC heroes.

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