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Famous as :

Rock and roll band

Birth Date :

February 14, 1992

Birth Place :

Los Angeles, California, USA

Claim to fame :

Album "Weezer (Blue Album)" (1994)


The origin of Weezer is tightly related to its frontman, Rivers Cuomo (born June 13, 1970), since he has been the initiator of this alternative band. Performing as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, he had gathered Patrick Wilson (born February 1, 1969) to be the drummer, Matt Sharp (born September 22, 1969) to be the bassist, and Jason Cropper (born 1970) to be the guitarist. Established on February 14, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, these four guys at that time still looked for a proper name for their band when they came to a club on Hollywood Boulevard called Raji's. Apparently there was a need for an opening act for Keanu Reeves' band, Dogstar. Cuomo and his band mates were offered by the club to perform at that night. After debating on naming the band, Rivers suggested to call the band “Weezer.” Since the other members could not find something else that sounded more distinctive, they all agreed to apply “Weezer” as the name of the band. The performance at Raji's then became their first show which marked their initial music career.

Weezer started to perform at local clubs while writing their compositions to make a demo. After hanging around for 16 months, an A&R representative from Geffen Records named Todd Sullivan offered them a recording contract. The band afterwards was signed to DGC label/Interscope in 1993 and moved to New York to work on an album. During the recording process at Electric Lady Studios, Jason quitted the band to tend his future wife and their first child-to-be. His position then was replaced by Brian Bell (born December 9, 1968), the former guitarist of Carnival Art. Their debut album finally was released on May 10, 1994. It was a self-titled one, but was more commonly known as “The Blue Album.” Having produced by Ric Ocasek, this album made a breakthrough with its hit tracks, such as “Undone (The Sweater Song)” and “Buddy Holly.” Both songs were reinforced by innovative music videos, making them became well known throughout the world.

Latest News

Weezer Premieres New Single 'Back to the Shack'

July 22, 2014 07:17:48 GMT

has debuted "Back to the Shack" which serves as the first official offering from their upcoming album "". Hitting the web on Monday, July 21, the song was first played by the band during their Weezer Cruise back in February.

Weezer Unveils New Album's Release Date, Previews New Song

July 10, 2014 06:47:46 GMT

has set the release date for their new album, "". On Wednesday, July 9, the band announced that the new record would arrive on September 30 via Republic Records.

Weezer Announces Return to the Studio, Teases New Album

March 20, 2014 09:16:55 GMT

Four years after putting out their last album, is apparently readying their new music. On Wednesday, March 19, the Los Angeles band hinted that they might be working on their ninth album after they posted a short YouTube video in which they announced that they're "in the studio now."

Mikey Welsh Predicted His Own Demise Two Weeks Before Being Found Dead

October 10, 2011 08:24:56 GMT

Two weeks before he passed away, Mikey Welsh posted on Twitter his own prediction of when he would die. In an eerie twist, the former bassist of tweeted that he would most likely die in his sleep somewhere in Chicago.

Police Conduct Investigation on the Death of Weezer's Ex-Bassist

October 09, 2011 16:45:07 GMT

Mikey Welsh, who played with between 1998 and 2001, was found dead on the floor of a Chicago hotel room on Saturday, October 8 afternoon. Police are still investigating on the cause of death but it is suspected that the 40-year-old died of drug overdose.

Justin Bieber Tops Sheryl Crow, Weezer and Drake in Concert Paycheck

November 26, 2010 03:17:23 GMT

earns a minimum of $300,000 for every concert he plays, outstripping the pay cheques of seasoned performers including , and . The teenage pop star shot to fame in 2009 and has gone on to dominate both charts and prize-giving ceremonies, recently scooping four trophies at the American Music Awards (AMAs).

Weezer to Release 'Death to False Metal'

October 12, 2010 08:14:30 GMT

Rockers have trawled through the band's archives to release a collection of rarities later this year. "", due out on November 1, features 10 previously unreleased tracks recorded over the last 18 years since the band formed.

Weezer Will Do 'Deluxe Break-Up' for $20 Million

October 08, 2010 03:20:27 GMT

have responded to an online campaign to stop them from releasing another album, insisting they'll retire if anti-fans come up with $20 million. James Burns wants to silence the band by paying them off and he's embarked on a bid to raise $10 million to split the group.

Anti-Fan Offers Weezer $10 Million to Stop Making Music

October 07, 2010 05:03:48 GMT

A anti-fan has launched an online campaign to stop the band from releasing another album - and he's hoping to raise $10 million to silence them. James Burns, from Seattle, Washington claims he was inspired by friends who are fans of the "Buddy Holly" rockers but disappointed by their recent musical offerings - which he claims have failed to live up to their hit 1996 album "Pinkerton".

Weezer and My Chemical Romance Make Duet on 'My Name Is Jonas'

September 23, 2010 07:58:18 GMT

Alternative rock supergroups and teamed up onstage for a one-off fan-only show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 21. The two bands performed "My Name Is Jonas" at the AXE Music One Night event in Hollywood.

Nicki Minaj's New Song 'Right Through Me' Hits the Web

September 23, 2010 06:42:06 GMT

's fresh song "Right Through Me" has been unleashed. Riding solo in the new track, the female rapper doesn't only spit verses but also tackles the singing part on the chorus. "You see right through me, how do ya'll do that s**t, how do ya'll do that s**t?" she delivers the lyrics.

'Hellcats' 1.04 Preview: Lewis Caught in Love Triangle

September 23, 2010 06:20:08 GMT

Love triangle would be the centric story in next week's episode of "". Lewis asks Marti out but she turns him down. Alice tells Lewis she will stop taking drugs if he helps her get back in shape as a flier, but then after a sweaty workout the two end up having sex.

Linkin Park Lead Billboard Hot 200 With 'A Thousand Suns'

September 23, 2010 05:05:20 GMT

shine bright atop Billboard Hot 200 with their fourth studio album "". The rock record arrives on the chart with 241,000 sold. Although the selling number is far below its predecessor "" which opened with 625,000 in 2006, it's enough to block another new release 's "" from the hot spot.

Weezer Bring In 'Jackass' to 'Memories' Music Video

September 10, 2010 09:19:55 GMT

are having good time with "Jackass" stars in a music video filmed for their new single "Memories". Despite falling and maybe getting some bruises resulted from their dangerous stunts with skateboard and bike, everybody are in good spirits, singing along to the song's chorus.

Weezer Put 'Lost' Actor Jorge Garcia on 'Hurley' Cover Art

August 10, 2010 02:42:40 GMT

After debuting brand new single "Memories" from their upcoming studio effort "", move on to unleash artwork for the album cover art. , the actor who plays a character of the album's same name in "", is put on the highlight.

Weezer's New Single 'Memories' Hits Airwaves

August 09, 2010 02:18:50 GMT

A brand new single from has been unveiled, marking "a new phase" in their career. Titled "Memories", it was debuted on SoCal's 98.7 FM and introduced by frontman Rivers Cuomo after the band performed at the US Open Surf Championships over the weekend.

Video Premiere: Weezer's 'Represent'

June 24, 2010 05:46:54 GMT

's World Cup-inspired song "Represent" has got a music video. The clip mostly highlights the United States Soccer team when they are on the game and the supporters who are cheering from the side of the field. A glimpse of Rivers Cuomo when he crafts the track in studio and performs with the band are also included.

Ozzy Osbourne to Glam Up Halloween With Headlining Gig

June 18, 2010 05:46:59 GMT

New Orleans, Louisiana's annual Voodoo Experience festival just got scarier - bat-chomping has signed up to headline the Halloween party. Osbourne will join and as the headliners at the three-day festival, which will take place over Halloween weekend.

Weezer Give Away New World Cup-Inspired Song 'Represent'

June 12, 2010 06:00:45 GMT

In support of U.S. soccer team in 2010 World Cup, Rivers Cuomo who is an avid fan of soccer has led to record a song called "Represent". The track is made available for free download on iTunes for one week beginning at midnight on Friday, June 11.

Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon and More Lined Up for Bonnaroo Fest

February 10, 2010 04:52:17 GMT

Those who will rock Manchester, Tennessee at this year's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival have been announced. Among the performers are , , , and .

Jermaine Dupri Can't Believe Weezer Love His 'Drunken Song'

January 27, 2010 03:26:56 GMT

was flattered when fell in love with his first rock track - because he recorded the song when he was drunk. The hip-hop producer wrote the anthem "Can't Stop Partying" for the band's album "", and admits he was nervous about submitting his rock debut to the "Buddy Holly" hitmakers.

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