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Monty Python

Monty Python


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Comedy stars

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Their action in the British TV comedy series "Monty Python's Flying Circus" which first aired on October 5, 1969

Latest News

Mick Jagger Mocks Monty Python, Calls Them 'Wrinkly Old Men' in Video to Promote Reunion Shows

July 01, 2014 08:51:15 GMT

makes fun of in a video to help promote the group's upcoming reunion shows. In the clip, shown during a press conference on Monday, June 30 before being made available on YouTube, the rocker is featured sitting on a couch with ' drummer Charlie Watts when his assistant asks him if he wants tickets to the comedians' shows.

Monty Python to Bring 'Tiny Bit of Ancient Sex' to Reunion Show in July

November 22, 2013 02:19:30 GMT

delivered the good news on Thursday, November 21. As promised, they announced their reunion show, which is scheduled to take place at London's O2 arena on July 1, after they last performed together in Los Angeles in 1980.

Monty Phyton to Announce Reunion in London

November 19, 2013 15:31:44 GMT

British surreal comedy group is set to announce their big reunion. The five surviving members will give a press conference on Thursday, November 21 at London's Playhouse Theatre where "Spamalot" is playing.

Former Monty Python's Stars to Hit London Operas

March 21, 2011 07:41:43 GMT

Former co-stars Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam are preparing for a stage showdown as they each launch their first operas in London. The funnymen are directing productions at rival venues in the British capital, Jones has adapted his short story "The Doctor's Tale" for the Royal Opera House, while Gilliam's "The Damnation of Faust" opens at the London Coliseum.

Monty Python's Eric Idle Won't Be Rooting for Native England in World Cup Opening Game

June 12, 2010 07:59:34 GMT

star Eric Idle won't be rooting for his native England when the team opens it's World Cup run in South Africa on Saturday, June 12, he'll be cheering for his adopted U.S.A. England are the clear favorites to win the match, but Idle is betting on the Americans to cause a major upset.

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Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-06 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-05 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-04 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-03 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-02 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - python-cleveland-reunion-photocall-01 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - monty-python-reunion-photocall-04 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - monty-python-reunion-photocall-03 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - monty-python-reunion-photocall-02 Monty Python Reunion Photocall - monty-python-reunion-photocall-01 Monty Python in The Opening Night of The 'Pee-Wee Herman Show' - wenn2717652