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Hot Chip

Hot Chip


Famous as :

Electropop band

Birth Date :


Birth Place :

London, England, UK

Claim to fame :

Single "Over and Over" (2006)

Latest News

New Official Trailer and Clip for 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Released

April 07, 2010 03:41:46 GMT

New videos which give preview to "" have made their way out online. After a new trailer played during "" screenings has been leaked, Warner Bros. Pictures has debuted the official version. A full-length clip which follows 's Dean at an eatery has also been aired during "".

'American Idol' Top 9 Recap: Katie Stevens and Casey James Shine

April 07, 2010 03:39:39 GMT

The top 9 contestants of "" belted out songs from - songbook. McCartney sent his well-wishes to the contestants through a video before Aaron Kelly opened the show with "The Long and Winding Road". said it indeed felt like a long and winding road. encouraged him to change his usual performance while called it "very old-fashioned, and very boring."

Lady GaGa, Erykah Badu and Green Day Lined Up for Lollapalooza

April 07, 2010 03:24:18 GMT

Musicians billed to rock this year's Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago have been announced by organizers on Tuesday, April 6. Appearing on the performers list are dance queen who often offers theatrical stage act for her performance, who recently landed in hot water for appearing naked near the spot where John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and whose latest studio album "" is picked up for Broadway play.

Video Premiere: Hot Chip's 'I Feel Better'

March 18, 2010 06:33:52 GMT

A music video from electropop band to support their single "I Feel Better" has made its way out. It features four boybanders dancing and lip-syncing the song's verses before a shave-headed man takes the stage and shoots them with lasers coming out of his eyes.

Eminem, Jay-Z, Muse, John Mayer and More Lined Up for Oxegen Fest

February 24, 2010 07:27:14 GMT

Complete line-up for this year's Oxegen Music Festival has been revealed. Appearing among the confirmed musical guests are rap moguls and as well as British rock band and Pop/soul singer .

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