Grant Bowler Filmography

  • Grant Bowler
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : -
    • Birth Date : July 18, 1968
    • Birth Place : Auckland, New Zealand
    • Spouse : Roxane Wilson (actress, 21-Jan-01 - 2011)
    • Claim to Fame : As Const. Wayne Patterson in "Blue Heelers" (1994-1996) (TV)
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  • Gallipoli2015 TV stars as William Malone
  • Zoey to the Max2015 stars as Sheriff Tom Jenkins
  • 400 Days (2015) stars as Walter
  • One and Two (2015) stars as Daniel
  • Defiance: The Lost Ones2014 TV stars as Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan
  • Lucky Dog2014 stars as Preston Spencer
  • Swelter (2014) stars as Cole
  • Defiance (2013) TV stars as Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan
  • GCB (2012) TV stars as Mason Massey
  • I Do (2012) stars as Peter Edwards
  • Liz & Dick (2012) stars as Richard Burton
  • The City of Gardens (2012) aka "186 Dollars to Freedom" stars as Jesus Christ
  • The Great Mint Swindle2012 TM stars as Ray Mickelberg
  • Killer Elite (2011) stars as Cregg
  • Remains2011 stars as Tom
  • Atlas Shrugged: Part I2011 stars as Henry Rearden
  • Panic at Rock Island2011 TM stars as Jim Quinn
  • True Blood (2010) TV stars as Cooter
  • Satisfaction (2009) TV stars as Daniel
  • Ugly Betty (2008) TV stars as Connor Owens
  • Lost (2008) TV stars as Captain Gault
  • Canal Road2008 TV stars as Detective Ray Driscoll
  • The Fall of Night2007 stars as Harry
  • Outrageous Fortune2005 TV stars as Wolfgang West
  • Through My Eyes2004 TM stars as Black Rat
  • One of the Oldest Con Games2004 stars as Sam
  • Ned2003 stars as Town Priest
  • Calling Gerry Molloy2003 stars as Ron
  • Always Greener2002 TV stars as Greg Steele
  • Finding Hope2001 TM stars as Jack
  • Something in the Air2001 TV stars as Mark Waters
  • On the Beach2000 TM stars as Lt. Peter Holmes
  • All Saints1999 TV stars as Nigel 'Mac' MacPherson / Darren Rigg
  • Stingers1999 TV stars as Sean Peck
  • Change of Heart1999 stars as Jason
  • Close Contact1999 TM stars as Mike Heyns
  • Adrenalin Junkies1996 TV stars as Doctor Arch
  • Blue Heelers1994 TV stars as Const. Wayne Patterson