Up All Night

Episode 2.06 : Ma'am'd

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : October 25, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Reagan and Chris decide to stop by their favorite coffee shop, which is overrun with hipsters. Reagan goes in and orders two coffees, trying to play it cool the entire time. On her way out of the shop, she slips and falls. A barista helps a humiliated and coffee-drenched Reagan to her feet, calling her "ma'am" in the process, which Reagan finds absolutely appalling.

Reagan has been feeling old and unsexy ever since the coffee shop barista called her "ma'am." She decides to prove to herself that she's still hip, sexy and cool by dancing around the living room to get Chris in the mood. Unfortunately, he's completely obsessed with making videos of Amy on his computer.

Fed up with her feelings of inadequacy, Reagan visits Ava and Walt for some quality advice. As if her week wasn't bad enough, she has to go to the dentist, too. While socializing, Walt discovers that one of Ava's neighbors has named their wifi password "FUava." Disgusted that a stranger dislikes her, Ava decides to attend the neighborhood council meeting to get to know the neighbors.

Reagan and Amy stop by to visit Chris and Scott at their new office. Scott teases Reagan about falling in the coffee shop and being called "ma'am." Chris tries to encourage Reagan to film Amy more so that he doesn't miss out on anything, but Reagan challenges Chris to go a week without photographing or filming Amy. Chris accepts the challenge.

Later, Reagan goes to the dentist. While examining Reagan's teeth, the dentist showers her with compliments about her beautiful teeth. Reagan enjoys the much-needed flattery. She's been feeling a little down-in-the-dumps lately, and the dentist's compliments are the perfect remedy. She decides to schedule a follow-up appointment later in the week to get a second dose of compliments.

To make good with the neighbors, Ava and Walt attend a neighborhood council meeting. They quickly discover that all of Ava's neighbors hate her, especially the owner of the "FUava" network name, an old man named Wayne. In response, Ava volunteers to make the neighborhood's haunted house this year to get in good with all of the neighbors.

Reagan tells Chris that her dentist has been flirting with her to make him jealous, but Chris isn't the least bit threatened by the dentist. A few days later, Reagan tries to vent her frustrations to Chris while leaving the dentist, swollen and nearly indecipherable. Chris struggles to decode her post-dentist slurring.

Chris goes to the pumpkin patch with Scott and Amy. Chris struggles to resist taking photos and videos of Amy. Scott takes Amy away for a while in order to help Chris fight the temptation. Chris shoots some b-roll for his next Amy video, but another father gets upset when he sees Chris filming his son.

Meanwhile, Ava and Walt are excited about building the best haunted house their neighborhood has ever seen. When Scott stops by with some props for the show, Ava and Walt demonstrate a few of their dramatic murder scenes.

While Chris attempts to salvage video from his phone, Reagan notices that while she was filming herself, Chris was checking out her butt. Once Chris realizes that Reagan is happy about Chris checking her out, he embraces it. Reagan's just happy to know that he still finds her sexy.

Later, Reagan and Chris stop by Ava's to check out the haunted house. As they approach, terrified children run away screaming. It seems Ava went a little overboard with the scariness. Chris and Scott decide to check out the house, but both of them immediately run out, traumatized. All of the neighbors seem to hate the haunted house, but Wayne, Ava's crabby old neighbor, loves it.

The next morning, Chris surprises Reagan with a video montage featuring all the footage of Reagan's butt that Chris has covertly filmed with his phone. Reagan is thrilled that Chris is finally using his iMovie skills for something besides Amy videos. She's also thrilled that he has so much video footage of her butt.

Meanwhile, Ava and Walt are discussing their failed haunted house. Walt feels that the blood and gore of their haunted house was a cop out, and that they should be able to scare people by drawing on real human fears. Ava goes through a list of ridiculous things that scare her. Next year, they'll do it right.






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