Up All Night

Episode 2.05 : Another Saturday Night

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : October 18, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

We see Chris and Reagan three years ago, partying hard at a rock concert on a typical Saturday night. We jump to the present to find Chris and Reagan sitting at home, looking exhausted, and trying to find some edible leftovers in the refrigerator. Their social life has completely dried up. Reagan decides that they need to find a babysitter and reclaim their Saturday nights.

Chris arrives home to find Reagan and Amy in the living room with Vanessa, the best babysitter they've ever had. Reagan tells Chris that the family Vanessa has been babysitting for is getting a divorce. Reagan and Chris try to hide their excitement, because that means Vanessa is free to babysit Amy on Saturday nights.

Later, Chris and Scott are driving around. During their conversation, Scott mentions that his ex-wife is dating a cool new dude, and Scott's a little distraught about it. Chris encourages Scott to get out there and start dating. He even offers to hook Scott up with Vanessa the babysitter.

On their first Saturday night out in what seems like forever, Chris and Reagan head to a bar to get their drink on. They order ridiculous drinks from the bartender, then Reagan texts Vanessa to make sure everything is okay with Amy. Jerry and Ava arrive shortly after, talking about their latest obsession, yoga.

It's been too long since Reagan and Chris got drunk in a bar, and the alcohol is really hitting them hard. Jerry orders calamari and encourages Ava to try it, but her willingness to please Jerry backfires when she can't keep the fried squid in her mouth. Jerry tells Ava that she doesn't have to pretend to like things for him, which puts her at ease. Meanwhile, Reagan realizes that the babysitter still hasn't texted her back. She and Chris panic and rush out of the bar to make sure everything is okay at home.

Reagan and Chris rush in the front door to find the babysitter, Vanessa, making out with Scott on the couch. Reagan is simultaneously upset because Vanessa didn't text her back, but relieved because there's no emergency. Unfortunately, Vanessa won't be free on Saturday nights anymore because she'll be going on dates with Scott. The Brinkleys are in desperate need of a babysitter again.

The next day, Chris and Reagan try to figure out another way to rescue their Saturday nights. During a walk around the neighborhood, they see Gene and Terry's babysitter walking to her car and swoop in for the kill. After some bribing and bartering, the babysitter eventually agrees to babysit Amy, but they'll have to keep in on the down-low, because it's bad etiquette to steal someone else's babysitter.

It's Saturday night, and Chris and Reagan's new babysitter came through. They join Ava, Jerry, Scott and Vanessa for a triple date to watch a movie in a cemetery. During the film, Reagan gets a text from the babysitter saying there's someone in the backyard. Again, Chris and Reagan bail on their fun Saturday night out and rush home.

When they arrive home, the babysitter tells Chris and Reagan that she heard some strange noises in the backyard. Chris grabs a golf club and goes to investigate. They turn the backyard light on to find Terry standing creepily in the middle of the backyard. She berates Chris and Reagan for stealing her babysitter, who agrees to stop babysitting Amy. Chris and Reagan are right back where they started.'

The next Saturday, Chris and Reagan decide to go with an unknown babysitter while they attend a rock concert. Before they even get out of the house, they regret the decision and decide to pull the plug on the whole night. Scott shows up to tell Chris and Reagan that Vanessa dumped him, so he can stay and watch Amy while they attend the concert.

At long last, Chris and Reagan have a worry-free Saturday night to themselves. Ava and Jerry meet them at the concert, arguing incessantly with one another. Seeing a Jerry-free future as a real possibility, Chris and Reagan struggle to control their excitement. Unfortunately, it's squelched when Ava reveals that fighting with Jerry is a huge turn-on for her. It looks like Jerry might be around for a while.

As much as Chris and Reagan need a Saturday night to themselves, they feel guilty for leaving Scott at home by himself and decide to join him for some quality hangout time. Just as they're about to leave the club, the band takes the stage. They decide to stay for just a few songs.

After years of pent-up Saturday night energy, Chris and Reagan completely lose it at the concert. Reagan climbs on the stage and shouts into the microphone. Chris crowd surfs through the audience. In the end, both of them are dragged away by security and kicked out of the concert.

Later, Scott arrives to pick up Chris and Reagan from the concert. He begins to lecture them about responsibility, then breaks down and congratulates them on getting booted from the concert. Chris gives Scott his wristband and tells him to enjoy the show while they head home. In the concert, Scott flirts with another concert-goer, and Ava and Jerry make up in a sloppy public display of affection.






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