Up All Night

Episode 2.02 : Home/Office

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : September 27, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ava and Reagan are taking a leisurely stroll through the park when they spot Ava's old friend, Walt. Walt used to be Ava's musical accompaniment, but she abruptly abandoned him when she got The Ava Show. Now he's performing as "Cowboy Walt," a musical entertainer at children's birthday parties. Ava and Reagan try to avoid him, but when Walt spots Ava, he screams so loudly that she's forced to acknowledge him.

Ava and Reagan have an awkward conversation with Walt. Despite his chipper attitude, Walt has been struggling since Ava ditched him. He works children's birthday parties, gets paid in cash, and has a miserable life, at least by Ava's standards. Ava and Walt agree to meet for coffee later to catch up.

Chris has set up a home office in the garage. Now he's right downstairs in case Reagan needs help on her first official day as a stay-at-home mom. In the driveway, Chris trains Reagan on the delicate ecosystem of the neighborhood, explaining that every neighbor has an annoying habit that everyone else ignores in order to "keep the peace."

hris quickly realizes that working so close to home has its disadvantages. He's constantly distracted by the sounds of Reagan and Amy playing upstairs, but he can't help wondering if the sounds he's hearing are good, or if he should intervene to make sure everything is okay. Scott encourages Chris to focus on his work.

Chris can't resist going upstairs to check on Reagan and Amy. Reagan is clearly having trouble with keeping Amy happy, but she doesn't want Chris to intervene. Reagan tells Chris that he can help by asking the neighbor, Justin, to keep his annoying dog from barking, but Chris refuses to disrupt the neighborhood ecosystem. Reagan forces Chris to go back to the garage.

Meanwhile, Ava visits Walt's apartment for a little catching-up time. Walt lives in a small apartment with an annoying roommate who doesn't appreciate his musical talent. During their visit, Walt tells Ava that he's been hired to do a commercial jingle for a mattress store, and he would love to do a duet with Ava. Still wrestling with her guilt, Ava agrees to help Walt with the jingle.

Reagan finally gets fed up with Justin's barking dog and goes next door to confront him about it. Chris joins her, panicked that she's going to upset the delicate neighborhood ecosystem. Before Reagan can complain about the dog, Justin invites them to a potluck barbecue to raise money for doggy in vitro fertilization. Before Reagan can respond, Chris drags her back home.

Ava and Walt are in the sound studio recording the mattress store jingle, but things aren't going very smoothly. They're not in sync and they sound terrible, but Walt won't allow Ava to make any recommendations. They're clearly not over their past issues yet, but Ava tries to suck it up to help Walt.

Back at the Brinkley house, Justin's yappy Pomeranian is driving Reagan crazy. When Justin gets home, Reagan heads out to discuss his dog once and for all, but she accidentally locks herself out of the house with Amy inside.

Not wanting to give Chris an "I told you so" opportunity, Reagan frantically tries to find a way in the house. Reagan may be in the midst of a panic attack, but Amy seems perfectly fine inside by herself. While mommy is trapped outside, Amy passes the time by painting on everything.

Meanwhile, things are not going well for Ava and Walt during their jingle recording session. Ava calls Walt out for shooting down all of her ideas to get back at her for ditching him, but Walt assures her that he's not angry at her. After a few more dismissals, Ava decides she's had enough and storms out of the recording session.

While Chris is at a business meeting, Reagan finally breaks down and calls to tell him that she locked herself out. During the phone conversation, Reagan finds a slightly opened window and attempts to crawl in, but she gets stuck and drops her phone, which Amy promptly drops into the toilet. Luckily, Ava arrives in time to shove Reagan through the window.

After Reagan gets back inside the house, she begins cleaning Amy's paint mess (which seems to be covering everything in the house) while Ava laments about her trouble with Walt at the recording session. Reagan suggests that maybe Ava is upset because she's not used to people saying "no" to her. Ava decides to give it another shot.

Ava returns to the recording studio to apologize to Walt, and Walt is happy to have her back. With their friendship renewed, the two musical partners return to the studio to record the best mattress store jingle in the history of mattress store jingles.

Still frazzled from a stressful day, Reagan and Chris finally make it to Justin's dog's potluck barbecue. Reagan is upset because she doesn't think she's suited to be a stay-at-home mom. During their conversation, Chris loses his patience with Justin's yappy dog, which pushes Chris over the edge. He disregards the neighborhood ecosystem and tells off every single neighbor at the barbecue.

After a rough day, Chris and Reagan lament their failures. Chris tells Reagan that he'll find a real office space so that he's not so tempted to check in on Reagan and Amy, allowing Reagan to focus on becoming a better stay-at-home mom. The next morning, Chris heads out to find a new office with Amy's paint handprints on the back of his jacket.






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