Up All Night

Episode 1.21 : Daddy Daughter Time

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : March 22, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Reagan and Chris read to Amy from a children's book that Ava's father wrote. Ava is excited for her dad's upcoming visit; he's the "grooviest Jew since Neil Diamond first donned a rhinestone cape." She is planning out a whole daddy-daughter time weekend to spend with him. Ava then looks at her phone and discovers the lawyer who was going to be the guest on her show the next day suddenly cancelled; they need to find a quick replacement. Chris nonchalantly tries to volunteer over Reagan's objections, but Ava overrules her and decides to give Chris the chance. "The camera loves him and so will America."

Ava tries to park in her show parking spot but finds Sharon Osbourne there instead. Sharon and Ava exchange backhanded compliments to each other until Ava sees her father's Winnebago parked in Sharon's spot. Ava quickly rushes into The Ava Show offices and finds Marty, her father, enthralling the office with stories. Ava shows off Marty to the staff as they tell him how much his books meant to them when they were kids. Ava tells her father that she's planned out a whole special weekend, but then he unknowingly ruins her plans when he tells Ava his new wife and two children will also be joining them. Ava hides her disappointment as Marty's wife Linda and the twins suddenly appear next to him.

"Are you nervous?" Reagan asks Chris as he sits in the makeup chair preparing to go on air. Chris calmly smiles; he's all set. But when he's live on the show, it's a complete disaster. Chris jumbles his responses to audience member questions, sweats profusely and talks widely with his arms while unsuccessfully trying to create his own catchphrase. "Chris was a disaster," Ava yells to Reagan as she storms into her office after the show. Reagan completely agrees, but she ends up lying to Chris when he asks them how his appearance went. Ava wants to fire Chris but Reagan adamantly wants to give him another chance. She blackmails Ava into agreeing by reminding her about the first Ava Show and how Ava was so nervous that she blew a cough drop on Cyndi Lauper. "I thought you said we would never speak of that show again," Ava frightfully says as she quickly agrees to give Chris a second chance.

Ava takes her father and his new family for a tour of the TV studio lot when they notice Sharon Osbourne. "We love her!" Marty says to Ava's dismay as they plead with her to introduce them. Ava reluctantly walks up to Sharon and asks her to take a picture with the family. Sharon gleefully laughs at the situation, as Ava now needs a favor from her when this morning they were fighting with each other over a parking space. Ava agrees to give up her parking spot to Sharon's delight as she quickly puts on a happy face and greets Ava's starstruck family with open arms.

Reagan arrives home and tries to give Chris some critical advice about being on camera when he suddenly starts freaking out. "I sucked! Go ahead and say it!" Reagan has to quickly backtrack off the criticism and lie to him, stroking his ego by saying he was great on the show. The next day, Chris is back as a guest on The Ava Show and is surprisingly amazing. He is calm, funny and very insightful in the responses he gives to the audience questions. Reagan and Ava are taken aback by Chris' complete change from the day before; it must've just been nerves. "You, my friend, are in," Ava says as she tells Reagan to hire him on full time as their expert lawyer. "Wow," Reagan smiles through her teeth as she realizes her work and home worlds are colliding and she will now be with Chris 24/7.

"I'm so excited to go out to dinner with you, daddy," Ava says as she wears a special dress for the occasion. Then she suddenly realizes they will not be alone at dinner like she hoped; Marty invited his new wife and the twins to come along. "Daddy, are you avoiding me?" Ava asks as Marty avoids the question. The next day, Ava tells Reagan how disappointed she is with her dad; he never wants to spend quality time alone with her. "You know what we're doing for dinner tonight?! I'm picking up tacos for him and those three freeloaders!"

Reagan walks into her office to find Chris already there looking through her files and getting settled in her space. "It's like our living room here," Chris jokes as Reagan fakes a smile. Soon Chris is getting phone calls in her office, giving her show advice and even checking her grammar on work emails. Reagan drags Ava into the girl's bathroom and vents about how Chris is suffocating her. "He's driving me insane!" Reagan tells Ava as Chris suddenly peaks into the bathroom to tell them a quick joke. Ava tells Reagan she completely understands and will fire Chris for her. "No one should have to fire a lover," Ava tells Reagan. "Think how fraught it was for Governor Schwarzenegger and that handsome maid."

Chris sits with Ava and Reagan and finds out they are letting him go. "What!?" Reagan screams in astonishment as she overacts to the "surprising" news. Ava tells him that their regular legal guest Derek is sick and needs to come back for the medical insurance. Chris is genuinely worried for Derek as Ava lets her lie get out of control and reveals Derek has multiple sclerosis. "That's kinda a lot," Reagan says to Ava trying to reel her back in. "Yeah it is a lot, Reagan. It's MULTIPLE sclerosis. So... it's a lot of sclerosises." Chris completely buys into the lie, to Reagan's relief, and is happy to leave the show for Derek's health.

Later at night, Ava stands in line at a taco stand when Marty walks up behind her. He tells Ava that he knows she's busy at work, so the family decided to leave a day early. He tells Ava that he understands she's been trying to connect but he's been "so jive." "I haven't been the father I should be," Marty apologizes to Ava. He is filled with guilt that he hasn't been there for her and explains his feelings through metaphors of his children's storybooks that he's written. Ava smiles and accepts Marty's apology as they happily wait in line together at the taco stand.

"Are you sure you're not disappointed?" Reagan asks Chris as they lie in bed together. Chris is fine about being let go; he just feels concern for Derek. Reagan can't take the lies anymore and tells Chris the truth; he was fired because she couldn't stand to be with him 24 hours a day. She profusely apologizes but Chris is hurt; not because he was fired, but because he was feeling good about himself for stepping aside for a guy that had an illness. Reagan tries to make him feel better but accidently reveals he was awful during his first appearance on the show. She then pleads with Chris to tell her something hurtfully honest, or she'll feel guilty all night. Chris lovingly tells Reagan she keeps getting more and more beautiful and his love for her is ever growing. "You dick!" Reagan screams, full of guilt and unable to fall asleep.






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