Up All Night

Episode 1.20 : Baby Fever

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : March 15, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Reagan, Chris, and Ava attend an art show charity event benefiting the Little Pals mentoring program held by Yvonne. Chris is looking forward to finally meeting Reagan's new boss as Luke walks up bragging about his involvement with the charity. He is mentoring a troubled kid named Javier and feels Ava should take on the challenge of helping a child as well. Ava begins to cry as she recalls her high school musical teacher who acted as a mentor to her. - This mess just got real!- Ava cries out, as she weeps into Chris' arms.

The next day, Chris carries Amy to a playground and meets with Dawn, a fellow stay-at-home parent who just had a second baby. Chris fawns over Dawn's newborn, as he hands her Amy's old baby clothes. As Dawn looks over the clothes, Chris starts to reminisce about each onesie, as everyone brings up a special memory for him. Then as Dawn looks away, Chris inconspicuously sniffs her baby to get a whiff of that newborn smell. Suddenly Chris grabs back all the clothes, telling Dawn he made a huge mistake. He was just infected with a big case of baby fever.

Ava sits in her office with Jamie, a sullen teenager who will be her mentee from the Little Pals charity. She expresses to Jamie how excited she is to help her experience new things and be a shoulder to lean on in a time of need, but Jamie seems distant and bored. Luke enters the office and gloats to Ava about how his relationship with his Little Pal is flowing beautifully; "if dreams were made of gold, he would be the richest kid on earth." Later, Reagan meets with Yvonne in the Ava studio and gushes over her power jacket. Yvonne takes off the jacket and gives it to Reagan as a gift as they discuss her dream to take the Y.E.S. collection of shows and unite them under one channel as a new lifestyle brand. Yvonne then asks Reagan if she would be interested in being one of the people who can help her achieve that dream.

"How many teachers are you sleeping with?" Ava asks Jamie as they're on the playground swings. Ava is trying to pry out all of Jamie's traumatic experiences but finds Jamie is just suffering from normal teenager problems like a hatred of school and an embarrassment of her parents. The next day, Ava witnesses Luke's emotional connection with his Little Pal Javier. They cry together, hug each other and express their eternal gratitude to one another, the direct opposite of how her relationship with Jamie is progressing.

Reagan arrives home from a wild night out with Yvonne as Chris tries to tell her he's ready for another baby. Reagan bursts out laughing at Chris' suggestion and quickly moves past the conversation. The next day, Chris is playing hockey with friends while asking them for advice on how to approach Reagan about a second child. "You remind her of that smell and the tiny socks?" one friend asks Chris as they go back and forth from talking about babies and yelling at the ref in their hockey game. Chris mentions that Reagan's career is taking off, and he's just worried they will miss their chance to expand the family; "I gotta get her on board now or it's gone." The friend tells Chris to just keep arguing his case, and he'll eventually convince her. "Tiny socks, bro. Tiny socks."

At the Ava Show offices, Luke sniffs out the aroma of Yvonne but instead finds Reagan just wearing Yvonne's old jacket. "That jacket doesn't fit you, and I mean that figuratively," Luke tells Reagan as they begin a back and forth one-upmanship on who Yvonne likes the best. Luke shows Reagan his engraved watch that Yvonne gave him as a gift; but Reagan fires back that his time has passed, and she's the new chosen disciple. Later, Luke barges into Reagan's office to show her Yvonne is calling him on his cell phone. "Hi, Yvonne. What can I do for you that no one else can?" Luke asks. Then after listening on the phone, Luke embarrassingly tells Reagan that Yvonne wants to meet her outside. "That, as we say in the Hundred and First Airborne, is a bit of a ball knocker," Luke admits as he tries to muster a shred of dignity.

"It's over. I'm breaking up with Jamie," Ava says to Reagan. "I had this dream of helping a damaged kid, but there's been no breakthrough. All she does is drink lattes and complain." Reagan then opens up about her baby fever problem with Chris. She feels it's too soon to have another kid. "I'm just now fitting into my pre-baby jeans!" Suddenly Chris surprises Reagan in her office to present his case for having another baby. He sits Reagan next to Ava on the couch and shows them a video presentation he made on his iPad. Soon a montage of cute babies plays on the screen to the song, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." Reagan is not affected by the video, but it has Ava is tears, ready to have a child herself. "You know what you should do," Ava tells Chris. "You should just poke a hole in the condom. I learned that one from my little pal. Oh, no I didn't, cause she sucks!"

Reagan walks past Luke in the halls as she arrives back from shoe shopping with Yvonne. Reagan brags to Luke about how she was discussing the future of the Y.E.S. network with Yvonne while they were showering after a hard workout. "Do you feel the shift happening here, Luke?" Reagan asks as she Skype's Yvonne. But when Yvonne answers the call, she quickly slaps down Reagan's ideas, asks Luke for his advice and tells Reagan to return the jacket she leant her. After Yvonne hangs up, Reagan tries to save face in front of Luke as her ego falls back to earth.

Ava sits with Jamie at a coffee shop, ready to break up with her, when a group of Jamie's classmates enter. Jamie sulks down in her chair and confesses to Ava that she's an outsider and afraid to talk to those popular girls. Ava suddenly sees her chance to help Jamie and tells her how she was an outcast as a teenager as well. Jamie finally brightens up as Ava confronts the popular schoolgirls, telling them that Jamie is a beautiful person that deserves their respect. She then goes in for the kill as she explains to the clique how they may be popular now, but their lives will soon lead to divorced, pill-popping futures. "You're just jealous!" Jamie says to Ava as she surprisingly comes to the popular girls' defense. All the girls bond as they start making fun of Ava and soon the clique invites Jamie to join their group, no longer making her an outcast.

"She's messing with your head," Luke tells Reagan as he sees her starting to spin out of control. Luke opens up to Reagan and tells her how Yvonne can shine the light on you at one moment then leave you in the dark in another; it's how she motivates people. Yvonne has even given and taken away Luke's special engraved watch four times. "But she wouldn't mess with our heads if she didn't think we were special," Luke says as Reagan thanks him for trying to set her straight.

Reagan arrives home to find baby socks and baby pictures of Amy strategically placed around the house. "Very subtle, Chris." Regan says to herself as she follows the trail to the bathroom and finds Chris lying in the bathtub in full seduction mode. "It's time, Reagan," Chris tells her. "We're having another baby." Reagan angrily walks away, telling him it's not fair to put her in this situation when she is already overwhelmed with work. It's Chris' turn to be upset as he complains about her obsession with Yvonne. "Let me guess, you're having a baby with Yvonne and you'll name it 'work.' 'Cause that's what you love, little baby 'WORK!'" "Enough!" Ava calls out from the shadows of the kitchen, completely surprising Reagan and Chris. She's been sitting in their house drinking and trying to forget her failure with Jamie, but now she's going to be a big sister to her two friends and give them advice, even if they don't want it.

Ava is in full advisor mode as she starts to broker peace with Reagan and Chris. She tells Chris that he's acting insecure for no reason. No matter what he thinks, Amy and he will always come first to Reagan. "Your lives are so good right now," Ava tells them, "just slow down and enjoy what you have." Chris admits Ava is right as he kisses Reagan and apologizes for his behavior. "I'm like a big sister to you guys," Ava realizes as her smile returns. Then as Reagan and Chris start to passionately make-up, Ava walks away, knowing the advice she so desperately wanted to give finally led to someone having a happy ending.

Late at night, Reagan and Chris lie in bed and watch Amy sleep on a baby monitor. They both come to terms with the fact that their lives are perfect right now, and they shouldn't mess with it by having a second child right away. "When the time is right we'll know it," Chris says to Reagan, "and then I'll make my move and you will receive my gift." Reagan laughs at such a cheesy line. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Chris apologizes. "I mean, my seed." "Ew!" Reagan laughs. "My tubes just tied themselves." They lovingly laugh and wrestle in bed as they kiss passionately.






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