Up All Night

Episode 1.19 : Couple Friends

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : March 08, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Reagan and Chris are dressed for a rave as techno music blasts in the background. They are meeting their friends at a strip mall in Chinatown for a wild night without Amy. They dance to the techno music when they both realize they're too old for a rave scene and decide to bail. "We need new friends," Reagan admits as Chris happily cancels the babysitter and turns on "Downton Abbey."

Reagan and Chris are at a Neighborhood Watch meeting at Gene and Terry's house. They try not to laugh as Gene talks about how a vandal keyed a "wiener" into Terry's car. They notice another couple laughing as well and introduce themselves to Justin and Lawrence. Later as Reagan and Chris are leaving the meeting, they can't stop talking about Justin and Lawrence. "They're just like us, with a little kid, our age, or speed..." They decide to ask Justin and Lawrence out on a couple's date, but they have to do it in a nonchalant way so they seem cool. As Justin and Lawrence walk up to them, Reagan and Chris start acting really nervous until Lawrence takes the first step and asks them to go bowling.

It's late at night at The Ava Show offices as Ava angrily listens to Luke's voice echo throughout the halls singing "Night Moves" by Bob Seger. Ava is upset because her office has always been about female empowerment. "We were the first office to provide free tampons in baskets." But now Luke is forcing a male element into the estrogen. Ava tells Luke to go home to his girlfriend, but Luke says his girlfriend dumped him while he was fighting in Afghanistan. Work has become his only refuge; he'll be here all night. "No one outworks me on my own show," Ava angrily tells Missy as she prepares for the long night ahead.

The next day, Ava is walking with Reagan through the office trying to figure out why several male-oriented guests will be featured on upcoming episodes when Luke admits to booking them. He will be playing poker with several network affiliates to convince them to move the show to a three o'clock time slot, so he booked the male guests for Southern appeal. Ava wants in on the card game; but Luke tells her these are "guys' guys," and she won't fit in. Later at the poker game, Luke is interacting with the male affiliates when Ava suddenly crashes their "men's club." She immediately takes control of the room and starts beating the men at their own game. "This is a real broad," one affiliate says about Ava as she regales them with funny anecdotes.

It's bowling night as Reagan and Chris meet up with Justin and Lawrence. Chris begs Reagan not to get too competitive in the bowling game; they need to impress their new friends, not drive them away. The couples interact perfectly as they seem to be the mirror image of each other. Chris and Lawrence unabashedly sing "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by the Spin Doctors as Reagan and Justin watch. Soon Reagan has the idea that they should have a Napa Valley weekend together since they're getting along so well. "We're in," Justin replies. "We've not had couple friends that we want to spend 10 minutes with, let alone a weekend," Reagan happily admits. However, a crack starts to form in the friendship as Justin and Lawrence win the bowling game to Reagan's objections. She noted a foot fault in a frame, so technically they really didn't win. Justin's competitive streak butts heads against Reagan's as tempers flare and both couples walk away angry.

At the poker game, Ava has the guys eating out of her hand as they agree to move her show to the three o'clock time slot. Ava drunkenly stumbles out of the room as Luke follows her into the hallway, but Ava reveals it was all an act in order to get the timeslot. "I guess I can handle guys' guys," a perfectly sober Ava says as Luke stands in awe. Later, Luke takes Ava out for drinks at a bar to celebrate their victory. They small talk as Ava notices Luke invading her personal space until he tries to kiss her. "I thought we were having a successful business relationship! I thought the same thing about Suge Knight and Ira Glass. You guys are all alike," Ava says as she storms out of the bar.

The next day, Ava is in the middle of telling Reagan that Luke tried to kiss her when he walks into the office. He profusely apologizes to Ava, explaining that his ex-girlfriend was the bartender and he was just trying to make her jealous. "My ex, Kevin. I wear his deodorant brand so I can remember his smell," Ava admits to Luke as she realizes that they both need to move on from their failed relationships. Later that night at the bar, Ava catches Luke starring at his ex and decides to help him out. "I'm gonna fake kiss you. Then you're going to leave this bar with some dignity." As the ex-girlfriend watches, Ava gives Luke a kiss that would make any ex jealous. "Now let's go back to my place for some athletic '70s-style lovemaking," Ava loudly says as she grabs Luke by the hand and leads him away.

Reagan and Chris walk at night with the Neighborhood Watch when they run into Justin and Lawrence. Reagan and Justin immediately apologize to each other for being so competitive. "This is good," Reagan says. "We know we like each other, warts and all." They decide to try it again and meet at Reagan and Chris' house with the kids for drinks and snacks. Later at the house, Reagan and Chris are in shock as Foster, Justin and Lawrence's kid, runs out of control while Amy sits like an angel in her play saucer. Lawrence explains that they try not to put any discipline or rules on Foster so his creativity isn't stifled. "Is that an approach?" Chris pointedly asks.

"That kid is a monster," Chris tells Reagan as Foster continues to run wild. "I've never hated a kid before," Reagan agrees. They realize Justin and Lawrence are great guys, but horrible parents; maybe they just need someone to give them advice? Later as everyone is sitting together, Reagan and Chris nonchalantly try to give them that advice. They tell Justin and Lawrence that children need boundaries; "they want to know they have limits." Justin and Lawrence sit quietly for a second, then thank them for the parental tips and have a couple of their own for Reagan and Chris. "The way you always keep Amy in her play saucer. It's a little oppressive," Lawrence pointedly tells them. As the door slams shut to their house, with the guys and their little hellion kicked out, Reagan lets loose on how idiotic they were. "I never completely bought into them," Reagan says to Chris as they head to bed, still friendless.






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