Private Practice

Episode 2.21 : What You Do for Love

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : April 23, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Let's return to that sizzling, forbidden kiss between a rain-soaked Addison and Noah. But the smoke doesn't last long before she SLAMS the door in his face. She doesn't even give him an umbrella? Rude!

Here's another awkward moment: Cooper gets busted helping a pregnant Violet with her breathing exercises. Charlotte orders him into the bedroom-STAT!-if he "wants any." To provide encouragement, Charlotte drops her nightgown. That she's wearing nothing underneath? Yeah, that would get us motivated, too. Cooper smartly hustles into the bedroom.

At Oceanside, Addison runs some routine tests on Jeanine, a pregnant woman who is being assisted by her brother-in-law, Malcolm. Where's Janine's husband, Philip? Busy, as usual. And when Jeanine complains about her pregnant belly, Malcom says, "You're beautiful." We're kind of creeped out by the very un-in-law like behavior.

Regardless of that, Addison worries about Jeanine's heart rate and has Dell call for an ambulance. They race to St. Ambrose where... well, guess which cardio surgeon answers the call? Noah, of course. Addison plays the professional and lays out her concern about Jeanine. Noah concurs. An irregularly pumping heart could kill both mother and child.

Meanwhile, Naomi is being wooed by medical magnate William White, who offers her a position running his state-of-the-art medical practice. It's a great gig, but Naomi is loyal to Oceanside. William leaves her with one last proposition: If she works for him, she can hire whomever she wants.

The next morning, Sam gets test results back for one of his patients, Donna Keating. She has Chlamydia. At least it's a simple case and he just prescribes her some medicine.

At St. Ambrose, Jeanine needs a new heart. Addison asks her to consider aborting the pregnancy, which the expectant mother tearfully refuses. Jeanine's husband Phil, who's finally shown up, thinks his wife should have the abortion. Phil's brother Malcolm takes Jeanine's side. Which guy is really in love with this woman anyway?

Also at the hospital, Cooper is treating a teenage boy, Bobby, for a severe allergic reaction to medication. He won't say what he took, but, strangely enough, Donna Keating, Bobby's teacher, shows up to see if the boy is ok and to say she gave him the medicine. But that would probably mean... Well, Sam arrives on the scene and puts it all together for us: Donna is having an affair with her student. Oh. Yuck.

Speaking of yuck, Sheldon walks in on a tender moment between Pete and Violet. He's carrying a large bouquet of flowers. No, he claims they're not from him, but FOR him from an obsessed patient. Pete takes his cue to exit, so Sheldon and Violet can discuss how to handle the delicate situation.

Back at the hospital, Donna fesses up to Cooper and Sam. BUT, she only started her affair with Bobby after learning about her husband's many affairs. Now, she swears she loves the teenage boy. Cooper and Sam swear they won't go to the authorities with Donna's story if only she promises to break off the affair. She promises. Who wants to bet us that doesn't stick?

While Noah and Addison wait for a new heart for Jeanine to arrive, they flirt like teenagers. Shameless! And they don't have to wait long. A new heart is all ready. One thing: It's Jeanine's husband Phil's heart! Yeah, that's mighty convenient, but Phil is ... er, was ... a diabetic who OD'ed on insulin. He's brain dead and his heart is strong.

Jeanine can't believe it and she grimly-and quite literally-accepts her husband's heart. But before the operation can go through, Charlotte stops everyone in their tracks and orders an autopsy on Phil to figure out exactly what happened to him. When the autopsy reveals no foul play, Noah removes his heart and preps to put it in Jeanine.

Elsewhere, Donna-as we predicted, thank you-shows up at Bobby's hospital room. Cooper tries to hustle her out, but he's not swift enough. Bobby's parents also arrive and quickly figure out the situation. Not stupid people, they call the cops and have Donna arrested.

Also not stupid: Sam, who has figured out from Naomi's odd, recent behavior that she's hiding something major from him. He accuses her. Harshly. Feeling hurt by her colleague, when William asks Naomi to lunch a second time, she's much more receptive to hearing his job offer.

Jeanine pulls through the surgery just fine, but, like us, she worries that Malcolm may have killed her husband since he's so clearly in love with her. Addison listens to Jeanine's suspicions, but what can she do? The autopsy proved nothing.

Lastly, Sheldon is oddly overcome with joy. He tells Violet he's happily figured out that problem he had with a patient. That solution? He proposes to Violet on the spot. Oh dear.






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