Private Practice

Episode 6.11 : Good Fries Are Hard to Come By

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : January 08, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Amelia Shepherd is 407 days sober. We jump back four months to see her announce this milestone to her AA group. It's during this time that her colleagues push her to get back into the social scene. She has a string of bad dinner dates with men who have supposedly been vetted by her friends. If this is true, they did a terrible job. Of course, there is one guy who continues to pique Amelia's interest.

ER doc James hasn't been shy about showing his interest in Amelia. Their relationship has been primarily professional so far. They work together to determine why an aspiring actress named Faye had a seizure during her latest audition. Amelia manages to stabilize her when she seizes again in the hospital. James asks that she keep him in the loop regarding Faye's condition. He also mentions that it's Friday. That means he'll be at his usual stomping ground that evening enjoying some really, really good fries.

After Amelia sees a commercial on TV for some really, really good fries, she takes it as a sign to see James. They have a really, really good time, but Amelia is confused when things end with an innocent good night hug. She's not the type of girl who sits around trying to un-mix mixed messages. She's the one who usually mixes the messages. James has her completely off her game. She tries to play hard to get, but that doesn't fly. They have another lovely dinner date, but this time Amelia doesn't even get a hug. James is totally toying with her.

Violet sets Amelia up on a date with another guy. James shows up at her door as she's prepping to go out. He's in the middle of a shift, but he couldn't wait any longer to plant a soft, wet, passionate kiss on Amelia. He tells her to enjoy her date before heading off. Yep, he's messing with her. Back at work, James and Amelia let Faye know that her seizures should be gone for good now. After their happy patient leaves, they share another passionate kiss.

Amelia seeks guidance from Charlotte about the proper condom to use. Their conversation segues into the possibility of her sobriety taking a backseat to her new relationship. Amelia assures her friend that she's ready to move forward. However, she has flashbacks of her time with Ryan when things get passionate with James. Suddenly, Amelia doesn't want to be touched.

Amelia locks herself in her bedroom room and is surprised to see that James waited around all night for her. Amelia comes clean about her troubled past. She gives James an out to leave. He doesn't take it. Instead, he offers to make her breakfast even though Amelia only has bread, salsa and ice cream in stock. This leads to another passionate kiss between the two of them. This time Amelia truly is ready.

Amelia is happy with James. She even manages to get past the fact that he's a Republican. Of course, nothing can derail a good thing like that moment when it comes time to meet the parents. Amelia is completely put off by the fact that James feels the need to answer for her when his mom gets a little critical about her life. She is so furious that she storms out of her own apartment leaving James behind.

Faye is rushed into the hospital after suffering another seizure. This forces Amelia back to working the case with James, who says that he loves her. This declaration leads to a breakthrough in Faye's case. Amelia realizes there's a problem with her heart that's leading to the issues with her brain. Sam congratulates her on the life-saving catch. Later, Amelia realizes that no matter how much we may know, we still have to go with instinct every now and then. That's why she tells James that she loves him, too.

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