Private Practice

Episode 6.13 : In Which We Say Goodbye

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : January 22, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Addison is getting married! Maybe. She freaks before the ceremony. She's ready to call the whole thing off until Naomi walks through the door. Suddenly, all is right with the world. The wedding is on. Addy and Jake exchange "I do's" in front of all their friends in a beautiful ceremony. Time to party!

Everyone keeps busy at the reception. Jake shares a dance with his daughter, who is still dating her much older college professor. Sheldon is beaming as he shows off Miranda to his pals. Cooper confiscates Charlotte's phone so she'll stop checking on the Cooplets at home. Violet jots down notes on a napkin for her new book. Sam sneaks away from Stephanie to check out some family photos with Naomi. Then the two of them sneak off together to make use of the bed in a hotel room.

Three months after the wedding, Naomi visits the practice during a business trip. Addison realizes that her BFF is pregnant. She also learns that things haven't worked out with Fife. In fact, he's moved out. They're done. Naomi is bummed when she learns that the reason that Sam broke up with Addison is because he didn't want kids. That's why she's keeping the fact that she's pregnant with her ex-hubby's baby a secret.

Addison promises Naomi that she won't tell Sam about the baby. She does, however, mention that his ex-wife is still in love with him. This has Sam realizing that he's not in love with Stephanie. So, he gives her "the speech." Actually, it's only part of the speech. Stephanie walks out because she knows where this is heading. She says the next time Sam wants a second chance with a woman, he better mean it.

Holly is a young woman who lost her parents and boyfriend in a car crash. She's been in therapy for six years to help deal with the guilt she has for surviving. Violet feels she's ready to face life on her own. Her patient feels differently. That's why this talented cook wants to ditch an opportunity to go to Le Cordon Bleu. Violet convinces her that anything worth having is scary, but also worth the fight. So, Holly is off to Paris.

Miranda collapses in the office. Sheldon realizes that she's really dying now. Miranda knows this, too. That's why she pushes Sheldon away. She doesn't want him suffer through all the indignities that are in the last leg of a really long, painful journey. Sheldon is devastated.

Cooper believes his three new babies are conspiring against him. As soon as he changes one diaper, another one goes poo-poo just to drive him crazy. Cooper insists that they hire a nanny before his psychosis drives him to, one day, have an affair with another mom who has a kid on the same feeding schedule. The man has a solid argument.

Jake is upset to learn that Angela wants to go to Europe because old man Eli is teaching a semester abroad. Sheldon says there's not much anyone can do when such a powerful emotion like love is involved. Then he quits his job and heads off to find Miranda. Sheldon lets her know that he's honored to be able to take care of the woman he loves in her final days. He's not walking away. As for Jake, he lets Angela know that the only thing that matters to him is that she's happy. He also lets her know that she'll always be his girl.

Sheldon's speech to Jake also inspires Sam to follow his heart. He bursts into a meeting to pour out his feelings to Naomi. He's knows that she's the only woman he's ever truly loved. She's his family. Naomi thinks he's saying these things out of a sense of obligation for the baby. This catches Sam completely off guard. He had no idea there was a baby. He came there for her. The baby is just icing.

Addison records a video message about finding someone to love for the rest of your life. The video is shot for another wedding. This time, Sam and Naomi are getting hitched. James tells Amelia that they'll be doing this someday, too. Later, Violet announces that she's completed her new book. It's about joy, life and how it's all a journey. She's thinking of calling it Private Practice. The docs argue about whether or not this is a great title or if it really sucks. We leave them to continue their debate without us, as this particular life journey has come to an end.

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