Private Practice

Episode 6.10 : Georgia on My Mind

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : December 18, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Charlotte King is a great wife, mom, doctor and administrator. She's also a swell dancer. This is evident in the dreams she's been having while cooped up in her hospital room trying to delay the labor of the remaining two of her three babies. Yes, Charlotte King is outstanding in many ways, but she's the world's worst patient. She even threatens to sue if the board members consider relieving her of her duties.

Charlotte orders her executive team to improve the patient experience at her hospital because, in her words, "it sucks." She lights up whenever Mason comes to visit, but her boy hasn't been in a very chatty mood lately. Stephanie is promoted to be Charlotte's private nurse after she voices her no-holds-barred opinion on what to do to Nick the pedophile. This is good news for Sam, who has been looking for reasons to bump into the lady he let get away.

Cooper and Charlotte's yet-to-be-named daughter is finally able to be taken off the ventilator. Her dad gets to hold her for the first time. The good news continues. As a reward for not having contractions for two days, Charlotte gets to finally lay flat. She opts to self-medicate when the contractions start up again. Stephanie feels her wrath after she snitches on her to Addison. Charlotte tries to fire her private nurse, but it doesn't take. When pushed, Stephanie knows how to push back.

Cooper senses something is wrong with his daughter so he orders some tests. She needs to be put back on the ventilator to treat a virus. In other news, Mason has a bite mark on his arm. He claims a kid at school beat him up. Charlotte makes a few calls to get to the bottom of this matter. As it turns out, Mason is the one who was doing the bullying. This leads to a big brouhaha between Charlotte and Cooper, who lets it slip that their baby is back on the ventilator.

Charlotte continues to be crabby to nurses, Christmas carolers and all friends who try to throw her a non-shower baby shower in her hospital room. She also has Mason hating on her once she doles out a lengthy punishment and orders him to apologize to the boy he pushed around at school. Charlotte is further devastated when she learns her daughter may die if they don't move forward with a risky procedure. This is crushing news for a mom who still hasn't been able to meet her little girl.

The baby gets a little stronger as each day passes. She's a fighter. Addison says she's heading in the right direction. As for Charlotte, she's feeling the effects of all this stress. Fortunately, Stephanie is there to help see her through. Charlotte pushes Sam into going for it with her personal nurse. Mason also comes around. He convinces Coop that their family Christmas tree needs to be where their family is. That's why they set it up in Charlotte's hospital room. Shortly after they put the star on top, Charlotte's water breaks. This is it!

Charlotte is wheeled out of her room, but she's not going anywhere until she sees her first daughter. She gets a look at her baby through the observation window. She's beautiful and, as mentioned before, getting stronger every day. Charlotte is overjoyed. Now all she has to do is deliver her two siblings so they can meet their older sister. When they do, she'll finally have a name. Charlotte decides that her daughter is to be known as Georgia.

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