Private Practice Episode 2.14 Second Chances
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Private Practice Episode 2.14 Second Chances

Episode Premiere
Jan 29, 2009
Drama, Comedy
Production Company
ABC, ShondaLand
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Episode Premiere
Jan 29, 2009
Drama, Comedy
2007 - 2013
Production Co
ABC, ShondaLand
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James Frawley
Craig Turk
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Diana Venora
  • Sharon Leal
  • Christopher Gartin

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to heat things up.

It's bad enough Addison had to see her brother Archer (Grant Show) getting it on with Naomi, but now the Montgomery kids have to share a patient.

Jane Williams is a 30-year-old woman who is 32 weeks pregnant. She's also had a stroke and is incapable of moving or speaking. Correction: She's having the stroke NOW. Archer suggests emergency surgery to clear the clot. Addison suggests less invasive tPA medication.

Hey, get over the brother-sister bickering already. A woman and her baby's lives are at stake here! Archer's a talented neurologist and he convinces Addison if he acts quickly he can save both patients.

Meanwhile, Naomi frets about what she's done with Archer. She needs advice, so she turns to... Sam? Actually, we think it's about time these two moved past the divorce and acted like friends again. Although that look he gives her tells us he's still missing his ex-wife.

Naomi then sits with her patient, Sharon, the mother of a woman, Terry, a former Oceanside patient who was recently killed in a tragic drunk driving accident. Sharon has an unusual request. The 52-year-old woman wants to have her daughter's embryos implanted in herself. That's right, she wants to give birth to her own grandchild. Say what?

When Naomi asks Violet for advice, the psychiatrist tells her that Terry absolutely hated her mother and that implanting these embryos would be the very last thing the dead woman would want.

During Archer's clot-removing operation, Jane starts having uterine contractions. She thrashes around on the table while Archer tries to perform a delicate maneuver. Luckily, Addison is able to keep Jane still and the operation is a complete success. Archer and Addison's relationship, though? She kindly asks him to go back to NYC so she won't be burdened living under his shadow again.

At Oceanside, Cooper and Charlotte get into an elevator together for an awkward, silent ride down. She's still fuming from him turning down her marriage proposal. We're not sure why, but Cooper's not ready to give up. He pleads with her to talk things out, but she feels too humiliated.

Violet sits down to hear Sharon out about having the embryos implanted. The grieving mother admits she wasn't the best parent in the world to Terry, having put her career first over her daughter. Now she wants a second chance to raise a child with the kind of unconditional love that Terry deserved.

Sharon's teary admission of guilt seems to have made a convert of Violet, who convinces Naomi to do the procedure.

Back at the hospital, Jane has gone into labor. It may be too early, but the baby needs to come out now via C-section. The only problem is that she's on blood thinners and reversing the drugs will only increase her chances of having another stroke. Addison decides to do the C-section with a spinal and Archer can monitor Jane’s EEG. Good plan.

During the operation, there isn't much bleeding and Jane's EEG is fine. But when the baby comes out it's not breathing. Addison quickly intubates the newborn and within seconds, he's breathing and wailing. He's OK. Hey, maybe Addison and Archer make a good team after all. He can stay.

As Naomi prepares to implant Terry's embryo, Sharon suddenly freaks out. What if she's destined to be a bad mother? Naomi talks the panicked woman down. She's not destined to be anything. It's what she chooses that's important. Sharon leans back, takes a deep breath and Naomi injects an embryo.

Cooper visits Violet to cry on her shoulder. He's opened his soul to Charlotte and she continues to give him the silent treatment. But Violet has her own problems. She's spoken with Pete and Sheldon-both the potential, and unknowing, father of her baby-and neither of them wants to have kids.

At least Violet and Cooper have each other, which turns out to be a problem when Charlotte brings Cooper a peace offering, a casserole she's baked. She realizes her mistake and wants to get back together. One problem:

Cooper is packing up to go live with Violet.