Private Practice

Episode 2.11 : Contamination

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : January 08, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story


Before the crisis hits, Naomi asks Addison for a favor, one that will benefit the smarmy, despicable Wyatt. One of Wyatt's patients, Claudia, has had her uterus destroyed by chemotherapy. Only a skilled surgeon like Addison can successfully implant an ovary in Claudia so she can get pregnant again.

As Naomi and Addison negotiate, Cooper examines Michael, a young boy whose mother, Darlene, thinks he has a cold. But, the pediatrician is alarmed to discover that his patient actually has the measles. Cooper orders the immediate sealing off of Oceanside-nobody can get in or out!-until everybody who needs to be inoculated is.

It's a tense situation that becomes even more complicated when Darlene refuses to have her youngest son, Will, be given the measles vaccine. Darlene believes it was that vaccine that gave her middle son, Jeffrey, autism two years earlier. Do vaccines cause autism? It's a complicated issue we're not sure how to sort out. Who's right here?

Also in the office today is Dell's daughter Betsy. The girl's mother, Heather, is nowhere to be found. Since Heather's a drug addict, there's no telling where she might be.

After the crisis is finally averted, Addison agrees to perform the tricky surgery on Claudia. But she makes an outrageous demand: She'll only perform the operation if Naomi agrees to stop speaking to Wyatt. Naomi feels blackmailed, but what can she do? She agrees to Addison's terms. We don't like Wyatt either, but that doesn't sound fair.

Next, an L.A. County health official, Sonya, shows up to inspect Oceanside's crisis prevention protocols to see if they're up to code. For a county official, can we say this about Sonya: Hubba hubba! Sam is so irritated by having to answer so many questions, he doesn't even notice Sonya is hot.

At St. Ambrose, Michael continues to become sicker from the measles, which could lead to pneumonia or encephalitis. Cooper begs Darlene to let him give Will the vaccine, but she continues to refuse, not wanting to lose another son to autism. Becoming frustrated with the woman, Cooper considers calling social services to have Will taken away from his mother.

The next day, Addison is in surgery, trying to implant an embryo in Claudia. However, the woman's uterus has been so ravaged by radiation that anywhere Addison cuts, Claudia bleeds profusely. Addison can't see through the blood to do the implanting. Wyatt yells at her to work through the blood. But when Claudia starts crashing, Addison calls off the surgery.

Heather storms into Oceanside. She's furious, waving papers that she's been served saying Dell wants full custody of Betsy. She claims she's off drugs and didn't pick up Betsy yesterday because she was at a job interview, trying to get her life back together. If Dell takes Betsy away, that might just drive her over the edge and back to the drugs.

Suddenly, Michael's heart rate falls rapidly. The boy can't breathe on his own and the intubation tube isn't coming quickly enough. Cooper prepares to perform a tracheotomy. But then, the tube finally arrives. Without doing any cutting, Cooper gets Michael breathing again.

But seeing the boy almost die forces Cooper into action. He runs into the waiting room and, against the wishes of a screaming Darlene, Cooper gives Will a measles vaccine. Cooper insists it's harmless, but Darlene, through her tears, swears she'll sue everybody and anybody if Will develops autism.

Sam is dozing in his office when he's woken up by Sonya. He's been up all night tracking down Oceanside's protocols and he's tired. Sonya is coldly professional, but doesn't even glance at Sam's folder.

Frustrated, Sam yells at Sonya. What was she thinking making him jump through so many hoops? Sonya says what she’s been thinking: "I've been thinking your lips must taste like chocolate and I can't look at them." Oh yeah, we're happy these two are going to be getting it on.

Michael's heart rate falls again. Cooper performs CPR on the boy, but he doesn't respond. Eventually, Charlotte insists he call it. He does. Time of death: 3:37 p.m.

Dell visits Heather at home and apologizes. For what? For getting her hooked on drugs in the first place years ago. He'll also drop his attempt to get Betsy full time if only he can see his daughter more often. Maybe they can work it out without getting the court involved. Let's hope they do, for Betsy's sake.






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