Parks and Recreation

Episode 5.22 : Are You Better Off?

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : May 02, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Founder's Day is the one holiday a year where citizens get to celebrate all things Pawnee, and to prepare for the momentous day, Leslie's brought her entire staff to Ron's cabin in the woods for a brainstorming session. As Leslie encourages everyone to focus and rid themselves of distractions, Tom's girlfriend Mona Lisa shows up and wants to have sex with him in a tree. Leslie bemoans Mona Lisa's interruption, but Tom promises to think of ideas while in the tree.

While searching through the trash for his sweatshirt at Ron's cabin, Andy comes across a positive pregnancy test, which propels him to reassume his alter ego as Burt Macklin, FBI. There were five women at the cabin over the weekend, and Andy vows to figure out which one has a bun in the oven. Andy accuses Ann of being pregnant, but it's not her. She is a little annoyed that someone else got pregnant before her, though; what the heck! Ann hops on board as Macklin's partner, and the two set out to find the woman behind the test.

Leslie hosts a Founder's week public forum to help celebrate her first year in office as a Pawnee city councilwoman. This forum is kind of her victory lap. To kick things off, Leslie posits the question, "Are you better off than you were last year?" As dozens stand up to grab the microphones, Leslie realizes she might be in for a long meeting. One by one the citizens at the forum complain about Leslie's restriction on their freedoms. It seems they've had enough, and it doesn't help that Leslie's only supporters are the owner of the boutique porn shop in Pawnee and porn star Brandi Maxxx.

Business is booming at Rent-a-Swag, and a lawyer representing an anonymous client approaches Tom about buying the company. Tom reports back to his investors - Donna, April, Ron and Jerry - about the opportunity, and Donna is all over the idea; think about the "Treat Yo Self" day they could have with the money! But Ron thinks Tom should continue growing his business.

Andy and Ann interrogate Donna and ask if the pregnancy test is hers, but it's not. When the two barge into Leslie's forum, they realize she's not pregnant either, but their public questioning is embarrassing to an already reeling Leslie. With a few suspects eliminated, Andy and Ann ask Tom if he impregnated Mona Lisa in the tree, much to Tom's chagrin. He's not ready to be a dad! When the three go to Rent-a-Swag to confront Mona Lisa, Tom is relieved to find out the test isn't hers. Thank God! Tommy has his life back! He dodged a bullet! Unfortunately for Andy, the only woman that remains is April...

Leslie finds the Founder's Day parade to be a perfect distraction from the drama surrounding her humiliating forum the day before. But when she notices a float advertising her recall from city council, Leslie jumps up on the stage and let's out her true feelings - she is not trying to ruin anyone's fun and stands by her decisions as a city councilwoman. But the Committee to Recall Knope seems to have a lot of backers. Leslie has an uphill battle ahead of her...

At breakfast, Leslie is disheartened, and questions the value of her job. Ben asks her if she thinks this town is better off than a year before? Of course she does. So Ben tells Leslie to forget about her haters and follow her heart. The next day, Leslie holds a press conference in which she publicly encourages her detractors to "bring it on" with their recall campaign. Leslie is proud of her record as a city councilwoman and urges the press and citizens of Pawnee to ask themselves if they're seriously not better with her in office.

Andy finds April at City Hall and congratulates her on their pregnancy. April isn't pregnant, though she does have some surprising news for him: she just got into veterinarian school in Bloomington. It's a lifelong dream, but April worries about being so far away from Andy and Pawnee. Andy insists she go, promising they'll make it work. April is encouraged by Andy's enthusiasm and says she's so happy she married him.

Tom meets with the anonymous buyer's lawyer again, telling the man he's keeping Rent-a-Swag. The lawyer is sad to hear this, and informs Tom that his client will be opening up a competitor directly across from Rent-a-Swag in the near future. Tom is about to understand the harsh reality of capitalism. Back at the Parks office, Andy asks Ron for advice and accidentally blabbers about his whole pregnancy investigation. Just then, Diane enters and asks to speak with Ron in private. Andy can't believe it!






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