Parks and Recreation

Episode 3.07 : Harvest Festival

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : March 17, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The office is bustling in preparation for the Harvest Festival. Leslie has a surprise: she has secured the one and only Li'l Sebastian, a mini-horse who took the festival by storm with his last appearance in 1987. The entire office is floored, even Ron. When Ben asks what the big deal is, everyone's extremely offended, but he still doesn't get a straight answer. Ben's right, there really is nothing about the horse that's particularly special.

Ken Hotate, the tribal leader of the Wamapoke Indian Tribe, visits Leslie to formally ask her to change the location of the festival. Apparently, the current location is the site of The Battle of Indian Hill, where his people were brutally slaughtered. When Leslie regrettably informs him that they can't move the festival, Ken's left with no choice but to put a curse on it.

At the festival grounds, Anne and Donna manage the first aid tent. When Donna asks about Anne's breakup, Anne unloads about her problems; clearly she's having a hard time moving on. Later, a sleazy but very physically fit guy comes into the tent with dehydration. He's taken with Anne and asks her out. Anne immediately turns him down because he's not boyfriend material. Donna suggests that Anne "use him, abuse him, and lose him." Anne considers this suggestion and decides to go for it, sending Donna away and making out with the guy in the tent.

Infamous local reporter Joan Callamezzo arrives for an in-depth look at the festival, and it's immediately clear she's set on portraying it as a disaster. But Ben and Leslie are on top of their game, and quickly recover from Joan's attempts to find scandal. When Joan sees they've landed Li'l Sebastian, she's completely sold.

Playing around at a booth, April's smitten with Andy's overt affection for her. She tells him that she loves him, to which he responds, "Dude, shut up, that's awesome-sauce!" Obviously, she's less than pleased, and proceeds to give Andy the cold shoulder.

Tom relieves Jerry of his duties watching over Li'l Sebastian, plotting to have the famous mini-horse wear a coat that doubles as an advertisement for the Snakehole Lounge. While Tom explains his marketing genius to the camera, Li'l Sebastian trots off. Tom manages to pin the disappearance on Jerry, even though it's clearly his fault. Joan overhears the hubbub over the missing horse and the Indian curse. She's ecstatic: this is the just the sort of scandalous material she's been seeking!

Leslie fields questions from reporters on the "curse watch," while the rest of the team tries to get a bird's-eye view by looking for Li'l Sebastian on the Ferris wheel. Just when it seems things can't get any worse, the power goes out; apparently the generator was overloaded. Ben tells Leslie he's leaving. He believes that he's cursed, and is to blame for all their issues.

During the power outage, the crew is stuck on the Ferris wheel and forced to confront their issues. Andy tells April that he does love her, that's just what makes the sauce so awesome. Tom also accepts the blame for losing Li'l Sebastian, but only after Jerry admits that it wouldn't have happened if he wasn't off stuffing his face with funnel cakes.

As it turns out, the Wamapokes are the only ones who have a generator large enough to help. Leslie pleads for Ken's help, and he agrees, under the condition that they relocate the shooting range and create a special memorial for the Wamapokes at the festival entrance. Ken lifts the curse on the festival in a public ceremony. Back at the festival grounds, Li'l Sebastian has been recovered, though Jerry is still lost in the cornfields, searching.

The festival is in full swing and everything seems to be going well. Ben returns to the festival and apologizes to Leslie for his behavior, explaining that he honestly thought he was cursing the festival because of his troubled past. All is forgiven and Leslie and Ben embrace. Ken walks over to them and throws ceremonial dirt on Ben's face in order to relieve him of his curse.






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