Parks and Recreation

Episode 2.19 : Park Safety

  • Parks and Recreation
    • Episode Premiere : March 18, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2015
    • Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's time for the hummingbird lottery in the Parks Department. Leslie pulls a name to determine who from the staff gets to fill the hummingbird feeders in the parks. Jerry gets picked for the third time in a row, much to his dismay.

What Jerry doesn't know is that everyone in the office writes his name down for the drawing, except Leslie. She writes her own name down, but supplements it by writing 20 extra sheets with Jerry's name.

While Jerry is away from the office refilling the hummingbird feeders, everyone makes fun of him as they usually do. He is the one everyone in the office picks on or makes fun of regularly. Leslie gets a call from Ann who lets her know that she is taking Jerry to the ER.

Leslie, April, Ron and Tom head to the ER to check in on Jerry. He has a dislocated shoulder and some scrapes and bruises. Jerry tells them he was mugged while on his way to the hummingbird feeder. Leslie feels terrible and is determined to right this wrong.

Leslie has decided to bring attention to the mugging in the park and alert the residents of Pawnee. She has created a park safety poster with Jerry as the face of her safety campaign. In addition, Ron has offered to teach everyone self-defense in light of the incident.

Ann drops off Jerry from the hospital and stops by Andy's shoe shine stand to say hello. While she's there, Andy runs a potential new band name by her. But, she encourages him to stick with one name--otherwise people won't be able to follow the band.

Jerry is back in the office and just wants things to go back to normal. Leslie asks the staff to try and refrain from making Jerry jokes and be extra sensitive considering the recent event. Jerry gives a presentation to the staff, but manages to embarrass himself every chance he gets.

Leslie meets with Carl, one of Pawnee's park rangers, who is in charge of park security. Carl hasn't seemed to master the technique of using an "inside voice" when speaking to people. He is incredibly loud and a bit awkward, but Leslie tries to get her point across about making the parks safer.

Ron gives a free self-defense class to Anne, Andy, April, Donna and Mark. Anne seems to catch on pretty quickly, but Andy suffers a minor injury.

At the park, Carl takes Leslie, Jerry and Tom on a golf cart tour to review the current safety measures and evaluate it for improvements. When there appears to be too much weight on the golf cart, Leslie asks Tom to run alongside while Carl gives them the tour.

After Andy passes out at the self-defense class, Anne holds an ice pack on his head while April stands by for support. But, despite passing out, Andy gets right back up and wants Ron to show him some more moves.

Leslie makes an appearance on Pawnee Today to warn residents about Jerry's mugging in the park. After the appearance, the mayor decides to give $2,500 to the Parks Department to help with park security.

At a press conference the following day, the mayor's office announces the $2,500 fund allocation to the parks department for safety upgrades. Just before they ask Jerry to come up and speak about his ordeal, he confides in Leslie that he wasn't actually mugged. After the press conference, Jerry tells Leslie the real story of what happened.

Leslie goes to speak to Mark about the Jerry situation. She explains that Jerry lied about the mugging because he was worried that everyone would make fun of him if they knew what really happened. Leslie is concerned that the mayor's office gave the Parks Department they money under false pretenses.

Leslie gets a call and rushes to the set of Pawnee Today where Carl is waiting to go on. He received a videotape taken by a Pawnee citizen that shows Jerry's fall into the creek. Carl is ready to expose Jerry's lie.

Leslie manages to talk Carl out of exposing Jerry's lie, which makes for an awkward appearance on Pawnee Today. After the show, Leslie decides to destroy the tape, but only after watching it again.

Back at the office, April brings Jerry a cup of coffee that he ends up spilling all over himself. Everything seems to have gotten back to normal in the office. Everyone is back to making fun of Jerry and he doesn't care about it!






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