No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.18 : No Ordinary Animal

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : March 22, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

On a perfectly beautiful morning, a jogger is violently slashed to death by a clawed animal. Eventually the case makes it to the desk of George St. Cloud and he can't help but notice whatever animal did this had five fingers instead of four. Could it be, in a town full of people with super powers, this was no animal attack at all?

At school, Chris thinks Daphne could have a lot more fun if she used her powers more often. He asks her to ditch school for a Sarah Bareilles video shoot. Reluctantly, Daphne agrees to do it if she finishes her History paper.

Meanwhile, with real problems to deal with, JJ noticies his academic decathalon equations are different than the rest of the teams; way more complex. When he asks Mr. Litchfield about it, Litchfield tells him to keep his mouth shut and do the work.

At Global Tech, Stephanie asks King if one of their super-patients is responsible for killing the jogger. King says no way -- cut to Lucas Winnick (the patient King asked Stephanie to "create" in episode 117) keying cars with his claws. The powerful Mrs. X pulls up in her limo and asks why he left the jogger's body in the park to be found. Not interested in his excuses, X tells him to clean up after himself before finishing his task.

The coroner dealing with the jogger's body calls George asking him to come by the morgue immediately. George and Jim show up shortly thereafter to find the Coroner dead, in need of his own coroner judging by the claw marks left behind.

Jim and George return to the lair where Stephanie goes over the coroner's report. The jogger, it turns out, had the same chemical-laced blood-type as the Powells. Before they can linger on this, a report of another animal attack comes in over the police scanner. At this crime scene, Jim and Steph learn the latest victim was a super as well.

Chris blackmails JJ into writing Daphne's History paper with the only leverage he has - he knows JJ's a super-genius. JJ confronts Daphne -- how could she give up the family secret to an outsider? As a trade, he asks her to see what's going on in Litchfield's mind, why he's being creepier than usual. Daphne agrees.

On their way out, Chris and Daphne are stopped by the Vice Principal. Chris persuades her to mind push him into letting them go. She knows it's probably wrong, but why stop now?

Katie comes home to find Winnick lurking in her driveway. He's looking for Joshua. He sniffs the air like an animal on the hunt, smelling a super nearby. She explains Joshua moved out when they broke up, but the smell is so great he doesn't believe her. His claws and fangs come out. As he lunges towards her, Katie screams, sending him flying into a car as if by the force of her fright - did she just use telekinesis on him? Stephanie and Jim rush over and she demonstrates that somehow she now has powers. They realize the claw-bearing super is hunting anyone else with powers meaning the kids might be in danger. Stephanie zoops to get the kids.

As they depart, Winnick sees them leave. He phones Mrs. X and asks what she wants him to do about these surprise additions to his kill list. She says get rid of them.

At school, Litchfield phones King not sure how to handle JJ's refusal to do his math. King threatens him to get it done. After class, Litchfield starts to loose it, roughing JJ up to get him to comply. Before things get out of hand, Stephanie shows up and whisks JJ away. JJ confesses Daphne's not at school because she's ditching with Chris somewhere.

At the video shoot, Chris persuades Daphne to break the rules one more time. She knows she shouldn't, but what the heck -- she convinces the guard to escort them to the front row.

At the lair, Katie IDs Winnick. As Steph comes in with JJ, she sees Winnick's photo and realizes he's the guy she created for King. Jim goes after Winnick and Stephanie goes home in search of Daphne.

Winnick searches Daphne's room, gathering her scent as Stephanie comes home. He lunges his claws into Stephanie's stomach and leaves as she drops to the floor, a pool of blood growing beneath her. Eventually Jim finds her and wants to take her to the hospital but she refuses. He scoops her up and brings her back to the lair where JJ cracks into Daphne's phone and finds a text from Chris saying they're downtown.

At the concert shoot, Daphne gets a call from Jim. She steps away to take it when Winnick approaches, says he's from the school and her mother's been hurt. Alarmed, Daphne follows him until she realizes Winnick's a big bad wolf. Just in time, Jim leaps in and they fight. Eventually Jim gains the upper hand and beats Winnick to a pulp, leaving him for the police to deal with.

Back at the lair, Stephanie's feverish - her enhanced metabolism isn't kicking in at all. JJ deduces she's contracted a lethal infection and needs help fast. Jim takes her to King and demands his help. They use the best medicine they have, the Trilsettum serum. Though this miracle cure has unexpected consequences it's their only choice. Jim injects Stephanie and eventually she recovers. (Notice the weak spot King has for Stephanie? It might come in handy one day.)

The next day at school, Daphne gives Litchfield JJ's completed decathalon problem using the chance to read Litchfield's mind - he was afraid for his life until JJ came through. Weirded out by this, Daphne leaves and runs into Chris. Daphne tells Chris she wants to take a break from mind pushing, but he tells her the fun is just beginning. With her gut telling her no, but her heart telling her yes, Daphne will have to decide how far she's willing to take her powers.

As King goes over JJ's equations, Mrs. X comes in and usurps his seat. Turns out our mystery woman is the Global Tech chairwoman, aka his boss, and she thinks he's doing a horrible job managing his supers. To appease her, he shows her the equations and explains they are the key to power permanence. Soon they'll be able to inject people and their powers will never ware off. Having appeased her, King narrowly avoided her lethal fury� at least for this week.

Daphne drops by Stephanie's lab to grab a few things. She finds Katie staring blankly at a file. Daphne asks if she's ok and Katie explains she ran tests to learn why she had powers. Daphne reads the file and oh my god, Katie's pregnant!

By the end of the day, Stephanie's on her feet and ready for a jog. Jim tells her she needs to rest, but she swears she feels fine. She takes off on her jog and kicks it into super gear, only she's going faster than she's ever gone before. She goes so fast that she breaks through the fabric of space-time and disappears! Where is Stephanie Powell? Or rather, When?






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