No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.15 : No Ordinary Powell

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : February 15, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Stephanie enters to find her house in shambles. Furniture in pieces, glass blanketing the floor, and Jim Powell dead; blood pooling from his head.

Cut to 12 hours earlier- in the kitchen before school, Daphne persuades her mom to give her an allowance advance. JJ wonders if she can use this talent to persuade Natalie to take JJ back. Needless to say, Daphne has better things to do.

At Global Tech, King asks his favorite shape shifter, Victoria Morrow, to learn the extent of the Powells' powers. He wants to know where their powers came from if not him.

Meanwhile, in the lair, Jim and George are on a similar mission to learn about King. (Last week the Powells learned he's behind the human experiments and hatching of super villains.) Through analyzing King's cell phone records, George uncovers a number that's been making frequent calls to King. He traces the number to an address and Jim immediately heads out to investigate.

JJ crashes Natalie's coffee breakfast in an attempt to win her back. In the middle of blowing him off, Natalie freezes, transfixed by their waitress's locket. It's the locket that was taken from her mother when she was murdered. Natalie leaves, shaken by the coincidence.

JJ heads home to research Mrs. Poston's case and learns the murderer was never caught. Daphne agrees to help him solve the case and bring Natalie closure. They are interrupted by their mom's cleaning. JJ and Daphne head out. We stay on Stephanie as she morphs into Victoria!

Jim breaks into the apartment. The place seems nondescript until he turns a corner and finds a wall covered in Powell research: IDs, social security numbers, photos taken of the kids at school. Someone's been following them.

Daphne runs out of the house to meet up with Chris. As soon as she does, Victoria morphs into "Daphne" and starts searching the master bedroom for anything power-related. JJ asks if she's ready to start investigating. He's certain that with his super brain and her mind-reader powers, they can do this. JJ doesn't realize he just gave away the family secret. "Daphne" says she has to meet Chris and leaves JJ to solve the case solo.

At Global Tech, Stephanie asks King for permission to continue Chiles's research. King says no, it's unethical. But Steph knows it's really King's research and he's shutting her out.

Daphne catches up with JJ at the coffee shop. She doesn't understand why he didn't wait for her. He doesn't understand why she's here after she ditched him. Each thinking the other one's and idiot, they move on with their mission. JJ asks the waitress where she got her locket. She lies and says her boyfriend gave it to her. Daphne mind-controls her into telling the truth: the waitress admits she stole it from a pawn shop in town.

Jim dusts the apartment for prints when the door opens and Victoria Morrow enters. Jim confronts her demanding a reason for her espionage. Knowing he's equipped with super strength, she pepper sprays him and runs out. Jim follows her outside to the street but she disappears into the crowd, her luscious, red curls nowhere in sight.

Victoria reports back to King that the entire Powell family has powers and what's more, they are permanent. King tells her to kill Jim since he's on to her, and to take his place permanently. Victoria can't help but mention the other reason King wants Jim gone - he's always had a crush on Stephanie.

JJ and Daphne visit the pawn shop owner and ask who sold him the locket. He refuses to tell so Daphne "persuades" him to reveal everything he knows about the seller. The owner tells all and even gives them a check with Kyle Rainey's address. As they head out, JJ wants to know how she's controlling their mind. Daphne tries to force JJ's mind into forgetting he noticed, but it doesn't work on JJ. His brain's too strong.

Meanwhile Joshua's withdrawal symptoms are reemerging. Katie reveals his powers to Stephanie with the hopes that Stephanie will replicate the Trilsettum serum independent of King. Stephanie's shocked Katie kept this secret from her, but promises to do what she can.

In the lair, Jim is running Victoria's finger print through the database when George enters and shoots Jim in the back. Barely stung, Jim's annoyed at George's antics considering a psycho is spying on his family. George heads out for some snacks. As he exits we realize it's Victoria posing as George. A few minutes later the real George enters with no memory of shooting Jim. Jim realizes it must be the shape shifter that attacked Stephanie in Global Tech.

Daphne and JJ visit Kyle Rainey to ask about the locket. His wife Melissa enters and shakes Daphne's hand. At the touch, Daphne reads her mind. She was the one that murdered Natalie's mom. Daphne sneaks out, but JJ stays behind, unalarmed. Daphne calls her dad for help and gives the address right before Melissa knocks her out and drags an unconscious Daphne into the garage.

Stephanie visits Joshua to tell him she's working on a cure for the Trilsettum effects. She's going to make him normal and he won't owe her anything. All he has to do is protect Katie. If he hurts her in anyway, Stephanie promises to make sure he suffers for it.

George matches the fingerprint to Victoria, but Jim's not around…

Meanwhile, the Rainey's are holding JJ and Daphne in the garage, at gunpoint. They've gotten away with one murder and they're about to make it two more until - CRUNCH - Jim rips open the garage door and tosses it to the side. He shoves an SUV into the Rainey's and knocks them out cold. He starts to scold the kids but the cops are already on the way and he's just happy they're alive.

At home Stephanie greets Jim with a kiss. A few seconds later Jim gets a call from the real Stephanie, she's on her way home now. Jim sends the kids upstairs and tells Victoria to stop pretending. Victoria tells Jim she just kissed him with the cynoxate lipstick (Jim's kryptonite), draining him of his powers. And to completely level the playing field, she morphs from "Stephanie" into "Jim." The Jims get into an all out brawl, hurling each other across the room, into china cabinets. Eventually one Jim knocks the other to the ground, dead.

Stephanie comes home to find the house demolished and Jim dead -- this is where we began. As Stephanie cries over Jim's body, a second Jim comes downstairs to console her. Steph freaks until the dead "Jim" morphs into a dead Victoria. They call Joshua to help get rid of the body, figuring he has the experience and he owes Stephanie a favor, to say the least.

The next day at school, JJ gives Natalie her mother's locket. It's the best gift she's ever received. Whether or not she and JJ get back together, he's proved himself a true friend.

Stephanie has to decide how to proceed with King. She knows he sent Victoria to kill Jim, but he doesn't know she knows. Stephanie goes to King, pretending to be Victoria in disguise. She claims she (Victoria) is going to Belem in search of the Powells' power source. She then recommends bringing Stephanie into the fold. That she genuinely looks up to him and wants to be a part of his team. King buys in. Stephanie knows she just took a huge leap undercover. And sure, she's fast, but only time will tell if anyone can out run what's coming.






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