No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.17 : No Ordinary Love

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : March 01, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's game night at the Powell house. By the looks of it, Katie's the only one that wants to play and she doesn't even live there. Not wanting to tread on Katie's freshly broken heart, Jim promises it's an emergency as he flees to deal with a robbery in progress.

Jonah Stevens shoves his car full of stolen cough meds and steals away from the pharmacy he just robbed -- or at least tries to until Jim makes his body a road block and renders Steven's car no longer getaway material.

The next day at the precinct, George is visited by Sophie Adler, a stunningly beautiful friend of Stevens's. She wants to discuss his case, but George doesn't have time. As she shakes hands with George, she emits a wave of chemical that strikes George. Suddenly, he has all the time in the world for this blonde beauty.

King wants to bring Stephanie into his circle of trust. He offers her the chance to treat Lucas Winnick, a terminally ill cancer patient, with the Trilsettum serum. Stephanie agrees, anxious to gain King's trust, but she does so heavily. While Trilsettum will save Winnick's life, it will also lead to terrible side effects. Is King's trust really worth it?

Chris is accidentally late to class again and receives a week's worth of detention. Daphne helps him out by pushing their teacher's thoughts into letting him off with a warning. Chris notices how exceptionally persuasive she is and wonders if she has some sort of special ability. Worried about blowing the family secret, Daphne mind control's Chris into changing the subject.

That night, George has plans to take Sophie out on a date. He's only known her for hours but he has a feeling she's the one. He shows up at her apartment with a dozen roses. Before they depart for their dinner reservation she asks him to run an errand for her. Minutes later, George is sticking a gun in the face of a drug store clerk and taking off with a basket of cough syrup.

Jim gets wind of a robbery in progress. He arrives at the scene and takes down a sketch from the clerk. The next day at the Precinct, Jim asks George why the sketch looks just like him, down to the tie. George insists he was on his date with Sophie, the love of his life. She's so special to him that he invites Jim and Stephanie to meet her tonight at dinner.

At dinner, George and Sophie celebrate their Day-iversary. It becomes clear to Jim that George isn't himself when he begins ordering food he's allergic to in order to please Sophie. Jim pulls him aside to ask what's going on. George gets angry at Jim's jealousy and leaves. Sophie hangs back to apologize. As she says goodnight she emits her chemical wave towards Jim. All of a sudden, he can't wait to see her again.

Chris continues asking Daphne if her family has powers. She pushes him again and again but the thought continues to pop up. How long can she continue a relationship like this?

The next day, Jim shows up at Sophie's apartment with a full bouquet of roses. He can't stop thinking about her. Moments later, George shows up also, with the same thought on his mind, but is furious to see Jim. They start to fight but Jim ends it quickly when he swats George across the room and against the wall, like a fly. Sophie witnesses this and realizes Jim's going to come in handy.

Ready to do anything for his true love, Jim breaks into a Military base, and steals cases of MREs per Sophie's request.

Afterwards, Jim comes home late. Stephanie demands to know where he's been all day, but he ignores her to take a call. It's Sophie asking him to bring over the MREs. As Jim heads out, Daphne hears his thoughts. She asks Steph why he's visiting George's girlfriend. Stephanie has no idea, but she's determined to find out.

Jim delivers the MREs to Sophie. To show her gratitude, Sophie thanks him with a kiss - one that Steph oversees.

Back at home, Stephanie immediately throws Jim out of the house. She can't believe he's abandoning their family. Jim barely apologizes for his actions, confident that Sophie's worth it.

Meanwhile, back at Sophie's a Limo pays her a visit and the mysterious Mrs. X steps out. X wants to know if Sophie's found someone to deliver the package to King. His work is getting sloppy and she wants an end to his shenanigans. Sophie promises she has things under control. With a thorough warning against failure, Mrs. X departs.

Jim crashes with George, who oddly enough can't remember anything from the past two days. Jim updates him - he's fallen in love with a new girl and needs to crash on George's couch. The next day, George calls upon JJ to make sense of it all. JJ refuses to talk about his filandering Dad until George makes it clear he can't remember dating Sophie. JJ finally realizes someone's put a chemically enhanced pheromone trance on George and must have done the same to Jim. They head out to investigate Sophie's place for traces of synthetic pheromones.

At King's medical facility, King notices Steph seems distracted. He cares about her very much and wants her to know he's always there for her. Before Steph can pick up on the weird vibe of it all, her patient, Lucas Winnick awakens. Though it pains her to lie, Stephanie guarantees his life will be better after he receives the Trilsettum injection.

At Sophie's place, JJ and George find a chemical lab. JJ's genius vision kicks in, analyzing the various compunds until he deduces the ingredients add up to a bomb big enough to bring down a building.

Speaking of bombs, Sophie hands Jim a package and instructs him to slip it between two propane tanks on roof. Nothing in the World could make Jim happier than to obey Sophie.

Steph injects Winnick with the Trilsettum serum. Before she can linger on whether she made the right decision, George calls her. He explains Jim's been super-duped into fake-loving Sophie and setting off a bomb for her. George pinpoints Jim's location to the same medical facility where Steph is.

Steph zoops around looking for Jim until she finds him on the roof. She tries desperately to snap him out of his love-spell, but Jim detonates the bomb. With 30 seconds to go, Stephanie takes a chance and kisses Jim, powerfully. Amazingly, Sophie's spell is broken. But with only 20 seconds left on the countdown, their conquering true love might not last much longer. Jim grabs the bomb and throws it over the water. It explodes in the air like fireworks, the perfect backdrop for our newly reunited power couple to continue their spell-breaking kiss.

Mrs. X's limo revisits Sophie. She's disappointed in Sophie's failure but accepts her apology. Grateful to be spared X's wrath, Sophie gets into her car. But as she drives away the bomb under her car ticks down 3...2..1..boom!

At the house, Chris brings up Daphne's powers again. Daphne doesn't have the will power or heart to continue pushing him. She admits the truth: her family has super powers. Chris is relieved to know the truth, but even more he's grateful for Daphne's trust and love. Although Daphne knows Chris can be trusted, she hopes she won't regret sharing - for her sake and for his.

The next day, Stephanie returns to the medical facility to check on Winnick's recovery. An orderly tells her Winnick's been transferred. He doesn't know where, but he hopes it's back to jail. Winnick was a cold-blooded murder on death row before he came here. Stephanie's shocked, more certain than ever that King's trust wasn't worth it.

In King's office, Winnick shows off his new powers, revealign sharp claws extending from his fists. Impressed, King promises to call upon him when necessary.

As Winnick leaves, Mrs. X's Limo pulls up. Knowing what he's capable of, she offers him a ride then offers him a job finishing what Sophie couldn't. Unfortunately for the people of Pacific Bay, Winnick accepts.






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