No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.16 : No Ordinary Proposal

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : February 22, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's just another day in the life of a super hero as Jim Powell chases a thief down an alley. The thief opens fire on Jim. Jim effortlessly deflects the bullets and takes the perp down. Unfortunately one of the bullets ricochets and takes out a nearby kid.

While Jim worries over the near end of one life, Joshua proposes to Katie that they begin a new segment of their lives together. He floats a ring onto her finger and is met with her emphatic 'yeses.' But later Katie admits to Stephanie that even though she always fantasized of marrying a super, she never wanted it to actually happen. Before she can stress about whether it's a good idea or not, Stephanie reminds her she's nearly done with a Trilsettum antidote to make Joshua normal.

Daphne stops by Chris's to invite him to Katie's engagement party. Chris is excited for a chance to get out of the house. Between working a new job to support his family and aiding his paraplegic father, he hasn't had much fun lately. The lack of fun is also due to the fact that Roy, his dad is a big jerk.

At Katie's impromptu engagement party, Jim shares his guilt over the innocent bystander with Stephanie. He asks her if they should consider giving the kid the spare vial of Trilsettum they recovered from the lab. Stephanie talks Jim out of it and they return to the party to have a good time. It was hard enough for Jim to have fun before Dr. King arrived - considering they recently discovered he's their arch nemesis.

After the party, the Powells discover someone's stolen the spare vial of Trilsettum serum. Stephanie immediately accuses Joshua, but Joshua promises Trilsettum is the last thing he wants in his quest for normalcy.

Meanwhile at school, Mr. Litchfield asks JJ to join the academic decathlon. JJ blows him off and catches up w/Natalie. But she doesn't have time to hang out with him; she's too busy studying for a scholarship. Litchfield, looming nearby, overhears this.

Jim and George check out a crime scene. Jim notices the busted ATM looks like the work of a super villain - or someone under the influence of Trilsettum. Security cameras have the robber escaping on a blue motorcycle - much like Chris's. Jim accosts Chris, convinced he's the one that stole the Trilsettum. Chris denies it and George confirms Chris's innocence when he tells Jim there's just been another ATM robbery.

Daphne rushes to Chris's house, apologizing for her dad's behavior. Chris calms her down and as they hug it out Daphne sees Chris's thoughts: He stole the Trilsettum at the party to give to his dad. What's more, his dad can walk again.

After Daphne leaves, Chris confronts Roy for stealing cash. Roy claims the cash Chris found is from a savings account. Angry at the accusation, Roy punches through the fridge with super strength creating an identical crater as the ATMs. He's angry.

After another denial from JJ to join Litchfield's team, Litchfield blackmails JJ into joining. He awards Natalie the scholarship and promises to revoke it if JJ doesn't agree to join. Cornered, JJ agrees.

With the antidote finally prepared, Stephanie injects Joshua. Instead of losing his telekinetic powers they are momentarily augmented - everything in the lab shakes and explodes. In that moment, Katie and Joshua realize a normal life is not their destiny.

At the Powell house, Daphne finds Jim and tells him Chris took the serum for his dad. Jim visits the Minor house looking for Roy, but finds Chris instead with fresh bruises. When Jim asks to help, Chris denies that anything is wrong.

Jim finds Roy looking very Daft Punk in his motorcycle helmet, about to flee the scene of another busted ATM. Jim tries to stop him but is overpowered by Roy's own strength. Roy sends Jim crashing into a wall.

King summons Stephanie into his office. He tells her about Joshua's dark past (which Steph pretends not to know about). King explains he tried to tell Katie, but she doesn't remember -- Joshua has a history of wiping people's memories. This rings with Stephanie as she realizes Joshua was the one that erased Daphne's memory weeks ago.

Jim has to find a new way to take down Roy since he can't rely on strength as an advantage. George teaches Jim how to box when your opponent's bigger than you. The key is to make your opponent miss until they are exhausted. Their training session is interrupted when Jim gets a call from Daphne - Chris is in the hospital. When he refused to help his Dad get more serum, Roy took his anger out on Chris.

At Global Tech, Stephanie searches for Katie to discuss the new Joshua complication. When she finds Katie, Roy has her in a headlock threatening to kill her if she doesn't give him fresh Trilsettum. Stephanie tosses him the keys to save Katie. Roy grabs the vials and starts to make a getaway until Jim confronts him in garage. Just as practiced, Jim's boxing forces Roy to miss repeatedly until his exhaustion allows Jim the opportunity for one strategic punch. He knocks Roy out long enough for Stephanie to zoop in and take back the Trilsettum vials.

Once Roy's carted off, Stephanie tells Jim what Joshua did. With the unparalleled rage of a protective father Jim goes after Joshua. Joshua claims he wiped her and Katie's memory to keep them safe from knowing too much. Katie stops Jim before he can hurt Joshua. She tells him to leave and returns the ring. How can she marry someone who has been lying to her since they met?

The next day at school, JJ solves his first equation for Litchfield's decathlon. Later, Litchfield reports to none other than Dr. King. King pays Litchfield for getting JJ to solve his equation. When Litchfield asks why he needed JJ to do the math, King slams the door in Litchfield's face.

As Joshua rides away from Pacific Bay, seemingly for good, he tries to TK his newly returned ring, but he can't even lift it from the box. It seems his powers are gone for good but so, as it turns out, is the one person in the world he did it for.






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