No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.13 : No Ordinary Detention

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : January 18, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The Powells have no idea today isn't a normal day. As they rush out of the house, too busy for breakfast, they all agree they'll be back for dinner. No problem. What could possibly get in their way?

Jim gets a call from George: Escaped convict Austin Davies and three others are on the run. As Davies rips through town on a stolen vespa, Jim makes himself a roadblock in Davies' path. Davies crashes into Jim and is knocked out cold. Jim leaves Davies for the police to handle and goes on about his day. Like I said, he has no idea this isn't a perfectly normal day.

Things quickly go awry at Pacific Bay high school when Daphne lands detention for talking during class. Apparently teachers disapprove of it even when you're just trying to tell a jerk like Chris Minor that he's a jerk. What's worse, Chris will be in detention too as he basically lives in there.

The detention doling-out continues when Mr. Litchfield catches JJ and Natalie texting during class. To make things worse, he shares their convo with everyone: Natalie was telling JJ about the time it snowed in Visalia. It had never snowed there before and it made her believe anything was possible. Great memory Natalie, but awful way to learn why to password protect your cell.

It's a pretty average day in the lab for Stephanie, even when Katie calls and asks to bring in Joshua for observation. He's sick but refuses to go to a hospital. (Katie doesn't know it's because he quit the Trilsettum cold turkey). At Global Tech they run into Victoria Morrow, the (secretly shape-shifting super villain) VP of HR. She introduces herself to Joshua though we can't help but feel this isn't the first time these two have met. They continue on into the lab as Victoria secretly trips the radiation alarm. Sirens blare and the building goes into complete lock down. So much for average.

At the precinct, George spots Rachel Jacobs of Internal Affairs. He tells Jim she's investigating a string of police brutalities in which perps, such as Davies, are brought in unconscious. George points out all of them happen to be Jim's take downs. As the cops escort Davies through the precinct, Jim rushes into the bathroom to avoid recognition. As George assures Jim he has nothing to worry about, there's gunfire in the bullpen. Davies and his three thugs have broken out of custody, ambushed the cops, and put a gun to Rachel's head. Armed and dangerous, they've got the whole place under siege.

Hiding in the restroom, George and Jim hatch a plan. Jim will hide in the air vents until he can pick off Davies' thugs one by one a la Die Hard. George will get on Davies' good side in order to send the guys Jim's way. Yippie ki-yay.

Stuck in her own lock down, Stephanie continues to examine Joshua, though he won't admit what 'he's on.' Victoria enters claiming to be stuck too. She asks for Katie's help overriding the system. As Katie leaves, Joshua unsuccessfully begs her to stay.

In detention, JJ, Natalie, Chris, and Daphne are joined by the unlikely senior bombshell Bailey Browning. JJ's happy to spend time with Natalie, but Natalie sees JJ as a distraction from school work and breaks up with him in front of the entire group.

At the precinct, George suggests Davies improve his situation by feeding his hostages. Davies consents and sends thug #1 away to the vending machine. As the thug collects snacks, Jim lands next to him, says hello, then knocks him out. One down, three to go.

Joshua searches for his own way out of Global Tech. He tries to uses his telekinetic powers on the door, but he's overcome with weakness. Katie turns up and they kiss. Joshua pulls away, disgusted as Katie morphs into Victoria. (It's been a while but they used to kiss… a lot.) She pulls out a syringe of the Trilsettum serum and promises she'll be using it on him very soon to put things back the way they used to be.

Jim walkies to Davies, pretending to be thug #1. He asks for help with a stray cop. Davies sends thug #2 to help. On his way to help, thug #2 comes across an unconscious Jim. Jim springs to life and it's lights out for thug #2. Two down, two to go.

Katie's back in the lab with Dr. Powell when Joshua comes in, barely walking. He warns Stephanie not to trust Katie before he loses consciousness. Stephanie zoops off for ice packs. "Katie" excuses herself, floored at the sight of her boss, superspeeding.

A few seconds later, Katie's back and wants to know why Joshua's unconscious. Just then, another Katie walks in. Two Katies! (Joshua's fantasy, were he awake to see it). Stephanie asks what Katie did last week for the first time. One Katie steps forward, embarassed to admit in front of a stranger that she lost her virginity. We've found good Katie! But then bad katie knocks out Stephanie with a trash bin and morphs into Victoria.

Resume in the precint where a belligerant Davies prepares to kill a hostage. Rachel Jacobs suggests an alternative. She's figured out the guy taking out his men is the same guy she's after for brutality. If she helps bring him forward, no one has to die.

Back in detention, Bailey suggests a game of Truth or Dare. She dares Daphne to kiss Chris. As Daphne does, she sees a thought: he's being arrested as a body is rolled into an ambulance. Next, Chris asks Natalie why she broke up with JJ. Natalie admits perfect grades are her route to successful. She can't allow JJ, or anyone, to jeopardize that. Finally, Bailey asks JJ to share something he's never told anyone. Rather than admit his powers, JJ uses them to mix chemicals and create a beautiful, indoor snowfall. He explains, he was flunking out of school four months ago until a miracle happened. Just like Natalie's snowfall, it made him see that anything is possible. As the kids take in the wonder, JJ wonders if it helps his chances with Natalie.

In the bullpen, Davies gets on the walkie and tells Jim to reveal himself. Jim hears a gunshot and runs out finding Rachel, his sell-out, wounded on the floor. Before Davies can shoot Jim, he gets a call from the department negotiator. They've decided to fill his getaway requests. Davies takes Jim and Rachel hostage as he makes his way to his escape van.

Meanwhile, Katie struggles as Victoria tries to inject her with an empty syringe. Joshua comes to and injects himself with the spare syringe of Trilsettum serum. He enters and uses his rejuvenated powers to send Victoria crashing through a window. Katie saw it but she doesn't believe it: Her boyfriend's a super. Right now, she's grateful to be alive. But soon enough she'll know whether this change proves blessing or curse.

Stephanie wakes up as the quarantine ends. Before they can alert security about Victoria, she vanishes. Now that she knows Stephanie's secret, will the Powells be Victoria's next mark?

En route to the getaway van, Rachel scolds Jim for jeopardizing the lives of everyone at the precinct. Annoyed at their bickering, Davies shoots Jim, and leaves him for dead. Davies then throws Rachel into the van but before he can turn the key Jim's back and busts a super on him (again). Rachel can't believe Jim's alive. Jim admits he's bullet proof and reveals a Kevlar vest. Rachel tells him to go before SWAT arrives. Jim asks why, after selling him out, she's protecting him. She says it's because he's a hero. Jim's secret is safe for at least one more week.

Litchfield dismisses detention. Daphne hangs back to ask Chris why he was arrested. He explains his father was once very drunk and made Chris drive. Chris lost control ultimately injuring his father and getting himself arrested for underaged driving. Daphne sees Chris is a good person for trying to help his father. Chris kisses her, a little bit in love. Off our newly formed couple, so much ahead of them.

As one love blossoms, another dies. Natalie denies JJ the chance to get back together. Bailey overhears and tells him not to sweat it; he'll find someone better. Bailey kisses JJ. Speaking of miracles…

Back at home, the Powell family sits down to a normal, every day dinner, each having just survived a not so ordinary day.






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