No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.12 : No Ordinary Brother

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : January 11, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Stephanie wakes to the sound of someone breaking into the Powell home. Jim goes to investigate, finds a robber, and puts him in a head lock. The guy manages to squeal "It's me, Mikey." Jim lets go, realizing the "robber" is actually his kid brother. Mike's dropping in for a few days; needs some time away from his girlfriend... Jim's excited to see his baby brother regardless of the occasion.

Joshua wakes to find Katie angry. She wants to know why he stole Stephanie's journal. Joshua uses his powers to manipulate the writing. When Katie reads it again she finds it full of his love musings about her. Realizing her mistake, she is both touched and apologetic. Before she can linger on how her eyes could play such tricks, her cell rings. Global Tech is putting her in charge of her own lab and moving her to Miami!

As the new Student Body President, Daphne must decide if students are guilty or innocent of school infractions. Reading minds makes this easy. But when Chris Minor pleads guilty to possessing Adderall without a prescription, she doesn't bother reading his mind. On his way out, she overhears his thoughts and learns he's covering for someone else.

Stephanie goes to King upset she wasn't notified of Katie's promotion. King introduces Stephanie to Victoria Morrow, Vice President of Global Tech Human Resources. Victoria selected Katie for the promotion due to her talent. Since Stephanie's upset about the decision, Victoria assumes it's because Stephanie doesn't have Katie's best interests in mind.

Mike takes Jim and George out for drinks, promising to foot the bill, but his phone rings. He steps out right as the check comes (typical Mikey). A few minutes later, Jim goes looking for Mike. He finds him being pummeled by two thugs. Jim bats them off and they run to their car. Instead of driving away, they drive straight into Jim, pushing him off the roof of the parking garage.

Back at home, Mike wants to know how Jim survived his fall. Jim wants to know who those thugs were pummeling Mike. But Mike presses harder until Jim admits he has super powers. Mike doesn't buy it until Stephanie accidentally zoops in front of Mike. Jim explains all four of them have powers.

The next day at Global Tech, Victoria briefs Katie on the perks she can look forward to in Miami. Victoria lets slip that Stephanie doesn't think Katie's qualified to run her own lab. Katie storms out of the lab, feeling unsupported by the one person she supports most.

Now that Mike knows about Jim's super life, he decides to give him a tour of the lair. During this, Mike gets a call from his "accountant" again and has to run. George finds out the thugs work for Frank Matthews, a notorious loan shark who hunts down his debtors.

Daphne confronts Chris Minor about his cover up. She knows he's not guilty and she wants to help him come clean. Chris's brother Andrew, a star student, shows up, ready for his ride home. On his way out Chris warns Daphne to mind her own business.

Mike bails JJ out of class for a ditch day at the race tracks. JJ has a little fun, using his super brain to bet well and win big money. Eventually, Jim and Stephanie get wind of this and are outraged. Jim wants to know if the money Mike used JJ to win has anything to do with last night's thugs. Mike claims it's to pay start up costs on his new business, but Daphne plays human lie detector – and Mike fails the test. Now Jim's livid. Mike admits he's $15,000 in debt for gambling.

Joshua confronts King. He knows King's sending Katie away to hurt him, but it won't work. He doesn't need King. King doesn't believe this – without the serum, withdrawal pains will soon set in and he'll come crawling back. Joshua doesn't care about the pain. Nothing will bring him back to King.

Jim visits the loan shark, Frank Matthews. He wants to pay the $15,000 for Mike. Matthews laughs, telling Jim to multiply that number by ten: $150,000. He promises Jim, one way or the other, someone's going to pay.

Jim and George head into the lair to hash out a plan. But when they enter the place where the lair used to be - it's been gutted. They've been robbed. Jim knows who it must have been.

Mike denies this, but Jim can't believe anything he says considering his lies up until now. Mike thinks Matthews robbed the lair, but Jim doesn't care. The point is that Mike's been lying all his life and making excuses to avert responsibility. He's a constant disappointment and Jim wants him gone.

King's upset about Joshua's departure. He tells Victoria to keep Joshua from leaving Pacific Bay. (Looks like she's in charge of a whole lot more than Human Resources…)

Daphne wants proof Chris is covering for Andrew. She recruits JJ to break into Andrew's locker. (Two days as President and she's already violating civil liberties.) Inside Andrew's locker they find their proof - a pile of pills - no prescription to be found.

Stephanie and Katie make up over lunch. Stephanie apologizes for being selfish and promises to support Katie, no matter what part of the country she's in. As they head home, a crane drops its cargo sending it plummeting below towards Katie's unsuspecting head. Stephanie zoops in and they dive to safety. The crane operator apologizes for losing control.

Daphne tries to convince Mike not to leave, but Mike knows he's unwelcome. As they hug goodbye, Daphne has a vision of Mike at an ultra sound. She goes straight to the precinct to tell her Dad Mike couldn't have robbed the lab because he was at the ultra sound. Jim can't believe it -- Mike's gonna be a Dad? He forgets everything and calls to congratulate his little brother. Mike picks up, but can't talk right then. He's too focused on the guy holding a gun to his head.

The Powells regroup. The only way to get Mike out is to repay the debt. Jim and JJ head back to the tracks for a final bet, but they put all their money on a losing horse. Out of money and out of time, there's only one thing left for Jim to do.

Jim goes back to Matthews, empty handed. He tells him to let Mike go and take Jim in his place. Matthews agrees, happy to put a gun to Jim's head. Mike returns the favor and sticks up for his older brother – he punches out two thugs. With Matthews caught off guard, Jim shoves him into the wall knocking him out cold. Together, the brothers take out the remaining henchmen. Who saved who? It doesn't matter. They embrace, each happy their brother's alive.

Chris confronts Daphne, angry she got his brother suspended even though, in the process, she cleared Chris's name. Daphne doesn't care if he hates her, she did the right thing. Chris wants to know why she bothered. Daphne explains she wanted to help him because she knows how it feels when people think you're something you're not.

Katie decides not to take the promotion. Her near-death experience made her realize all that she's grateful for, especially the opportunity to work with her real life, very own super hero.

Jim gives Mike a check: the reward for turning in Frank Matthews. Though Matthews' arrest cleared his debts, Mike accepts the money on behalf of his soon-to-be-born baby. Mike hopes he can be half as super a dad as Jim. Touched, Jim takes back what he said about Mike letting people down. He'll always need his little brother.

At Global Tech, the crane operator that nearly killed Katie pays King a visit. As he apologizes for letting Katie get away, the operator morphs into Victoria. King accepts her apology and together they begin a new plan to deal with Joshua.






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