No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.10 : No Ordinary Sidekick

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : December 07, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Wendey Stanzler
  • Screenwriter Zack Estrin, Jon Harmon Feldman
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Josh Stewart,
    • Reggie Lee,
    • Guillermo Diaz,
    • Cody Weselis,
    • Anastasia Basil

The Story

It's family bowling night with the Powells. Usually this is George's chance to shine, but since his closest friends have gained super powers he's no match for them. George is happy to shift gears to crime fighting when he gets word of a robbery in progress. He and Jim head off to deal with the situation.

Masked gunmen are in the process of knocking over a dry cleaners. Jim takes them out, effortlessly, no big deal. As the cops approach, George tells Jim to take off before he's discovered. George stays behind a moment to wipe Jim's prints from the scene, but the cops turn up and discover George. George tries to explain even though he looks guilty, he's not the bad guy. Instead of slapping him in cuffs, the cops thank him for taking out the thugs. George is a hero! Caught off guard, George goes with it.

Meanwhile, the recently fired Dr. Chiles confronts Dr. King in the Global Tech parking garage. Chiles has proof King's up to illegal research. He's planning on alerting multiple government agencies, until King tells him he's way ahead of him in the blackmail race. If Chiles says anything, King will make sure he's the one taking the fall in the end, not King.

At the precinct, George enters to loud applause. News of his alleged heroics have made the news and spread across the city. George enjoys the attention so much Jim struggles to get him to focus on the case at hand: the thugs were actually career bank robbers. Why go through the trouble of stealing dry cleaning?

In an attempt to befriend mental peers, JJ attends a local Mensa meeting, a.k.a. a smart people's club. He challenges Natalie, a really cute chess player, to a game. Her beauty enamors JJ so much that his brain power shorts out and he looks like an idiot, literally, in front of Natalie.

In Stephanie's lab, Dr. King enters with a black eye. He claims it was Chiles's doing. King warns Stephanie to notify security if she sees him, he's disturbed. And of course, don't believe anything he says.

Jim visits the dry cleaner with follow-up questions. The owner says four men broke in and stole a man named Paul Parillo's dry cleaning. Jim thought only three men were arrested; why would they want someone's clothes?

Jim relays this info to the ever more arrogant George: one of the thugs escaped with dry cleaning. George is uninterested; He's about to do a television interview and needs to prepare to meet his fans.Daphne needs to know why she can't read Will's mind. She wants to know more about him so she visits Katie in the lab and asks how she and Will met. Katie says 'through friends' but her thoughts reveal to Daphne that she met Will on

(That's weird... Unbeknownst to Katie, JJ created that fake profile on Why is Will pretending to be someone he's not? )

Chiles approaches Stephanie in the garage. Before she can get away, he manages to give her the vial of trilsettum serum he recovered from King. He tells her to test it and see for herself that he's not crazy and King is up to something.

Detective Cordero wants to know who pulled him from a burning van and saved his life a week ago. He looks closely at security cam footage and discovers this person is none other than Jim Powell! From that point on, Cordero treats Jim like his own personal hero and promises him anything he wants. Jim asks to have the afternoon off. With his schedule free, Jim visits Paul Parillo, and learns the thug stole Paul's train conductor uniform.

Daphne tells her mom Will's a fake. Stephanie then tries to warn Katie. Why has Will been lying about himself? Does it have something to do with their powers? Katie's offended that Stephanie thinks everything is about her. So offended that she wants to take a break from being Stephanie's sidekick.

George feels the same way. He wants his life to stop revolving around Jim. For the first time, he's getting the appreciation he's always deserved. Jim reminds George that he didn't actually stop the crime he's taking credit for and in the meantime, he's turning a blind eye to one he can help stop. George thinks Jim's just jealous he's not the one in the spotlight. Fuming, they part ways.

Katie tells Will about her fight and how Dr. Powell outrageously asserted that Will was lying about his identity. Will admits he lied: When he saw Katie waiting alone the night they met, he pretended to be "Will" because he wanted to be whoever she was waiting for. His real name is "Joshua." Katie beams, flattered to have a guy who'd go through such lengths to be with her.

JJ tells Jim about his girl troubles. Jim recommends he focus on something else, like baseball stats, when he's talking to her.

Stephanie takes a chance and tests the vial Chiles gave her. After administering the serum to a mouse, the mouse super-speeds on its wheel. She calls Chiles immediately. Paranoid of speaking on the phone, Chiles tells her to come over.

Jim learns from Cordero, his interim sidekick, that every now and then robbers dress up like train conductors to rob trains transporting money. Jim heads to Union station, spots a few suspicious guys in conductor uniforms. He tackles them only to realize the only thing in their bags are... turkey sandwiches. Whoopsie.

JJ challenges Natalie to another game of chess. This time he keeps his powers from shorting out by focusing on baseball stats long enough to win. Finally, she realizes he's not the dummy she thought he was, in fact... she thinks he's cute... kissable even.

Stephanie arrives at Chiles's place to find him dead. Apparently he committed suicide. Stephanie calls the police. As they arrive, Dr. King shows up to make sure Stephanie's okay. King tells Stephanie that Chiles had been secretly continuing Dr. Douglas Volson's genomic research on human subjects. In fact, he was on the verge of discovering cures for multiple diseases. King wants Stephanie's aid in continuing this research, but unlike Chiles and Volson, they'll do it ethically.

George meets Jim at the precinct, who's embarrassed by his mistake. George knows he wouldn't have made that mistake if he'd had a good sidekick, such as himself, to tell him that the money train leaves from Central Station, not Union Station where Jim was earlier. A duo once more, Jim and George head to stop the train.

The train has already left the station, and the thieves are already robbing it. George tells Jim to stop it anyway... so Jim straddles the tracks, the iron beast rushing toward him. As they collide, Jim out powers it and forces it to a halt. (Add that to the list of awesome tricks Jim's got.) Jim knocks out the thugs one by one as they try to run away.

"Joshua" (formerly Will) visits the Powell house and explains to Daphne why he lied about his identity. After their talk, she feels a lot better about him. Though she still can't read his thoughts, as they shake hands goodbye, she sees them: "Joshua" broke into Chiles's house and force-fed him sleeping pills making his death appear like a suicide. Joshua murdered Chiles! Once he leaves, Daphne runs to the phone to call for help, but the phone flies out of her hand. Joshua is back and he knows! He blocks her escape and promises not to hurt her if she tells him where she got her powers. She begs him to leave her alone and promises not to tell. As he places a menacing hand on her forehead he assures her she most definitely will not.

At the end of the day, Jim and Stephanie unwind on the couch. Daphne enters, packed and ready to go... Go Where? Brazil, of course, for Stephanie's research trip. It seems Daphne doesn't remember anything from the past 3 months!






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