No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.09 : No Ordinary Anniversary

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : November 30, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Firetrucks scream past Jim and George as they discuss Stephanie's upcoming anniversary gift. George suggests Jim follow. Now is a great opportunity to test his powers against fire. Why the hell not, Jim figures. It's not George's craziest suggestion...

Jim leaps into the burning apartment complex and encounters a boy, trapped and crying for help. He fights his way through the flames and escapes with the boy, safely. Jim takes off before the EMTs can ask him questions about his condition, but not before he notices a suspicious character lurking in the crowd.

The next day in the lab, Stephanie discusses Jim's power elevation with Katie. Jim's flame-retardant? What a hot hubby! When Chiles enters and asks what they're working on, they cover poorly. He's angry they're shutting him out.

At school, JJ gets teased by Jesse and Dylan, a couple of rich chumps. After their onslaught of cheap jokes, JJ overhears that they're looking for a poker venue. Since his parents are spending the night away for their anniversary, JJ's happy to volunteer his place.

That evening at the house, Jim presents Stephanie with her anniversary gift: A marble statue of their hands intertwined. He sculpted it with his bare hands. They place it on the mantle and tell the kids to behave while they're on their own. As Jim and Stephanie head out for their big night, George calls about another fire. Jim turns him down; he's strictly a husband tonight.

Dr. King summons Dr. Chiles to his office. He wants to know how things have been going in Stephanie's lab. Chiles says he has no idea because she's locking him out. King asks Chiles to spy for him, but Chiles refuses. He's way too well educated to waste his talents sinking so low. King fires Chiles on the spot. He'll be of no further use.

JJ's poker "buddies" come over, expecting to clean him out. Daphne's outraged and wants them gone immediately. Their parents trusted them to behave. If they blow it, they'll never get to do anything cool. But JJ's dead set on avenging his pride. She finally caves when he promises her of his profits.

Stephanie calls Katie and asks her to check on the kids. Katie agrees, even though she was heading out on a date with Will. Will's happy to stop by the Powell house if it'll help Katie do her job.

Using his super brain, JJ demolishes the guys at poker. Must be beginner's luck. The guys get angry and change the game to five card draw. JJ can't see the cards which means he can't calculate the success of his hands. Immediately, his luck turns bad.

Despite their reservations, Jim and Stephanie's restaurant is overbooked. They decide to go for hot dogs instead. As they walk about town, they come upon another fire site. Jim notices the suspicious man again and goes after him. Jim bashes him into a wall and is about to take him down when the man generates a fire with his bare hands! He aims his flames at Jim, pounding him with fire. Jim's approaching his fireproof limit when Stephanie arrives. She clocks Theo over the head, knocking him out cold. Look out fellas, we got a lady superhero in the house. As the cops arrive, Jim & Steph run out of sight. Stephanie's exhilarated. That was awesome! What's not awesome is the fact that the cops are incarcerating a guy who can blow them to pieces when he comes to.

JJ needs help fast. He begs Daphne to read their minds and signal to him if they're bluffing. Ugh, fine! With their powers combined, JJ's back on top of the money heap. Everything's going according to plan... until the doorbell rings. It's Katie and Will checking in. Busted! Katie orders the guests to go. They laugh at her and keep playing. Will pushes a thought into their head: It's time for you to go. All of a sudden the guys stand up and walk out. Wow Katie, way to be assertive.

Jim brings Stephanie to the lair to plan their next move. George has identified the arsonist as Theo Patton, but first things first -- he can't believe Jim brought a girl to the lab. Stephanie proposes they concoct a sedative to neutralize Theo's powers. Once they have it, they can use a diversion to break him out and administer it. George is impressed by Steph's knack for superhero-ing.

Theo wakes up in the hospital and demands his phone call from Det. Cordero. He calls Dr. King and demands he get him free or he'll rat King out. King tells Theo to be patient, he's sending someone now.

As Katie and the kids argue about whether to tell Stephanie or not, Will pokes around Jim and Stephanie's bedroom, opening drawers with his mind. He finds the notebook documenting their powers. Before he can read very much, King calls telling him to bust out Theo. He apologizes to Katie, but he has to go. Katie pulls Daphne aside and promises to keep their secret if Daphne reads Will's mind. Does he actually have work or is he just over Katie? Daphne tries reading his mind but only picks up white noise. Somehow Will's brain is impervious to Daphne's infiltration. Though she's startled, she tells Katie he really has work. Katie and Will leave. JJ and Daphne are finally off the hook, until they see that the marble statue Jim gave Stephanie is shattered on the floor. They're screwed!

Theo is being transported in a van from the hospital to the precinct. As Jim and Stephanie head over to bust him out, George calls. Someone got to the van first.

Will walks away from the overturned van, a hole burned through it for Theo's escape. Jim and Stephanie arrive and see a trail of fire leading away from the van. Stephanie zoops off along the trail as Jim pries a barely conscious Det. Cordero from the van. Cordero catches a glimpse of Jim before passing out. Will sees too, from afar.

In order to fix the statue, JJ and Daphne break into the school art department for supplies. They're caught by the security guard. Daphne bribes him with their poker winnings... better a bribe than bail money.

Stephanie tails Theo to a construction site. She takes him on, swerving past the fire he launches toward her. Theo morphs into a giant fireball and chases her. He finally wears her down and corners her, but Jim arrives and hurls him into a switch box. Theo rises, preparing to toast the two but the switch box sparks, opens an overhead panel, and releases a ton of gravel onto Theo. The fire's out for good.

In the studio, JJ puts the final touches on the reassembled sculpture. Stephanie calls Daphne's cell and tells her they've decided not to spend the night out and are on their way home. Oh, that's just perfect. Daphne and JJ bolt down the hall, a la Risky Business, praying they'll beat their parents home after all they've been through.

As they drive home, Jim and Stephanie are uneasy. Their first night fighting crime together. Instead of sharing a rush of adrenaline after saving someone, they're coping with their first death.

They arrive home to find the kids just as they left them. Except for a poker chip on the floor. Oh that? JJ was just teaching Daphne how to play poker... Jim doesn't believe him. Who'd play poker against a mind reader?

The next day, Will and King meet covertly on a park bench. Instead of setting Theo free, Will got him killed. King knows it was an accident, but wants to teach him a lesson. He empties a syringe of Trilsettum serum onto the ground. Hopefully it will teach him to be more careful with his powers when he has them. They go their separate ways, but not unnoticed. Chiles crouches down and collects a sample of the wasted Trilsettum serum. Whatever villainy King is up to, Chiles has the key to exposing it for good.






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