No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.08 : No Ordinary Accident

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : November 23, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Candles are lit, rose petals are sprinkled across the bed, and the kids are away for the night. Stephanie dons her sexy new lip gloss and slips into something comfortable as she and Jim enjoy a romantic evening alone. During a kiss, George calls Jim's cell. Jim ignores it, but then George calls the house line officially murdering the mood. He calls bearing news of yet another carjacking. The cops are in pursuit of the perp. Reluctantly, Jim heads out.

Jim leaps off towards the car chase and lands in an alley. He lifts a dumpster, the perfect road block to stop the car thief speeding towards him. As he's about to chuck it into the street, he suddenly can't support its weight. It's crushing him. Jim sets it down as the thief speeds by. What happened to his super strength?

The next morning, Jim explains to George and Stephanie the weakness that came over him. George thinks maybe it's performance anxiety. Stephanie assures George he's the only one disrupting Jim's performance. Stephanie goes to withdraw a sample of Jim's blood but the needle breaks before she can insert it. His powers are back! Just to be sure, she gathers his cells with a cheek swab. She kisses him goodbye as she heads out to the office.

At the lab, Katie looks over Jim's DNA sample. Somehow Jim has been infected with a virus.

In Math class, JJ and his buddy Kenny get their test grades back. JJ scored a B, but Kenny failed. JJ confronts Mr. Litchfield. There's no way Kenny failed since JJ tutored him. Litchfield believes that Kenny cheated off JJ. JJ vows to Kenny that he'll fix it... whatever it takes.

After school, JJ hacks into the school network and changes Kenny's transcript. Litchfield catches him in the act, ecstatic he finally has proof that JJ's a troublemaker.

Brett asks Daphne to get together and study. She's a little confused since he just dumped her for Christie and all. She reads his mind and learns he still likes her, so she tries her best to be everything he likes. This forces her to accept a sushi date and pretend she's fluent in Japanese.

Dr. King phones "Will" (The Watcher) and wants an update on his attempt to get close to Stephanie. Will promises he's found a way in, no doubt through his new girlfriend Katie.

Jim is anxious to stop the carjacker, but his powers have been fluctuating. One minute his strength seems normal, the next it vanishes. George recommends he stay on the injured list until his powers are less fritzy. While at home, he gets a call about JJ's transgression.

Stephanie & Jim are outraged at JJ, but Jim promises to speak to Litchfield. The next day, Jim asks Litchfield to give JJ a second chance, but Litchfield won't hear it. He's dead set on reporting JJ to the school board and the police. Despite Jim's efforts, Litchfield gets into his car and drives away. As Litchfield pulls into the street, a speeding car T-bones his car into a pile of metal rods then speeds away. Jim recognizes the hit-and-run driver as the carjacker he's been after, but is too focused on helping Litchfield to care. Jim tries to pry open the door, but his powers have vanished. JJ calls 911.

In the hospital waiting room, JJ asks Jim what happened to his strength. Could you be losing your powers? Will it happen to the rest of us? The doctor comes out to speak with Mrs. Litchfield. He explains that her husband remains alive for the time being, but he was impaled by a pipe during the accident. If they remove it he'll bleed out and die. There's nothing they can do but wait. As Mrs. Litchfield crumbles into tears, Jim and JJ have never felt more useless.

Daphne tries her best to survive sushi night. Brett lets her order, thinking he's giving her a chance to practice Japanese. Without the faintest idea what to say, Daphne reads the sushi chef's mind and orders whatever he thinks. It ends up being pretty disgusting stuff, but hey, it worked.

In an effort to combat his feelings of uselessness, JJ starts studying surgical techniques until he discovers a way to save Litchfield. He tells his parents that despite what the doctors say, Litchfield can be saved. He just needs his mom's help. The operation has to be done in super speed, before Litchfield has time to bleed out. Jim says no way to JJ's plan, refusing to let JJ break any more laws. Later, Jim goes to apologize to his son, but JJ's fled through the window.

Stephanie zoops to the hospital where JJ is preparing to do the surgery on his own. Stephanie wants JJ to stop blaming himself for Litchfield's accident, but JJ wants his mom to understand that, since they can save him, his life is their responsibility. Hearing her son, she knows he's right.

Jim stands guard outside the O.R. as Stephanie and JJ start the surgery. In a few quick moments, they remove the pipe and suture the bleeding. Piece of cake. (Eat your heart out Grey's Anatomy). But then something goes wrong. Litchfield's blood pressure plummets. A second tear must be somewhere they can't see. As Stephanie looks for the new puncture, JJ gets nervous. Stephanie calms him down, assuring him they can finish if they continue to work together. JJ looks her in the eyes, concentrates, and uses his super vision to locate the second tear. Stephanie sews it up. Immediately Litchfield's heart rate returns to normal. Can you say, McSupers?

Will takes Katie out to dinner on a second date. Will wants to know all about Stephanie. Katie's touched by his interest in her career. As the night comes to a close, they kiss. This leads to an awkwardly dramatic eureka moment for Katie. She knows how to help Jim! She leaves hastily, thanking Will for an incredible night... and an incredible kiss.

The next day at school, Daphne reads Brett's mind: He wants to break up with Christie to be with her. Daphne can't let him do this under false pretenses. She admits her eagerness to impress him led her to lie about who she was -- her art expertise, love of sushi, and fluency in Japanese were all lies. Brett leaves, hurt that she led him on. Daphne knows she needs to figure out who she is before she can expect others to.

In the lab, Katie explains the cause of Jim's power outages. Katie's hunch is that Stephanie's new lip gloss contains the chemical cynoxate. When Katie adds cynoxate to a trilsettum coronis plant, it withers up and dies. Every time Stephanie kissed Jim, she caused him to suffer an allergic reaction, stripping him of his powers. The lip gloss is Jim's kryptonite.

Still powerless, Jim decides to follow a lead to the carjackers. He has no idea if his powers are gone for good. He arrives at an auto shop looking for the carjacker, but the carjacker finds him first and shoots. Jim falls to the ground, unconscious. Is he dead? Has he finally met his match? Nope! He pops right up and takes the car jacker down with his bare, superhuman hands.

Back in the lab, the withered Trilsettum plant rejuvenates. The Powells' powers are here to stay, for now at least.

The next day, JJ goes to the hospital to visit Litchfield. Litchfield greets JJ happily, and, lucky for JJ, doesn't seem to remember the moments before the crash or that JJ was in trouble.

Will shows up at the lab with flowers for Katie. He wanted to make sure there was no post-kiss confusion about his feelings for her. While he's there, Katie introduces him to Stephanie. He's very happy to finally meet her.

Later, Dr. King rewards Will by injecting him with a green, liquid serum. As the solution courses through his veins, Will grows stronger. King is certain it's only a matter of time before Stephanie Powell reveals what she's hiding.






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