No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.07 : No Ordinary Mobster

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : November 16, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director John Polson
  • Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Josh Stewart,
    • Mimi Kennedy,
    • Amy Acker,
    • Jon Sklaroff,
    • Brian Gaskill,
    • Helsea Ricketts,
    • Hilda Boulware,
    • Brooke Nelson,
    • Jean Luc Bilodeau,
    • J. Downing,
    • Angela Chee

The Story

What do you do if you're supposed to throw a huge surprise party for your best friend but you only have two hours to decorate before he arrives? Do you panic? Probably, unless you have super powers like Jim & Stephanie Powell. After the 30 seconds it takes to cover the entire room using their bare hands, they're done. Jim calls George to confirm their "guys' night out plans" (and to confirm that George will remember to act surprised). George is on board, but for the moment he has bigger things on his mind. He and his co-counsel, Amanda Gray are awaiting the verdict of their trial against the dangerous mobster Silvan Luka.

The jury comes back with their verdict: not guilty. George is both stunned and furious that a guy this vicious and this guilty is getting off the hook. George looks Luka in the eye and promises it's only a matter of time before he brings him in for good. Luka smiles at George's threat. Before walking out, Luka takes a long ominous look at Amanda.

Surprise! While George may only be pretending to be surprised, he is honestly grateful to be surrounded by his truest friends. He introduces the Powells to Amanda. Amanda leaves to grab George a drink and Steph asks how long they've been dating. George doesn't know what she's talking about... but he'd like to know what she's talking about.

JJ, too much of a genius to understand the definition of party, enjoys himself by studying graduate-level math problems. Stephanie decides it's time to get this boy a tutor, someone who can challenge his intellect. Cut to Katie, in a corner, emailing a guy she met on the dating site Steph asks if Katie would like to be JJ's tutor. Katie is totally excited.

After the party, George drops Amanda off at her home. They both agree they shouldn't date since they work together. But it's George's birthday after all so what the heck... they kiss. Amanda says goodnight. As she crosses the street, a gunman shoots her in the chest. She drops to the ground and the shooter runs off. George calls 911 as he holds a fading Amanda in his arms.

Jim meets George in the hospital. Amanda's still in surgery and her condition is uncertain. George is pretty sure, given his threat earlier in the day, Luka was behind the shooting. Jim pledges to take care of it, but George waves him off. It's not worth getting involved with this guy if it means another of his loved ones gets hurt.

Daphne finds out her crush, Brett, just broke up with his girlfriend. She reads his mind and learns they had a fight because Christie, his ex, didn't want to go with him to the art museum. Daphne casually mentions her own interest in the exhibit. Brett, thinks he's finally found a cool girl and asks her to go with him.

Meanwhile at Global Tech, King warns Stephanie about digging into Douglas Volson's research. He doesn't want to see her go down the same, dark path. She explains she has no plans to emulate Volson's research, but only to study it because of its similarities to her own. Regardless, King doesn't want to see Steph get hurt and encourages her to let it go.

Jim decides to ignore George's request to lay off Luka. In a downtown alley, Luka threatens one of his henchmen at knife point. Just before Luka can slit the guy's throat, a van falls from the sky and crashes into the alley. Luka goes to investigate when Jim, disguised in a ski mask, pins Luka against a wall. But Luka tears off Jim's ski mask and sees his face. As the cops arrive, Jim runs off, his identity not so secret anymore. The next morning, George calls to thank Jim, excited that Luka is once again in custody.

Daphne asks JJ to help her learn about art. She needs to impress Brett. As JJ reads through the material, Daphne reads his thoughts, realizing if she can listen to his thoughts about art, she can spit them out as her own and sound as smart as JJ.

Later, in the lab, Katie informs Stephanie that she's located Volson's widow. Susan Volson lives in Veracruz, Mexico. However, Stephanie's not interested in Volson anymore, due to King's warning. Katie convinces her to go. How else will she know the whole story? Plus, it'll only take her a half hour. She can go on her lunch break!

At the museum, Daphne seriously impresses Brett with her detailed knowledge of modernist paintings. (Of course the words she's spouting are coming verbatim from JJ, who's hanging back a few steps, rolling his eyes.) Afterwards, Brett walks her home. He thanks her for being so easy to talk to and kisses her.

At the precinct, George offers Luka a settlement in return for giving up his boss, Victor Kadare. Luka, however, knows the police have a super cop working for them. He even saw the guy's face. In about a day he can have the guy identified. If the police want him to keep quiet, they'll be the ones settling and the only offer he'll take is his freedom. George is speechless. Luka saw Jim's face? There's no way he can prosecute him if it means putting Jim and the rest of the Powells in jeopardy.

Steph zoops down to Veracruz, hoping to find answers from Mrs. Volson. She meets Susan Volson, who is confined to a wheel chair. To Stephanie's surprise, Mrs. Volson has been expecting her. Stephanie wants to know why Volson was fired. Susan explains that her husband stole two vials of his synthetic plant serum, one for each of them. For a time it allowed them to be super, but when the authorities found out, he was fired. Their abilities were only temporary and when they disappeared, Volson went mad and eventually ended his life.

Katie tutors JJ, but JJ quickly deduces there's something else on Katie's mind. She was stood up by her online date. JJ thinks this is absurd since Katie's amazing (and super hot). In order to help Katie's self esteem, JJ decides to invent the perfect guy for her. He goes home and joins Katie's dating site with a fake profile designed to be the man of Katie's dreams. Instead of Jim Powell Jr. he is Will P. Jerome.

The next day at the precinct, Jim tells George he's decided to reveal his identity -- whatever it takes to keep Luka behind bars. But George has a better plan. He's going to call Luka's bluff. George sits with Luka, pretends he believes Luka that there is indeed a super cop the police want kept secret. But even if Luka does identify this guy, he can't prove this guy is super. Without proof, no one will believe him. Realizing he's screwed, Luka takes George's deal and agrees to testify against his boss, Victor Kadare.

Stephanie catches Katie's IMing with Will, a guy she met online. Instead of being annoyed that Katie's flirting on the job, Stephanie takes the reins and pushes Katie to ask the guy to dinner. On the other end of the conversation, JJ's not quite sure what to do. He says yes. Immediately he runs to Daphne for advice. How is he going to get out of this without breaking Katie's heart? All he wanted to do was show her good guys existed, but it seems he's made things worse. Daphne has no mercy for the stupidity of men at the moment. Earlier at school, she saw Brett and Christie kissing. Apparently they made up and forgot to tell her.

George visits Amanda in her hospital room. She's feeling good enough to kiss him so she must be getting better.

As the police are moving Luka, the Watcher enters the elevator, dressed as an officer. As the elevator descends, Luka mysteriously suffers a heart attack. By the time they get to the next floor, he's dead. As the news spreads, Jim asks himself: why does everyone who finds out about me end up dead?

Brett stops by the Powell house to apologize to Daphne. Daphne accepts his apology, but notices Brett is glum. She says he should be happy he was able to patch things up with Christie. Daphne reads his mind. He's not sure he picked the right girl. As she walks him out, she can't help but wonder if he's really out of her life.

King phones Susan Volson. She claims to have followed his script word for word. After Susan hangs up, she stands and walks from the door sans wheelchair.

Stephanie enters King's office and pledges off Volson's research for good. This time, she means it. After she goes, The Watcher emerges from the shadows. King wants him to keep an eye on Stephanie and her family. The Watcher recognizes Jim from the family photo King hands him. He's seen this guy being super around town but doesn't say anything. He says he'll have no problem getting close.

Katie waits anxiously and alone for her date. Across the street, JJ watches her, wishing he could be the one she's waiting for. And just as we're sure Katie's heart is doomed once again, he shows up. He's handsome, he says his name is Will, and he's come for Katie. He is... The Watcher.






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