No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.05 : No Ordinary Quake

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : October 26, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The Powells share an afternoon together shoe shopping. Stephanie needs her third pair of sneakers this week and JJ deserves new cleats for his football success. What could go wrong? Nothing at all until the ground begins to shake violently and the falling shelves turn the megastore into an Avalanches 'R' Us. When the rumbling ends, Jim hears a cry for help. An employee is trapped beneath fallen boxes and shelving. Jim starts to lift the rubble, but JJ instructs him to pull out a very specific rod. Jim does and the shelves fall in a precise sequence, freeing the unscathed employee.

Stephanie's convinced JJ has powers. Come on, he just demonstrated advanced mechanical engineering. But Jim wants to believe JJ would tell them if he had powers. To find out once and for all, Stephanie has a subtle, practical method: She asks JJ to pee in a cup. (Eww.) JJ's late for school but he promises to stop by tomorrow and drop off his specimen.

At Global Tech, Dr. King asks Stephanie if she's excited about her big night. Stephanie's anxious to accept her grant and to speak in front of the Board. King gets a call and excuses himself. On the other end of the line, The Watcher tells King there's been a Sector 7 breach and "the weapon" has escaped. He assures King he'll have no problem recovering it.

In the lab, Katie tries to decrypt a disk belonging to Dr. Douglas Volson. As the only trace of Volson in the Global Tech Archives, the disk may be their only insight into Volson's research on superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, an impossibly tough-to-crack algorithm stands in their way.

Meanwhile, Daphne has her own impossible situation to deal with. She happens upon her friend Olivia in an intense and intimate conversation with Mr. Robbins, their English teacher. Olivia claims she ran into Mr. Robbins randomly and scampers away. Daphne reads Mr. Robbins' mind: I hope she doesn't suspect anything. Daphne can't help but suspect the worst.

George tells Jim the earthquake they experienced in the megastore wasn't caused by natural seismic activity, but by a man-made, electromagnetic weapon. Someone used it as a diversion to rob the store's pharmacy. As he's relaying this, a report comes in that another pharmacy's been hit and the pharmacist is dead.

In the locker room, Olivia assures Daphne there's nothing going on between her and Mr. Robbins. Daphne wants to believe her, but after reading Olivia's thoughts, she's still suspicious.

Jim and George get their hands on security cam footage from the second pharmacy hit. It turns out the guy using the weapon to rob pharmacies is, well, a girl. Her name is Rebecca Jessup and she's been stealing carbamazepine, an anti-epilepsy medication.

JJ stops by the lab to drop off his already-filled cup of pee. Katie accepts it (with gloves on) and steps out to process it. While he waits, JJ notices the algorithm and decrypts it in seconds.

The next day, Daphne seeks her mom's advice. She's feeling conflicted and burdened by the Mr. Robbins situation. Her mom advises she do whatever she thinks is right, but to be absolutely certain before acting. To gain this certainty, Daphne confronts Mr. Robbins and asks him straight up why he was with Olivia. He claims to have just run into her and promises he has her best interest at heart. Daphne accepts this until she hears him think 'I thought this would end when we stopped sleeping together.' Daphne's shaken, but determined to do the right thing. She drops an anonymous note in the principal's mailbox describing affair.

Katie summons JJ back to the lab. She knows he has powers because he decrypted the algorithm and because, according to his urine analysis, he's pregnant. Katie doesn't get why he's going to such great lengths to hide his powers from Stephanie. Just then, Stephanie pops in to praise Katie for decoding the Volson algorithm. She showers her with credit before running off to a meeting. What Katie's feeling is exactly why JJ hasn't told them the truth. Katie promises to cover for JJ if he promises to eventually come clean.

George sends Jim to a third quake-related robbery in progress. As Rebecca flees the scene, Jim stops her. Before he can talk her down, she holds up her palm and blasts him with shock waves, knocking him unconscious.

George revives Jim, who is frazzled but still in one piece. Aside from wondering why all the bad guys (and girls) have the cooler super powers, George wants to know why Rebecca needs the anti-epilepsy meds she's been stealing.

JJ angrily confronts his friend Kenny. Kenny was supposed to give JJ clean pee, not some pregnant girl's urine sample. Kenny's too freaked out to apologize. Turns out that sample belonged to his girlfriend! What's he going to do?

Stephanie asks Katie to run the algorithm again to see if it reveals any further information. Katie can't, since she didn't the first time...

Stephanie and Jim are furious with a now outed JJ. Why wouldn't he trust them? JJ admits he wanted them to think he was special. Stephanie wants JJ off the football team. JJ may be a liar, but she won't let him be a cheater. JJ storms out furious. He finally gets the chance to be someone and they take it away. No wonder he didn't want them to know.

That night at Global Tech, King follows up with the Watcher who is still tracking Rebecca. Midway through their conversation, Rebecca arrives with her palms pointed at King. She wants him to make her normal again. Nothing works, not even the epilepsy drugs. If he can't fix her life, she's going to make sure he doesn't ruin anyone else's. She prepares to shoot him when she's hit with a tranquilizer dart. King's guards throw her into a van to be taken back to a secure facility, but she wakes up and sends shock waves through the door of the van. She blasts her way free.

As Stephanie gives her acceptance speech, quaking begins. Jim knows it's Rebecca and runs off to find her. He meets her in the basement and tries to talk to her. He just wants to help her find answers. She assumes he's from Global Tech and blasts him again, more intensely. Jim's defenseless, on the verge of death, when Rebecca is yanked off her feet by --

The Watcher. Using telekinesis, he slings her against a wall and knocks her out. He carries her off and leaves Jim.

Olivia stops by the Powell house to speak with Daphne. She knows what Daphne told the principal, but she had it all wrong. Mr. Robbins wasn't sleeping with her, he was dating her mom. Now, because Daphne jumped to conclusions, she's hurt both of their reputations. She leaves Daphne feeling awful.

Safe and sound at home, Jim breaks the news to Stephanie that there are other supers besides them. She's furious he kept it a secret, but she's not surprised. The Volson research clued her in. Jim warns her to stay away from Volson if he has anything to do with the super villains. Stephanie calms his worry. After all, Volson's dead. How dangerous could he be?

The next day, Daphne tries to make amends with Mr. Robbins. He appreciates her attempt to protect Olivia. It's all he was trying to do. Unfortunately Daphne's allegations, though ungrounded, will have lasting effects on his reputation. An apology can't reverse what she did. This lands hard on Daphne. Isn't doing the right thing supposed to make everything better?

Jim and JJ share a heart to heart before JJ's football game. Jim wants JJ to know he's special without his powers. Using them to do well keeps him from ever believing he can succeed on his own . During the game, JJ takes his dad's advice. Instead of passing, he runs the ball. No powers. Just JJ. Jim's never been prouder of his son.






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