No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.04 : No Ordinary Vigilante

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : October 19, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jim's on night patrol in dark, creepy Franklin Park. He and George go back and forth via Bluetooth about whether a hoodie counts as a disguise, but are cut off by a woman's scream. Jim leaps across the park to the site of a mugging. Before he can lend a hand, a figure emerges, shoots the mugger and runs off. Not quite sure how to proceed, Jim decides to drop off the assailant at the hospital with a sign that says 'save me then arrest me.'

The next day, Jim gives Detective Cordero a sketch of the shooter. Cordero moves it to the bottom of his stack. Jim can't seriously expect him to waste time on a vigilante fighting crimes instead of committing them.

Meanwhile, JJ has his own moral battles to fight. When JJ scores another unexpected expected B+, Mr. Litchfield, his math teacher, accuses him of cheating. JJ swears he didn't, but Litchfield doesn't believe he could go from zero to hero just like that and swears to get to the bottom of it.

After school, JJ's hanging out watching the football team practice when his genius vision kicks in. As the guys scrimmage, he sees their movements as angles and velocities. Jim calls JJ to say he can't leave work to give him a ride, but JJ doesn't mind. He's got something way cooler to do.

The next morning, Jim apologizes for bailing on JJ. It's cool -- JJ's joining the football team instead. Jim's not sure it's a good idea. After all, JJ is a pipsqueak. JJ thought Jim would be proud and they could bond over football. Who knew that was such an unbelievable thing to ask of your dad?

At the precinct, George brings Jim info on Andrew Meyers, the man who might be the Vigilante. A few years back, Meyers' son was killed in Franklin Park, but the shooter walked. About a year later, a man in a grey baseball cap, possibly Meyers, gunned down the shooter, but was never identified.

In order to see if Meyers could be the Vigilante, Jim and George decide to question him in a bar. Jim strikes up a conversation with Meyers about football, but Meyers isn't much of a talker. He drinks and heads out, leaving Jim uncertain if he's the shooter.

Meanwhile at the lab, Stephanie discovers that the Trilsettum Coronis has the same abnormal gene as the Powell family's super genes. She passes this startling info off to Katie on the sly because, like it or not, Dr. Francis Chiles has been assigned to help Stephanie with her research. As long as he's around, Stephanie and Katie have to keep the Powell research on lockdown.

Daphne, Megan, and Lisa rave about the awesome party happening on Friday. Too bad they aren't invited. Crashing is also out of the question as the location is revealed to invitees only. Daphne decides to trick Bailey Browning, an intimidating senior girl, into thinking the location so Daphne can hear. It works like a charm.

Jim's on patrol again when he hears a gunshot. He runs to the scene, but the shooter's already fled. Jim's checking the pulse of the victim when a couple comes running up and tags him as the shooter. Freaked, Jim runs away, looking even guiltier.

The next day, Edward and Alice Costigan, the couple that spotted Jim, sit with him to sketch the perp. Needless to say, Jim's very uncomfortable. He tries his best to hide his face as the couple describes the shooter. It sounds a lot like Jim, except who they saw had thin, long hair.

Back at Global Tech, Chiles stumbles upon the Powell family research. Stephanie's sure her family's secret is blown until Chiles accuses her of digging into the archived research of a Global Tech washout, Dr. Douglas Volson. Stephanie has no idea what he's talking about, but plays along in order to keep her secret. Close call for the Powells, but who is Dr. Volson? Why does his research mirror the Powells? Could it have anything to do with why he was fired?

JJ finally gets a shot at football tryouts. Coach Baskin puts him in as quarterback. His super vision kicks in, calculating the exact trajectory and speed to throw the ball. He launches the football straight to the wide receiver for a touchdown. Everyone who witnessed it is amazed. Everyone but Mr. Litchfield who's sketchily spying on JJ from the stands.

Mr. Litchfield summons Jim and Stephanie to the school regarding JJ's possible drug use. What else can explain his sudden and intense changes? Just to be sure he's clean, Jim and Stephanie sit JJ down and ask him if he has powers. JJ's appalled at his parents' lack of support. First, they didn't think he could make the football team and now they don't believe he could have done it on his own merit. He storms out, leaving Jim and Stephanie to wonder if they went too far doubting their son.

George persuades Cordero to bring Meyers in for a lineup. Jim's not sure it's a good idea as there's no real proof on Meyers. George reminds Jim that as long as people are focused on Meyers, they're not focused on how much Jim looks like the sketch. Unfortunately, the vic doesn't ID Meyers. He's free to go... for now.

Daphne and her friends arrive at the party, glammed up. They aren't the only ones out of place. Daphne spots JJ hanging with his new football teammates. Daphne pulls JJ aside. Does he expect her to keep this lie from their parents, too? He's abusing his powers to become someone he's not. Before they can have out this sibling squabble, Bailey shows up and wants to know what Daphne and her loser friends are doing at her party. Lucky for them, the party's over anyway since they ran out of alcohol. Saved by the beer, Daphne promises to get the party more liquor if Bailey lets her stay.

Bailey's cool with this, but the liquor store clerk isn't. Daphne knows the clerk's been dipping into the register. She attempts to blackmail him with this in exchange for booze. Her perfect plan falls through when he decides to call the police and have her arrested.

Cut to Stephanie and Jim grounding Daphne for the rest of her life. Daphne apologizes. She just wanted everyone to like her, but she promises she wasn't drinking. JJ walks in the door supposedly from a movie. He realizes Daphne needs someone to vouch that she wasn't drinking. After all she's done for him, he decides to comes clean about being at the party, too.

As if the night's events weren't enough, Katie calls Stephanie with some follow ups on Dr. Volson. Turns out the reason she couldn't uncover any information on him or his whereabouts is because he's dead.

The next night, it's trouble again in Franklin Park. As a man mugs a woman, the Vigilante emerges and draws his gun. The mugger and woman turn out to be Cordero and an undercover cop. The Vigilante pulls his trigger but Cordero shoots first. The Vigilante falls to the ground and we see, once and for all, that it is Andrew Meyers.

Meanwhile, the Powells and George are spending their night out of crime's way. They're showing their support at JJ's first football game. The starting QB gets sacked and Coach Baskin puts JJ in. Jim can't believe it. That's his kid!

JJ passes. As the ball soars downfield, the defense gets to him. JJ goes down hard but his pass is complete and Pacific Bay scores! JJ rises victoriously and surveys the crowd of roaring fans. He spots Jim. He's never seen his dad so proud of him. JJ's smile dips as the guilt builds up inside him. How can he tell Jim the truth without losing the pride his father feels for him?






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