No Ordinary Family

Episode 1.03 : No Ordinary Ring

  • No Ordinary Family
    • Episode Premiere : October 12, 2010
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2011
    • Production Company: ABC Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Everyone deals with grief in a special way. Some bake, some knit, or some, like Jim, knock baseballs miles out to sea. The death of Detective Cho weighs heavily on Jim. What's the point of having powers if he can't protect the people he cares about?

Jim joins his family at the wedding reception of their former babysitter. Stephanie asks Jim to dance. Jim would rather not; he's not too good on his feet. His family encourages him to bust a move when the power goes out and a group of armed gunmen charge in. They terrorize the guests, stripping them of their valuables, including Stephanie's wedding ring.

Jim races to stop the gunmen. They zip-line up the wall of a tall building, escaping with their loot. Jim tries leaping after them, but doesn't quite make it. He smacks into the wall and falls back to the ground as the bandits get away.

The next morning, JJ and Daphne want to know where Jim ran off to after the robbery. For Stephanie's sake, he claims he was calling the police. Later, Jim asks Stephanie why he can't tell the kids he's doing something he's proud of. She reminds him they don't deserve to be kept up at night worrying about him.

JJ scores another high grade on his math test. Sarah, his crush-worthy classmate, wishes she could turn her grades around like JJ did. JJ gathers his courage and offers to help her study. She accepts. How's Friday night sound?

Daphne bumps into her close friend Megan. Megan asks if Daphne wants to hang out after school. They haven't talked much since before the crash. Daphne mind-reads Megan: Megan's desperate to talk to someone. Daphne agrees they totally need to hang out, wondering to herself what's up with her friend.

In the lab, Dr. King stops in to tell Stephanie that Global Tech is rewarding her with a substantial research Grant. She's elated until King tells her they're taking out an insurance policy on her, which includes a physical. Uh-oh. Once they find anomalies in her blood, they'll want to stick her under a microscope.

Megan comes over to the Powell house after school. Daphne reads Megan's mind and learns her parents are getting divorced. Daphne tries to make Megan feel better about this, but Megan is creeped out. How did Daphne know her secret? Daphne's not sure how to explain how she knew. Megan assumes she was snooping through her stuff and storms out, betrayed.

Daphne can't stand keeping her secret anymore. She tells her parents she wants to tell Megan. Jim and Stephanie both think it's risky telling someone new, but they encourage Daphne to open up to George and Katie, whom they both trust. This isn't what Daphne wants. She's old enough to make her own decisions and wishes her parents realized this too.

Later, JJ drops off Daphne's homework. It's the price he pays for her keeping his secret. On his way out, she reads his mind and realizes he has a favor to ask. He wants Daphne to read Sarah's mind and find out if she likes him.

The next day, Stephanie's still stressing out about the physical. She asks Dr. King if there's any way she can get out of it, but he tells her not to worry. The lab already has her blood sample so everything is taken care of. Stephanie thinks this is weird considering she didn't give actually have her blood drawn. Turns out Katie did it for her. Katie thought she was protecting Stephanie, but Stephanie points out the lab will no doubt compare the fraudulent sample to an earlier sample of Stephanie's as a control. And when this happens they could be fired and charged with felony. OK, all they have to do is recover the sample. Easy, right?

Between classes, Daphne bumps into Sarah. She casually asks what Sarah thinks about JJ. Out loud, Sarah says JJ is very helpful, but unfortunately for JJ, Sarah thinks he's a major tool.

In order to anticipate the wedding robbers' next move, Jim and George sneak into a reception that fits the target profile. They try to blend in on the dance floor, but Jim's "dancing" is not very subtle. George thinks his landing problems are not unrelated to his dancing ones. They require body control and finesse, both of which Jim sadly lacks.

Just like before, the lights black out. Jim sees a man enter with a knife and tackles him. The lights go on, but there are no robbers and Jim's covered in frosting. Super false alarm. Jim took out the cake server, and the cake.

Fed up with Jim's crashing habits, George takes it upon himself to give Jim dance lessons. He pops in his favorite "Booty Quake Hits of the '90s" and starts teaching Jim his best dance moves when Daphne comes home. It's awkward for everyone involved.

Daphne needs George's advice about JJ. How can she tell JJ how Sarah feels without JJ getting hurt? George recommends telling JJ that Sarah likes something JJ is not. That way he won't take it personally. Daphne tries this out, claiming Sarah only likes Jewish guys. Better luck next time, little brother. But JJ's not worried. He's a genius. Learning to be Jewish should only take a few hours.

Katie and Stephanie's first step in retrieving the blood sample is gaining access to the ultra secure medical lab where the sample is being stored. Neither has card access, but Dr. Chiles does. Katie distracts Chiles, feigning interest in his research, as Stephanie zoops in and snatches his ID badge.

That night, George calls Jim about another at-risk wedding. As Jim leaves, Daphne wants to know where he's headed. He says to the precinct, but she hears him think that he's going to another wedding. Would he lie to her? He promises he never would. Daphne's rattled.

Katie and Stephanie meet, ready to pull off their heist. All Stephanie has to do is swap out Katie's blood with a pre-crash sample of Stephanie's blood they've brought along, all while running faster than the human eye (or security camera) can detect. Stephanie takes off, flies past the guards, swipes Chiles's card, swaps out the samples, and dashes out before anyone notices.

Back at the house, JJ tutors Sarah. He tries wooing her with his newly learned Hebrew-isms but she's not into it at all. Turns out she's not Jewish nor does she date only Jewish guys. Weirded out, she packs her stuff and bolts, leaving JJ embarrassed and betrayed.

At the reception, Jim practices his newfound finesse on the dance floor. He's just getting the hang of it when the lights go out and the gunmen barge in, firing. Jim punches one of the gunmen. Another one fires on him, fruitlessly. The robbers think Jim's a cop wearing Kevlar so they make a run for it.

Jim chases after them but runs into Daphne! She followed him. Jim's too close to catching these guys to stop for his daughter. He leaps up a fire escape, grabs one of the robbers, and tosses him off the roof. The robber's fall is cushioned by the arrival of a cop car below.

Jim makes it home where Daphne's waiting for an explanation. She's always been able to trust him until now. Since she can't trust her father, she's going to tell someone she can trust about her powers: Megan. Jim tries to stop Daphne from leaving, but Stephanie tells him to let her go. It's time they started trusting Daphne to make her own decisions.

To make matters worse, George calls. There's a problem at the precinct. The robbers are being let go due to lack of evidence. Jim can't believe it. All that for nothing!

Later, Daphne returns home from Megan's. Jim asks how she took the news, but Daphne admits she couldn't go through with it. Jim apologizes for not being honest. He didn't want to worry her, but wants her to know he's finally able to be the man he wants to be. Daphne asks him to promise he won't get hurt, but Jim can't. It's something Daphne must accept.

The next day at Global Tech, King summons Chiles into his office. He wants to know if Chiles was in the medical lab last night. Someone used his card for access. Chiles wasn't there, so King assumes it was a glitch in the system and dismisses Chiles. After he leaves, King plays back the security cam footage. He zooms in on Stephanie's blood sample. It's perfectly normal except for a tiny, momentary blur. How very odd.

Jim has a surprise for Stephanie. He takes her to the most exclusive restaurant in town, sweeps her off her feet, then leaps onto the roof where he's set up a private, candlelit dinner. He bends down on one knee and presents her with her wedding ring. (It was recovered from the crime scene.) Jim thanks Stephanie for always loving him for who he is. Then, because he doesn't do it enough, he asks her to dance.






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