House M.D. Episode 6.04 The Tyrant
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House M.D. Episode 6.04 The Tyrant

Episode Premiere
Oct 5, 2009
Production Company
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
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Episode Premiere
Oct 5, 2009
2004 - 2012
Production Co
Heel and Toe, Shore Z, Bad Hat Harry
Fox TV
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David Straiton
Peter Blake
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Roger Aaron Brown
  • Garikayi Mutambirwa
  • Christopher Fairbanks
  • David Marciano
  • Kelly Scott

An African dictator named Dibala and his aide Ntila leave from the United Nations in New York City headed to Princeton in order to visit Dibala's estranged son. En route in the rain, the car is stopped by a van. A man jumps out and serves him subpoena papers for crimes against humanity. Dibala vomits blood.

Cuddy asks Cameron and Chase to fill in for Thirteen and Taub as the Secret Service encamp in the hospital for Dibala's protection. When the team arrives at the office, they find House waiting for them. House suggests that Dibala has been poisoned by Dioxin. They tell Dibala about a possible poisoning. Meanwhile. Chase meets Ruwe, a patient who thinks that Dibala does not deserve to recover because of his abuses.

Forman lets Cuddy know that he is not pleased about House's return even though House will only advise the team because his license has not yet been reinstated. Foreman visits Thirteen in the hope of rehiring her.

At home, Wilson's downstairs neighbor Murphy has complained about House. Murphy is a decorated war vet who lost his arm in Vietnam. Then Murphy complains to House about his cane in the apartment building lobby. Later, House tells Wilson he is trying to not anger the neighbor, but he is convinced Murphy is lying about being a Vietnam Vet.

Cameron calls House to tell him that Dibala is in cardiac arrest. House thinks he has Lassa Fever. Foreman doubts this, but House wins out. Thirteen comes to the hospital to talk to Foreman about their relationship.

Ama, a woman who has volunteered to give blood to save Dibala, comes forward to Cameron. She says she is a survivor of Lassa Fever from his country. Cameron thinks Ama is being forced to do this, but Ama begs to donate her blood.

As Chase discusses the case with Foreman, he sees Ruwe dressed as a nurse heading into Dibala's room. Chase runs to stop him when he hears shots fired. As Chase enters, guards are beating Ruwe. Dibala has a bloody eye. Chase tries to help the beaten Ruwe, who tells him that he was in one of Dibala's "death squads."

Chase confides in Cameron about the assassination attempt and is surprised by her reaction. The team debates the eye symptom. House tries to keep quiet and gestures to a suggestion of Lymphoma. He had written it on the blinds. Chase asks Dibala about plans for his nation and Dibala denies he is committing genocide.

At Wilson's building, House goes to leave an apology note for Murphy but finds the door to his apartment open.� He peeks in and sees a framed Canadian flag on the wall. Then House goes to confront Murphy about his military time and learns that he is mistaken about Canadians serving in Vietnam.

Cameron and Chase rule out Lymphoma for Dibala, but they notice that he has mild amnesia. Cameron embellishes how bad it is to Ntila.

Foreman tries to work things out with Thirteen at a restaurant. Yet she walks out because he can not apologize.

Foreman and House clash about treatment options, and Forman asserts himself to treat the patient for Blastomycosis and not Scleroderma, as House insisted was the cause.

When Murphy threatens to press charges against House, Wilson is furious. He asks House to move out. House goes back to the apartment and ties up Murphy in order to cure the man's chronic arm pain.

As Cameron injects him, Dibala threatens her about what she told Ntila. Chase defends his wife, and in the process, sees how truly bad Dibala is. Cameron asks Chase to test for Scleroderma, and they are proven correct. Yet Foreman refuses to accept that his theory is incorrect and that House was right. He finally relents, and they switch treatment. Yet Dibala starts to bleed profusely from numerous areas and the team tries to save him. Dibala dies.

Foreman confesses to House that either his original theory was right or else they were too late to fix Dibala. House admonishes him to stop sulking and test the body in the morgue. Foreman finds that Chase faked Dibala's test results on purpose. He has a paper with Chase's name signed in at the morgue where there is a corpse of someone who had Scleroderma. Chase meant for the evil dictator to die. Foreman is furious that Chase would take a patient's life and make him an accomplice if he helped cover it up.

Wilson tells House that Murphy is happy. House admits that he was nice to the man.

Chase feels guilty about what he has done and doesn't tell Cameron the truth. Foreman burns the record from the morgue.