30 Rock

Episode 5.21 : 100 Part 2

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : April 21, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Liz and Jack share a tense elevator ride as Kenneth babbles about the day so far. All the staffers return to the studio as Liz gets Tracy on the phone. Tracy reports that he still can't get anybody to be mad at him. Hank approaches Liz from behind, asks where Tracy is because he wants to introduce himself. Liz makes up the quick excuse that Tracy is calling her from the bathroom. Hank walks away and Liz begs Tracy to come back. Tracy says that he doesn't even know who he is anymore. Liz declares that she's taking Tracy to a place where he can be himself, a strip club.

At the strip club, Liz tries to get Tracy a lap dance. But the strippers all recognize Tracy and gather around him sharing stories of how they were inspired by him and asking for his advice. Liz admits that Tracy Jordan is broken and it's over.Back at the studio, Kenneth visits Jenna in her dressing room as requested. Jenna has candles, incense and disco music to create an atmosphere. Jenna asks Kenneth if he was serious about Jenna having his baby. Kenneth declares that it would be wrong because they're not married, and they're of different religions. Jenna tries to seduce Kenneth, but he runs away.

Jenna returns Tracy's whale semen candle to his dressing room and finds him there. Tracy tells Jenna that he's just packing up a few things and then he's gone because he's quitting show business. Jenna tells Tracy that he has to stay because the show needs him and she needs him. She'd rather do the show than have a baby. Jenna points out that even celebrities like Roman Polanski and Elias Kazan couldn't undo their good will by doing bad things. Jenna realizes that the only celebrities who really undo their good will are the murderers - John Wilkes Booth, Phil Spector and O.J. Simpson. Tracy says shooting someone is crazy, even for them. Jenna comments that it would take a pretty big gas leak to make him think that was a good idea. They laugh.

Liz returns to her office to find Dennis on her couch. Dennis knows he'll never find anyone better than Liz, so he's giving her one more shot to admit to him that she keeps bringing Dennis back into her life for a reason. Liz kicks Dennis out. He leaves, commenting that Liz will change her mind. Moments later, Dennis busts a pipe to create another gas leak.Jack sits at his desk. Unbeknownst to him, the gas leak has started again. He is visited by another version of himself, Past Jack. Past Jack looks at Jack and says that if Jack's his future, he's jumping out the window. Sideways Jack appears and yells at Jack to stop him, because if Past Jack jumps, they cease to exist. Sideways Jack says there's still time to fix this. Jack needs to "kick ass" again, which means firing Liz. Jack doesn't know if he can fire Liz. Sideways Jack urges Jack to go get rid of that woman.

In the studio, Dr. Spaceman checks out Pete, who can't speak anything but gibberish. Dr. Spaceman declares him fit. Jenna approaches Dr. Spaceman, suddenly looking pregnant. Dr. Spaceman asks what happened, and Jenna explains that it's a hysterical pregnancy. Jenna thinks this should be perfect because all she wants is the attention; but she's not happy, and she wonders if she really wants a baby. Dr. Spaceman is bored and walks away.Pete encounters animal trainer Greta Johanssen. He calls her beautiful and kisses her. Danny rehearses a song and experiences someone else's flashbacks, then falls over.

Kenneth argues with Tracy as he helps him with his boxes. Kenneth doesn't want Tracy to leave. Tracy tells Kenneth that Jenna was right: the only way he can come back is if he shoots someone, and that's crazy. Or is it? Now Tracy wonders if it's a good idea. Kenneth thinks it has a nice, simple logic. They decide to go to the roof so that Tracy can shoot Kenneth. Liz sees them get into the elevator, but she's too high on gas to comprehend what's happening.Dennis finds Liz and asks her if she's ready to sign that lease. He confuses her by "reminding" her about how they were talking earlier about Dennis moving in with Liz. Dennis says he can move in tonight; he just needs her to sign the lease. But Liz needs to find a pen.

Jack, Sideways Jack and Past Jack head to the elevator. When they get there, Future Jack steps off the elevator. Future Jack tells Jack that he's come to warn him not to listen to the other Jacks. In the future, he's happier than he's ever been. He has grandchildren and a gorgeous wife. Sideways Jack tells Jack not to listen to Future Jack because success is more important than happiness. Future Jack tells Jack that Liz is downstairs, about to sign a lease with Dennis Duffy, and if she does, Jack will lose her. Jack says that he's tired of saving Liz. Future Jack says that Jack will be saving himself because the only way for Jack to get Future Jack's life is to distract himself from his blind ambition, and he can't do that without Liz Lemon in his life. Jack gets in the elevator.

Jack runs down to the studio and grabs the pen from Liz as she's about to sign the lease. Jack rips up the lease and challenges Dennis to a fight. Tom interrupts with the announcement that someone sabotaged the gas line. Liz accuses Dennis of being the culprit. Dennis declares that he did it for love. Security removes Dennis, but not before he tells Liz that she'll be back. Tom says that the gas should clear out in time for the show. Liz panics; there's so much to do before the show, and she needs Kenneth. Jack reminds Liz that he promised Hank that Tracy would be there. Where is Tracy? Liz remembers seeing Tracy and Kenneth go to the roof with a gun. She wonders why. Jenna approaches to share that she gave Tracy the idea to shoot someone. To the roof!

Liz, Jack and Jenna run into Hank on their way to the roof. Hank tells Jenna that she's his favorite actress and they need to talk about her future after "TGS" is cancelled. Jenna says that she knows what her future holds, motherhood, because she has so much love to give. Hank suggests she can be a mother and a talk show host. Jenna immediately gets over the idea of being a mother, suggesting they go call her agent. She turns around and Liz remarks that Jenna's stomach is back to normal, no more hysterical pregnancy.

Up on the roof, Kenneth starts to rethink the shooting idea. Tracy says they'll look stupid if they don't follow through. Tracy shoots the gun a few times by accident. Liz and Jack run up to stop him. Jack takes the gun away from Tracy, reprimanding him and telling him about all the paperwork Jack would have to process if Tracy shot Kenneth. Tracy apologizes, explains that he's just trying to get people to stop respecting him. Jack tells Tracy that all he has to do to destroy the good will he has is go back to his easy TV job. No one will respect him if he does television. Jack rattles off a litany of awards and accomplishments that will be rendered meaningless by going on network television.

Tracy is convinced. He declares that he's ready to "do some TV!" Liz tells them that they have five minutes. They run to the elevator. Tom stops them because the elevator is broken; they'll have to take the stairs. As the group runs to the stairs, the gun goes off. Tom comments that at least he made it through his last day, only to look down and see that he's been shot. Liz, Jack, Tracy and Kenneth run into various familiar characters in the stairwell on the way down. They get to the studio just in time and Tracy announces that he's back.Pete pulls Liz aside, tells her that they have a problem. The sketches they wrote during the gas leak aren't funny at all. They don't have a show! Liz tells them to just start. She runs to the maintenance area and reopens the gas leak.

We cut to the show in progress. Everyone, including the audience, is high on gas and can't stop laughing. Hank hugs Liz and Jack and declares that they're picked up for a billion more episodes.Watching at home, Tom Hanks sees that Tracy is on TV again. He picks up the phone and calls George Clooney, declaring an "actor emergency." He tells Clooney to take Tracy off the official "A" list. Hanks doesn't have the password, he complains, because Brad Pitt's their official webmaster. Hanks yells at Clooney to wake Pitt up. He returns to the latch hook rug that he's working on as he sings "My Life," the theme to "Bosom Buddies."

Liz turns to Jack and says that it might be the gas talking, but she was wrong about Dennis because Jack is the guy who never left. Jack also says it's the gas talking and tells Liz that he'd be a lot worse off if he had never met Liz and he's proud to have her as a mentee. They toast to 100 more episodes.Jenna, Tracy and Kenneth marvel over the show making it to five years. Tracy thinks the single most amazing thing to happen in five years is a snowboarding goose. Kenneth wonders where they'll all be five years from now. He has a vision of all three of their gravestones, and in front of his own, his hand reaches through the ground to give a thumbs-up.






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