30 Rock

Episode 7.09 : Game Over

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : January 10, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Liz is at her doctor's looking for help in conceiving a baby. Dr. Spaceman bursts in and takes over, prescribing progesterone injections, a female hormone. Liz is dubious, but before she can object, two cops show up to escort Dr. Spaceman away - he's just been named U.S. Surgeon General.

Back at her TGS office, Tracy arrives to announce that he won't be attending show rehearsals this week. He's busy shooting his new Harriet Tubman movie with Octavia Spencer in the lead role. As the production gets underway, it turns out that with Octavia's high maintenance, demanding script changes and walking off the set early, Tracy's got his hands full.

Hank Hooper visits Jack in his office to announce that on his upcoming 70th birthday he's stepping down as CEO; the Kabletown board is meeting in a week to decide a successor and Hank's going to make it clear that his 15-year-old granddaughter Kaylie should be next in line. Jack pleads with Hank to consider him for the role. But Hank's adamant: he wants Jack to be Kaylie's assistant CEO until she's ready to assume the role full-time.

Jack's crushed. He heads for Liz's office to talk it over, only to find her in a hormone rage. He offers Liz some comfort and then announces that he's going to make one final play for the CEO job. He engages private investigator Len Wazniak to go undercover at Kaylie's school to find something to discredit her with. Len goes undercover as a female drama instructor and soon strikes pay dirt. He shows Jack surveillance shots of Kaylie conniving with Devin Banks. Jack confronts Banks at the gym where he's teaching a spin class. Jack proposes an alliance to discredit Kaylie. Devin's in. He reveals to Jack that Kaylie's dad is gay - which means that Hank's son is not Kaylie's father. All Jack needs is Kaylie's DNA to prove to Hank that there is no worthy blood relative to succeed him.

Concerned that hormone treatments might produce an abnormal baby, Liz calls an adoption center but is told she's not a candidate to adopt a newborn for years. Back in the office, she seeks out Jack's input. He tells her it's now or never. He's charted his course - and she should do the same. Banks arrives and he and Jack clue Liz in on their plans for a palace coup. Liz tries to talk Jack and Devin out of it, but the two former adversaries are determined to take the throne. They scheme to have Jenna befriend Kaylie long enough to steal her phone; then they'll pull DNA traces from it and have it analyzed to bring proof to Hank that Kaylie is not really his granddaughter.

Tracy has a new tactic for managing his headache-provoking star: imitate Liz Lemon. Wearing Liz's glasses, he assails Octavia with a series of exasperated Lizisms. But the actress sees through the ploy. She's not going to let Tracy "out-crazy" her. She begins yelling, grabs a fire extinguisher and starts spraying as she storms off the set.

Kaylie drops in on Jack and pours herself a ginger ale. She informs Jack that Jenna's under her spell, not his. He'll never get her phone, she tells him, then she walks out dramatically. Jack grabs her empty glass with a napkin; the DNA sample is at hand. After a rush analysis, Jack brings the results to Devin. They celebrate as Devin takes the report from Jack and puts it in an envelope to send to Hank.

Tracy tells Liz that he has a whole new level of respect for her for dealing with him for seven years. His experience trying to manage a problem star proved that producing isn't as easy as it looks. He tells her she can do anything. Liz smiles.

In his office Jack toasts victory with Len and Devin. Kaylie and Jenna show up. Jack tells Kaylie it's game over, but Kaylie strikes back: she's seen through the whole plot. Both Jenna and Devin are in cahoots with her; Hank will be furious that Jack's tried to discredit her. She begins to walk off, victorious. But Jack stops the adversaries' victory parade. He announces that he never did send the DNA report to Hank. He tells Kaylie that the whole cat and mouse game with the DNA was merely to distract her into forgetting her granddad's birthday. Jack had the foresight to send a card - and Kaylie will fall out of favor for not sending anything. Kaylie storms off and Jack toasts with Jenna and Len once again.






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