DJ Akademiks Slammed for Comparing Drake's OVO Fest to Kendrick Lamar's 'Pop Out' Concert

The media personality, who is no stranger to causing controversy with his remarks, thinks the praise of 'The Pop Out - Ken and Friends' concert has been an overreaction.

AceShowbiz - DJ Akademiks has once again landed in hot water due to his opinion. The blogger got called out by many social media users after comparing Drake's OVO Fest to Kendrick Lamar's "The Pop Out - Ken & Friends" concert.

During a Saturday, June 22 livestream, the 33-year-old suggested that Drizzy's event was better than K-Dot's show. "None of these n***as up here got a feature with Kendrick," he began while showing a clip from the end of "The Pop Out".

"And we don't think they will ever get a feature with Kendrick. He has one concert in 15 years and brought these n***as on stage and n***as is saying he did the most," Akademiks added. He went on to bring up OVO Fest and J. Cole's Dreamville Festival, where the two rappers platformed younger artists.

Many took issue with Akademiks' comments. "OVO Fest is not the same as the POP Out, the POP Out was West Coast honoring their identity, their fallen soldiers, and respecting each other's differences and similarities of being the West Coast culture. It was also retaliation to a colonizer insulting their legends." one user argued.

Another added, "Yall Drake n***as don't know how to take an L and move on." A third opined, "AK is the main reason BBL DRAKE lost this battle to Kendrick. Bro you talk too damn much." Someone else chimed in, "You're not helping Drake just digging the hole deeper."

Despite Ak's criticism, Kendrick gained huge praise from fellow musicians for the triumphant success of "The Pop Out". One in particular was Snoop Dogg, who passed the torch to K. Dot, crowning him as the king of L.A.

"Sending a big shout-out to K. Dot and all the homies from the West that stood together unified, organized in peace [and] love," Snoop declared on Instagram. "That was fun to watch. Beautiful to see all my peoples come together."

In a moment reminiscent of a coronation, Snoop declared, "K. Dot, you are the King of the West. That's the kind of s**t kings do, we unite." As an artist with three decades of experience, Snoop recognized the importance of Kendrick's message of unity and peace in L.A., even if it was just for one night.

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