Draya Michele Talks About Blocking Out Noise Amid Age-Gap Relationship with Jalen Green

In the face of criticism, reality star Draya Michele and NBA player Jalen Green continue to defend their love, baffled by the scrutiny over their age difference.

AceShowbiz - Draya Michele, the 39-year-old reality television star and entrepreneur, has been facing a barrage of criticism over her relationship with 22-year-old NBA player Jalen Green. The couple, who have a 17-year age gap, has been subjected to harsh scrutiny, especially since announcing Michele's pregnancy in March.

"We try to stay off the internet and not really listen to that kind of stuff," Michele told TMZ while out with Green and their newborn daughter. She further expressed her bewilderment towards the negative comments, stating, "Two adults being in love, I don't know why that would rub people the wrong way. It's kind of weird. Love is love at the end of the day."

The backlash intensified when some social media users labeled Michele a "predator" for having a child with a man so much younger than herself. Michele has two sons from previous relationships, one of whom is the same age as Green. Mehgan James, a former co-star from "Basketball Wives," tweeted, "17 years is wilddddd. Having a baby by one that's the same age as your son speaks a lot about your character as a person."

Michele and Green, unphased by the uproar, maintain a stance of nonchalance. "We block it out and mind our business," Michele noted. Green echoed these sentiments, stating simply, "We also don't care."

In response to the critics, Michele turned to social media to express her thoughts. "There is no picture or video on this app that could set me off in comments the way pics and videos of me do to people. It's strange," she wrote on her Instagram Story. She also highlighted the importance of self-evaluation, questioning why people invest so much energy in negativity.

Despite the animosity, Michele celebrated the birth of her daughter in May, sharing a poignant post on Instagram reflecting on her grief and newfound joy. "In 2021 on Mother's Day, my dad passed away."

"Since then, it's been extremely hard to celebrate that day without remembering the earth shattering phone call I received that morning. Well, this Mother's Day was different. My daughter was safely brought into this world and I'm forever grateful for the new memories we all get to experience moving forward," she wrote.

Ultimately, Draya Michele and Jalen Green continue to focus on their family and love, choosing to navigate their lives without worrying about external opinions. Their relationship, though controversial to some, remains a testament to their commitment and resilience against public scrutiny.

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