North West Tries to Embarrass Kai Cenat While FaceTiming With Tyla

A new clip features the live streamer calling the 'Water' hitmaker for North on her birthday, only for the 11-year-old to spill the tea regarding Kai to the South African star.

AceShowbiz - North West and Kai Cenat appeared to have a great bonding in a new video. The clip saw the live streamer calling singer Tyla for North on her birthday, only for the 11-year-old to embarrass him in front of the "Water" hitmaker.

In the clip, Kai could be seen trying to convince North and her friends that he does have Tyla's number by calling her on FaceTime. When the South African singer picked up the phone, he quickly handed his phone to North, who screamed in excitement.

North's friends were telling Tyla that she's their idol and gushing over her beauty. At one point, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprisingly spilled the tea, telling the musician, "Kai likes you." Kai went into panic as he told North, "No! Stop!" They eventually ended the phone call after Tyla sweetly wished the 11-year-old a happy birthday.

Kai, who appeared to be shocked by North's sudden confession to Tyla, yelled, "Why did you do that?!" North, meanwhile, didn't seem to feel remorse as she giggled innocently in response.

Upon catching wind of the clip, Internet users found the whole thing entertaining. One Instagram user commented, "North is one of those lil embarrassing siblings." Someone else said, "North became the little sister kai aint ask for real quick."

"Kai got serious for a sec almost snatched that phone," one other said with one adding, "North west is the mf coolest kid around." Someone also praised Kai, writing, "I see why the kids like him."

Earlier this month, Kai clapped back at haters dragging him for attending North West's birthday party. Calling the trolls "so weird," the 22-year-old said during a livestream, "Everybody who literally made yesterday weird, you're being so weird, bro. Not gonna lie, everybody who made yesterday a weird thing... First thing's first, bro, I'm North's favorite streamer, bro. So yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me. That was it, literally! So, anybody who's making it weird like, that's the weirdest thing ever."

"We had a great time yesterday," he recalled. "I met Kim Kardashian! I met North, she's great, bro. She has a good group of friends around her, everything was great, bro. The vlog drops tomorrow, it's going to be 30 minutes plus, so if y'all wanna see how the day went yesterday, it was epic."

Kai wasn't the only streamer showing up at North's birthday bash at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Kai's fellow Twitch streamer Rayasianboy also appeared as a special guest.

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