Ed Sheeran Shuns Smartphones for Real-World Interactions
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During his appearance on 'Therapuss', the 'Perfect' singer shares he has been living a phone-free life for nearly a decade, prioritizing real-life connections over digital distractions.

AceShowbiz - British pop sensation Ed Sheeran has revealed that he hasn't owned a mobile phone since 2015, opting instead to focus on meaningful interactions. During an appearance on Jake Shane's podcast "Therapuss", Sheeran explained his decision.

He realized that with fame came an overwhelming number of contacts and constant interruptions, leaving him disconnected from the physical world. He found it increasingly challenging to respond to text messages promptly, leading to a sense of obligation and a loss of spontaneity.

"I feel like with phones, everyone expects you to reply, and if you don't reply, it's rude," Sheeran said. "Sometimes you're just not in a headscape to reply... but then you reply, then they reply back... and suddenly you're in like 40 conversations at once."

In order to combat this digital overload, Sheeran decided to "get rid of" his phone. He now relies on an iPad to communicate through email once a week. This allows him to manage his communication without the constant interruptions that come with a smartphone.

Sheeran emphasized the benefits of his phone-free existence, saying that it has improved his creativity and fostered stronger real-world connections. "Boredom is what makes someone think of an iPhone," he said. "When you're just sitting doing nothing, that's when I'll think of a lyric or a melody."

Despite his aversion to smartphones, Sheeran still uses technology for specific purposes. He has a device for video recording and social media updates but insists that it is not an "active working phone."

Sheeran's decision to live a phone-free life has allowed him to prioritize his well-being and maintain a work-life balance. He encourages others to reconsider their own mobile phone habits and find ways to limit their screen time in favor of more meaningful experiences.

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