Kendall Jenner Recounts 'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner Getting Flirty With Mom Kris Jenner
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The model reveals her suspicions about Gerry Turner's interactions with her mom during a dinner, while also discovering the identity of the 'Golden Bachelor' winner.

AceShowbiz - During a post-credits scene in the June 6 episode of "The Kardashians", Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner discussed the intentions of Gerry Turner, a guest at their dinner. During the scene, the model claimed that "The Golden Bachelor" star was acting flirty with her mom.

When asked if Gerry was flirting with Kris, Kendall responded, "Yes. He was commenting on her smile, her eyes, and her energy." Kris, in a playful tone, reminded Gerry that she had a boyfriend. Kris had invited Gerry to dinner because Kendall was an avid fan of "The Golden Bachelor", the show in which Gerry appeared. During the meal, the Jenners peppered Gerry with questions about the show and his family.

Kendall's eagle-eye spotted several calls to Theresa Nist on Gerry's phone, leading her to correctly guess the identity of the show's winner. After dinner, Kendall revealed that she had seen things she shouldn't have on Gerry's phone, including his call log showing frequent calls to Theresa. She admitted that her heart sank when she saw her name.

Despite being engaged to Theresa during the taping of the episode, Gerry and Theresa later divorced three months after their televised wedding.

Kendall's revelations cast a humorous light on the dinner, suggesting a potential flirtation between Gerry and Kris. The episode highlights the power of both the "Golden Bachelor" franchise and Kendall's keen observation skills.

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