Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Daughter Ruby Guest's Unique Wedding and Trans Journey

The famous figure commemorates her daughter's wedding with partner Kynthia by sharing cherished moments from their cosplay-themed nuptials, showing support for her transgender journey.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis recently took to Instagram to celebrate the second anniversary of her daughter Ruby Guest's wedding to her partner Kynthia. The celebrated "Haunted Mansion" actress, 65, shared a never-before-seen photo from the colorful, backyard ceremony, reflecting on the joyous day of cosplay festivities.

"Two years ago today, on a gorgeous Cali day, Ruby and Kynthia were married in our back yard at a cosplay wedding for the ages," Curtis wrote, accompanied by a picture of the newlyweds sharing a kiss amidst bright rainbow decorations and applauding guests.

The vibrant celebration saw both Ruby and Kynthia, alongside their guests, dressed in elaborate costumes. Curtis herself officiated the ceremony adorned as Jaina Proudmoore from the video game World of Warcraft, while Ruby and Kynthia brought characters from SkullGirls and Guilty Gear to life.

Curtis's journey with Ruby's transition has been one of learning and growth. Ruby, who works as a video editor, came out as transgender in 2020, a revelation met with overwhelming support from her parents. "People have said, 'You're so great to accept her love.' What are you talking about? This is my daughter," Curtis told Joe Scarborough in July 2023. "And my job is to say, 'Welcome home.' I will fight and defend her right to exist to anyone who claims that she doesn't."

In a candid interview in 2021, Ruby acknowledged the fear and anxiety of coming out to her parents but felt assured by their lifelong acceptance. Curtis admitted to occasional slips with pronouns but emphasized the importance of persistence and respect. "I am new at it. I am not someone who is pretending to know much about it. And I'm going to blow it, I'm going to make mistakes," she admitted.

For Curtis, Ruby's transition and the beautiful wedding in their backyard symbolize the ultimate expressions of love and acceptance. "If one person reads this, sees a picture of Ruby and me, and says, 'I feel free to say this is who I am,' then it's worth it," she noted.

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