Tamar Braxton's Fiance JR Robinson Furious After Being Mocked During Her Interview

Tamar Braxton is facing the latest challenge in her relationship with JR Robinson as he's not happy with a recent interview where the singer and the host cracked jokes about him.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton has decided to withdraw her personal life from the public eye, a decision influenced by the intense scrutiny of her engagement to Jeremy "JR" Robinson. Amid their turbulent relationship and the public's critical view of Robinson, both have chosen to keep their relationship status private.

Braxton candidly addressed these issues during Carlos King's "Reality with the King" tour. When questioned about her engagement, she asserted, "I'm not hiding anything. The truth of the matter is JR and I decided we would keep our relationships completely private. No matter what the status is, we decided we would keep it private from everyone."

Taking inspiration from Ashanti and Nelly's low-profile romance, Braxton wishes for a similar drama-free life. "And here they are living happily ever after with no drama and no interference. One day, I would love to have that life," she confessed. Braxton emphasized her wish for the public to focus on her artistry rather than her personal life.

However, the path to this privacy has not been smooth. During the same interview, numerous jokes at Robinson's expense were made, which Braxton seemingly tolerated. She even laughed while acknowledging fans' hatred towards her husband-to-be, "Y'all do not like that man."

Carlos King followed her joke by comparing him to Colonel Sanders from KFC, but she quickly shut him down, "Do not call him that. He do not look like that." The host amended, "I'm teasing you girl … he's very handsome."

Robinson later took to Instagram, expressing his frustration, "I keep choosing grace. But I can only be thrown under the bus and not defended for so much longer. I'll be Colonel Sanders and give you some chicken to eat with my story ... keep poking the bear!"

He added, "A man can only take so much. I always want to protect - even when we aren't together. But stop allowing indirects to throw me under the bus. Your shade creates uncertainty and your people thrive on stating what you never say. I'm too graceful and that's coming to an end."

Robinson's outburst highlighted the emotional toll public criticisms have on him. He continued, "Apologies mean nothing when you come for my foundation. You know the truth but want to kiki - well. I guess the exclusive has to come out. Tired of protecting people and getting s**t on. Their h** phase was during my in love phase. Flowers and Billboards don't mean s**t when you have had your heart broken."

The couple first met on the dating show "Queen's Court", and he proposed during the finale. Following a brief split, they reunited and got engaged again on Christmas Day.

In her Instagram announcement, Braxton wrote, "3 months ago we thought we HATED each other and we were completely OVER. Here we are after a simple football game box ... and one REAL HARD conversation … we knew that whatever happened in the past was just that and ANYTHING other than US and our family only mattered."

For Braxton, her achievements in music and television are paramount. Reflecting on her past, she stated, "I had really worked my ass off and created this 10-year anniversary tour, and that whole relationship issue overshadowed all of the hard work that I put into it." She concluded emphatically, "That's why I won't talk about that no more. Now you get it?"

As Braxton and Robinson navigate their way through love and public scrutiny, their mutual commitment to keeping their relationship private aims to shift the focus back to their individual accomplishments and growth, away from the prying eyes of the public.

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