JoJo Siwa Spends Her 21st Birthday Getting 'Drunk as F***' and Punched in the Eye

The 'Dance Moms' alum has officially turned 21, and she's not shying away from living it up with a wild trip to an exciting Disney adventure that includes a boozy escapade.

AceShowbiz - JoJo Siwa turned 21 on Sunday, May 19, and she wasn't coy about her celebrations. "It's my 21st birthday! I'm drunk as f*** right now! I got punched in the eye... it was really bad, but I'm OK," Siwa candidly shared with her followers on TikTok, showing off her swollen eye.

The pop star later mouthed, "I'm not OK," but continued showcasing her "liquor spread" and snacking on birthday treats, encouraging fans to stream her new track "Karma".

Siwa's birthday escapades included a fun-filled trip to Disney World, as evidenced by numerous snaps and videos on her Instagram Stories. Sporting Mickey Mouse ears and a "Finally 21" headpiece, Siwa reveled in the joyous occasion. She even switched up her look with a black propeller hat as the day wore on.

The Disney adventure had been planned well in advance; during a May 17 appearance on the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", Siwa revealed, "It's my 21st, so... big one! Yeah, so I'm going to be drinking around the world at Epcot."

Amidst the birthday buzz, Siwa also promoted her latest single, "Karma," through various social media posts. She recounted how she accidentally posted a video on her story before intending to put it on her feed, explaining the mishap with a screen recording.

While her birthday celebrations were nothing short of extravagant, Siwa also faced some criticism recently. Last month, she called for the creation of a new music genre named "gay pop" in an interview with Billboard News. Many felt she overlooked the contributions of queer pop artists who came before her.

However, Siwa clarified her statement on SiriusXM's Hits 1 Miami with Mack & Jen, elaborating, "Gay pop, right, is a thing that people have done, but it's not an official genre of music... It is a style, but it's how there's rap, there's rock, there's R&B, there's pop. Gay pop is not an official genre of music."

Siwa expressed her desire for a "literal" category for queer pop music, arguing that existing gay pop artists deserve greater recognition.

From a surprisingly candid comment about getting punched in the eye to a spirited day at Disney World, JoJo Siwa's 21st birthday was unforgettable. With new music out and a vision for the future of queer pop, Siwa is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

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