Sarah Hyland's Abusive Ex Matt Prokop Arrested for Assaulting His Girlfriend

Former child actor Matt Prokop has been taken into police custody on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest in a disturbing case that echoes his troubled past.

AceShowbiz - Matt Prokop, who rose to fame in the mid-2000s with appearances on popular shows like "The Office" and "Hannah Montana," is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. According to Victoria PD Sergeant Dailey, Prokop and his girlfriend were out on Saturday, May 18 when she reportedly confided in someone that he had assaulted her.

Police were called to the location, but Prokop and his girlfriend had already left by the time officers arrived.

Approximately an hour later, law enforcement received another call about a disturbance in a different location in Victoria. This time, they found Prokop and his girlfriend. During their investigation, it was alleged that Prokop had violently pushed her and slammed her head, causing injuries severe enough to warrant his arrest.

Attempting to evade justice, Prokop allegedly tried to pull away from the officers and run, leading to additional charges of resisting arrest besides the aggravated assault.

These allegations bring back painful memories of his past relationship with "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland. Their past serves as a grim reminder of the actor's alleged violent tendencies.

Hyland obtained a temporary restraining order against Prokop amid claims that he assaulted and choked her, and threatened her life. According to court papers, over the course of their five-year relationship, Prokop had a pattern of calling Hyland a slew of derogatory names.

Hyland eventually sought help from her "Modern Family" co-star, Julie Bowen, who intervened at Hyland's home in August 2014 to help her end the relationship safely.

The intervention reportedly infuriated Prokop, who allegedly went further by threatening the life of Hyland's dog and even threatened to burn down her house. Hyland's revelations resulted in a restraining order, mandating Prokop to stay away from her for three years. Despite these legal measures, the recent allegations suggest a troubling pattern of behavior from the former child actor.

As this story unfolds, it casts a significant shadow on Prokop's career and adds to his troubling history of alleged violence and abuse.

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