Jay Leno Gets Emotional Talking About Caring for His Wife Amid Her Dementia Battle
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Comedian and TV legend Jay Leno opens up about his enduring marriage to his wife Mavis, underlining the importance of love, companionship, and caring during tough times.

AceShowbiz - Jay Leno, the beloved former host of "The Tonight Show," has spoken passionately about his lasting relationship with his wife of 44 years, Mavis Leno. On May 14, the couple attended the Feminist Majority Foundation's 16th Annual Global Women's Rights Awards Gala, where Jay emotionally reflected on their journey together.

Throughout his speech, Jay, 74, held back tears as he called marrying Mavis, 77, "the smartest thing I've ever done," reminiscing on his initial thoughts when meeting her, seeing a "fire" in her from the start. "This is going to be a fascinating relationship," he recalled thinking. "And it has been."

Jay shared insights into their lives, emphasizing the joy they find in each other's company and debunking the myth of marriage being difficult. "I enjoy her company. I enjoy taking care of her. We have fun. She's the most independent woman I ever knew. Again, I just couldn't be prouder of her," he said.

Earlier in the evening, he candidly spoke on the red carpet about how they "do everything together" and how marriage "gets easier" over time. "I go home every night, make dinner and sit around. We enjoy each other's company," he shared.

The multiple public appearances marked a significant phase as the couple navigates Mavis' "advanced dementia" diagnosis.

Jay was granted conservatorship over Mavis in April, a decision supported by Mavis herself and upheld by the judge who recognized the excellent care Jay provided. This legal arrangement ensures that Mavis is in the "least restrictive environment" and under "very good care."

The love story of Jay and Mavis began in the '70s at the iconic Comedy Store, a meeting that blossomed into a solid and admirable partnership. Jay has previously mentioned the importance of fidelity and summed up his marital advice as, "Marry your conscience. Marry someone who's the person you wish you could be and it works out okay."

The Leno's have maintained a strong bond devoid of children, celebrating mutual respect and companionship. Jay articulated his pride in being part of Mavis's legacy, highlighting the profound impact of their relationship. "People say marriage is difficult. I don't get it. I enjoy her company. I enjoy taking care of her," he reiterated during the gala.

As they prepare to celebrate their 45th anniversary next year, Jay and Mavis continue to exemplify a love story built on commitment, understanding, and shared moments, inspiring many to cherish their own relationships amidst life's trials.

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