Kristen Stewart and Seth Meyers Engage in Day Drinking Shenanigans and Epic Lesbian Makeover
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On 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', the leading lady in the 'Twilight' film franchise is praised by the host of the TV program for giving him a hilarious makeover.

AceShowbiz - In a hilarious "Day Drinking" segment on "Late Night with Seth Meyers", Kristen Stewart and host Seth Meyers forged an unlikely friendship amidst copious amounts of alcohol and absurd decisions.

The segment began with Meyers concocting bizarre cocktails inspired by Stewart's films, including the "Panic Room" (energy drinks and espresso martini) and the "Twilight" (Bloody Mary mix, garlic, and Romanian liqueur). As the alcohol flowed, Meyers challenged Stewart to deliver dramatic readings of ridiculous dialogue, followed by a dangerous game of throwing darts at balloons filled with hidden drinks.

Throughout the drinking festivities, Stewart and Meyers downed shots and beers like water, eventually leading to a grand finale, Meyers receiving a "lesbian makeover" from Stewart. With Stewart's reputation as a "lesbian icon," she embraced the challenge and assembled an ensemble for Meyers that included a denim jacket, skinny jeans, wire-frame glasses and a beanie.

"Dude, you look f**king cool!" Stewart exclaimed. "Do you not feel cooler than you've ever felt?" Meyers responded, "I feel as though I've reverted to what I'm supposed to be," acknowledging his newfound embrace of his queer identity.

Meyers has previously hosted "Day Drinking" with celebrities such as Rihanna, Lizzo, and Will Forte. However, the episode with Stewart ended with an unforgettable twist, solidifying the bond between the unlikely duo.

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