'The Bachelor' Recap: One Woman Is Sent Home After Hometown Dates

In a new episode, Joey Grazidei visits the hometowns of the remaining four women, Kelsey A., Maria, Daisy and Rachel, but only three of them will have Fantasy Suites next week.

AceShowbiz - Joey Grazidei officially kicked off the Hometown Dates in the Monday, March 4 episode of "The Bachelor". The episode saw the leading man visiting the hometowns of the remaining four women, Kelsey A., Maria, Daisy and Rachel, but only three of them will have Fantasy Suites next week.

Joey first went to New Orleans, Louisiana to meet Kelsey's family. They enjoyed a tandem bike ride during which Kelsey broke into tears as she was talking about her mom. Joey then met her dad, who prepared a family scrapbook for the couple to look through.

The next Hometown Date was in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where Joey met Rachel's family. Before that, Rachel taught Joey a respectful gesture in Filipino culture called amin. Rachel's mom was impressed when seeing Joey doing it correctly when meeting her parents.

Rachel's mom gave Joey her blessing, though she still had a concern. "I wish you the best," she told him, adding, "My concern for her is that there are three other women involved."

Joey then talked to Rachel's dad to ask for his blessing in case he would end up with Rachel in this untraditional relationship. Rachel's dad, however, wanted Joey to call and talk to him "man to man" only if it gets to that point. Joey was left disappointed by the response. Meanwhile during their private conversation, Rachel emotionally told Joey that she's falling for him and that she could see a future with him.

For the next date, Joey headed to meet Daisy's family in Becker, Minnesota. Daisy's mom told Joey that she saw a connection between them. She said in a confessional, "I feel like Joey truly does love her." Daisy, meanwhile, told Joey that she's falling in love with him. To that, Joey replied, "I feel the same way."

Concluding the Hometown Dates, Joey visited Maria's family in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The pair discussed their tough conversation last week. "You having fears doesn't scare me," Joey told her. "It was the choice you were about to make that scares me."

When he met Maria's dad, the latter told Joey that Maria never brought anyone home to meet him. He also said, "The last thing I want to see is my kid get hurt." He eventually gave her blessing to Joey.

Meanwhile, Maria cried when she opened up to her friends that she was hurt to see Joey dating other women. "I'm scared he's not seeing the full you," her friend, who also cried with her, said.

At the Rose Ceremony, Maria interrupted when Joey was about to hand out the first rose. She asked if she could have a private chat with Joey. She told him that she's falling in love with him, adding that she would regret it if she didn't tell him that. Joey was stunned by the sudden confession.

After returning to the ceremony, Joey gave the first rose to Daisy. He presented the next rose to Kelsey, meaning that it was either Maria or Rachel who would be eliminated. After much deliberation, the final rose went to Rachel. Unfortunately, Maria was sent home.

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