Tori Spelling Slammed for Seeking Attention With Bizarre Dance at Kids' Basketball Practice

The former 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star is under fire after she shares a video of her dancing and twerking on the field with young kids practicing dribbling and shooting around her.

AceShowbiz - Tori Spelling might be feeling happier these days after moving into a lavish $15k-a-month rental home and she wanted to express it, but it didn't resonate with people. The actress has been mom-shamed after dancing and twerking at kids' basketball practice.

On Thursday, February 29, the 50-year-old posted on her Instagram account a video taken when she appeared to accompany her children at the practice. Getting a little too excited for the weekend, she broke into a bizarre dance on the field.

In the clip, the mother of five was seen thrusting her hips backwards while young kids were practicing dribbling and shooting around her. She rocked a white crop top and cargo pants, showing off her svelte figure. In the caption, she wrote, "Backing into the end of the week like ..."

Many of her followers, however, didn't find Tori's act amusing. In the comments section, many blasted her with one telling the "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum to "Act your age!!!" Another accused, "Acting like a 90210 teen and her kids aren't at all, and she is doing this for the attention and getting money anyway she can at this point."

"Trying way too hard….thirsty for attention," someone also alleged. A fourth claimed, "Wow! Another lost soul how does always the rich lose themselves and should be seeking help. Just like Britney, another one lost," comparing Tori to Britney Spears who has often posted racy dance videos. Similarly, someone else commented, "I just can't find the context where this would need to be happening with a bunch of kids playing…. So bizarre."

There were a few, however, who left supportive comments on the post. "WEEERRRRKKKKKKKK! Love it. Laker girl in training!!!" one of them wrote. Another remarked, "Tori you are AMAZING! Dance party!" Someone exclaimed, "YESSSSS! Go,girl!!" while one other defended her, "She is having fun and dancing so yes she should absolutely act this way...we all need a little dancing in our lives."

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